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Some health experts want to tax sugary drinks, cite health benefits

The American Heart Association recently released dietary guidelines to reduce sugar intake that highlighted the health benefits of cutting back on sodas and other sugar-sweetened beverages. Now, in a recent report on health policy, a group of public health experts suggest placing a tax on these sugary beverages as a means of reducing public consumption. According to the report, Americans consume about 175 calories daily from sugar-sweetened beverages on average. Past research has linked consumption of these beverages to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. The report proposes that a tax of 1 cent per ounce be placed on beverages with added sweeteners. This tax would increase the cost of a 20-oz drink by 15-20%, which, the report estimates, should decrease consumption of these drinks by about 15%. In addition to the health benefits gained by decreasing America's consumption of sugary drinks, this tax would have the added benefit of generating revenue that could be used in health programs for treating obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

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Tax tax and more tax

The public servants want to tax us to death. Oh and then there's the death tax. Just follow our Congress's and Government's example. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner.......Tax evader. Great idea to put him in charge of OUR MONEY. New York Congressman Charles Rangel...Tax evader. It's easy to FORGET 1-2 MILLION DOLLARS. The list goes on and on. So you see, only the poor saps like us worry about taxes. I think I'll take a page out of their playbook this year.

Bogus Tax

I don't know where they come up with the statistic that consumption will decrease by 15%. That is just a bogus made up number.There is no way of telling. This is just going to cost the average American more money. What happen to the promise of not raising taxes on the middle class. Not to mention if it does cause a large percent of people to stop drinking sodas, imagine how it will hurt big corporations like Pepsi and Coke. This will add to the unemployment. The people that are obese, the ones that eat unhealthy, and live an unhealthy lifestyle will continue to drink the sodas because they like them. For the ones who like an occasional soda we get punished also. This is a tax for big government, so they can spend money on their pet projects. Taxing more is not the answer. Spending less is the solution. Anyone who votes for this Tax should be voted out of office. This is almost like being taxed by the British before the American revolution. Ever heard of the Boston Tea Party. Our country was founded in part because Americans hate excessive taxes. Seems like some have forgotten that now.

Raise the sales tax on guns

The government will make a ton of money...because if they continue tp consider this kind of outrageous tyranny, people are going to start buying guns.....LOTS of guns....

One problem with your premise

Common -- those Liberals want to take away our right to bear arms. If they succeed, legal gun sales and sales tax will end. After that, gun sales will be all cash transactions. This is one where I don't see the Annointed One and Pit Bull Pelosi having it both ways.


PRAY TO GOD...I PRAY we all raise up and use them...SOON!


Don't forget the bullets.


Here is a tax that would solve the national deficit. Anybody who does not know who these three people are would have to pay a $10 tax. Instead of the tax they could work for a day picking up roadside trash. 1. President of United states. 2. Vice President 3. Secretary of State. In addition, all who failed the test would have their voting rights suspended until they could pass the test that all immigrants have to pass in order to become citizens.

Maybe a better solution is

Maybe a better solution is to stop wasting the huge amount of tax money that you have now!


Soon we will all have to quit smoking, drinking (anything but H2o),eating junk food etc. What is this going to do to the businesses that make these items? Put more folks out of work.

They should tax bottled water while they're at it...

like "Evian" (another Pepsi product). If people are so stupid as to pay soft drink prices for water, they shouldn't mind paying the tax. What's a little more expense on top of an already absurdly high expense? That tax could go to plastic recycling. What's not to like about it, even for the complainers? Oh, yea that's right. They could care less about plastic trash littering up our landscape. They're the ones putting it there! Complainers: Remember, all you have to do is "stop drinking it" to stop paying the tax. Duh! What could be simpler...? P.S. They shouldn't tax purified water machines since they don't contribute to plastic recycling problems.


I agree totally with you, and while they are at it how about a ten percent tax on food. No reason to let anyone get away without paying their fair share. Besides a lot of food people eat isn't good for them.

If you're going to tax food

be certain you up the ante and include food stamp recipients at the same tax rate normal grocery store customers are required to pay.

I want text messaging taxed

I want text messaging taxed as well at a very high long as we are at it!

Taxing Sugary Drinks

I drink diet colas. Are you going to tax me too????


Studies have shown that diet drinks make you fat too. LOL Sorry you have to pay taxes. Tax toilet paper TOO !!!! THATS SOME THING WE all USE.

Let me see

Hmmm, diet drinks lack which ingredient???? Oh yea, sugar.

yea, but they contain carcinogens...

like saccharin and "nutrasweet" (which isn't even organic). I would prefer that people who drink stuff like that be put in an asylum for they are *insane*, but in lieu of that, I will accept a tax that will pay for their eventual brain tumor surgeries.


So does meat grilled over flames. OMG WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE ! Tax that too.

I'm on with it.

I'll take my chances with the Aspartame (NutraSweet) in my drink. Don't worry about me if I do end up with a tumor. I have my own insurance and don't rely on the government to provide for me.


bet you see aspartame...

Gee Guesty...

Gee Guesty, no one can put one over on you, huh? TeeHee


No, I'm only sorry I have to explain it to you. I promise to use small words and speak slowly.

Guess I need to start eating

Guess I need to start eating right or the food police will come and get me. Just another socialist program designed to fail. If I want to poison my body with soft drinks, it is of no concern to anyone else. Im a republican and I'll take care of myself and my own needs.Unlike alcohol and cigarettes, soda is only killing the person who is taking it in. But you place your tax on soft drinks. I will gladly pay it and eat my cheesesteaks. What is an extra few cents when I can have a soda. Please.

Democrats don't take care of

Democrats don't take care of themselves??

Based upon what I have seen

Based upon what I have seen on capitol hill since they took charge, no. Or at least that's the general impression they are giving to the public. I'll take care of myself, I don't need the government taking care of me. And if I get sick from soft drinks, I have my own healthcare. I don't need anyone's help, but thanks.

go ahead tax our air...

Was a free country. Thats whats its looking like now. Wy do we want to keep the poor man down? Who does most of the drinking? The working class. who does most of the smokeing? The working class. So now you raise taxes on these things. Who pays most of the taxes? The poor working class. So how does the poor working class get to have the things that the rich people on capitle hill get? They dont>. Every time the poor jumps foward and become middle class. you knock him back down in the form of hirer Fuel and Higher Taxes. Now you want to kick him again by raising taxes on sodas. When does it end?

Please give me a break

A tax on sugar drinks, It is just like TV show you don't like. Don't watch it. So don't drink it. If you are so concern about peoples health then help with my co-pay or meds, or clean the schools, Wash your hands when you get done in the bath room. Leave the drinks alone.

Big Government

I am so tired of the government telling us to live.... Live and just let live.. We all drank soda as children growing up, The problem is that children DO NOT go outside to play anymore. When we were kids we were outside all day bike riding playing. Now it's computers and video games. That is the real problem.


this is the problem...the AHA..should MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS..if I want a sugar drink that is MY business...just what we need...ANOTHER TAX...doesn't sound like our elected leadership GETS it yet...might be time for a full out revolution with guns and pitch forks!

tax on soda pop

Yup, they have about taxed us poor smokers to the point they can't get much more and now it's everyone else's turn. I'm glad I don't drink the stuff. I've been telling people for a couple of years that would be the next tax windfall for them and I have to say I was RIGHT!