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Bus vandalism delays some schools

Vandalism caused several New Hanover County schools to start two hours late today. School officials found out around 6 a.m. that more than 50 school buses had a tire flattened. The buses were all parked in a lot at Laney High School.

The schools on a two-hour delay are:

  • Eaton Elementary
  • Snipes Academy of Arts and Design
  • Rachel Freeman School of Engineering
  • Murrayville Elementary
  • Noble Middle
  • Trask Middle
  • DC Virgo Middle
  • Laney High
  • Johnson Elementary
  • Ogden Elementary
  • Wrightsboro Elementary
  • Blair Elementary

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Bus vandalism

Call it what you like, vandalism is vandalism, a harmless prank is leaving the toilet seat up, or wet toilet paper on the ceiling which someone else already mentioned. There is enough bus damage done on a regular basis during a school year by students without this to add to it, whether it's done inside the bus or outside and even when the student is identified, nothing ever gets done by the school administrations anyway. It's a free for all, have at it, do anything you want kids, you'll never get in trouble, and mom and dad won't have to pay for the damage either! No discipline in the schools or at home and this is what you get.

Innocent until proven...

Many people are assuming that this was the work of kids. Why is that? What if this was an adult with an ax to grind? A disgruntled NHCS employee that knew they could get away with this because everyone would blame kids? Has anybody thought about that? Unless it is solidly proven that kids are behind this, then I think everyone should should back off from assuming that and give equal blame to the possibility of this being the work of an adult or two.

to the person who thinks

to the person who thinks that because high school students work, they know about the real world, wake up. high school students don't know anything about the real world. i used to think the same thing. then i graduated college and got into the real world. and guess what? big shocker here. school didn't prepare we for what i found in the real world. just because you work for 20 hours a week and pay a car payment doesn't mean you know of the real world. many of us in high school don't have many worries in fact because our parents are going to take care of everything. right? what if your parents one day charged you rent money and half of the utilities and made you pay for your own college. how many of you students could honestly do it and do well in school too. please.

Bus Vandalism

I agree that this was much more than a harmless prank, when the situation caused literally thousands of people inconvenience and lost time in the routine of their lives. Also, to the person that commented that the learning part of school is over: you are wrong, my friend. I am a teacher and I am responsible for giving an end of year assessment this week that had to be readjusted for my students because of this act of vandalism. This is the time of year for students to show off what they have learned. To have their day ruined, or not to be able to come to school at all because of someone else's poor sense of humor is a tragedy. And by the way, my class has not seen one movie OR cleaned my classroom. I'm still teaching skills until the very last day of school.

Bus Vandalism

The next time your parents have to spend extra on gas to be "inconvenienced" by a "prank" & you have to do without eating & you go hungry come back & tell me it was a "harmless prank". I guess you've never gone hungry or you might be more mindful & thoughtful of others & understand the consequences of your "harmless pranks". I'm already paying more for food, gas, etc. but no raise this year & probably not next year because of the economy & I work for a real estate/bankruptcy law office. I'm blessed to only have to pay for myself but I know parents who are doing without just so their kids can eat, parents working 12, 14 hours a day just so they can cover the cost of living & no they didn't get a raise either. Plus our hard earned tax dollars have to cover this cost & that means that the students left behind that aren't seniors yet will be the ones who will do without next year because of your "harmless prank".

real world

You might think that you are in the real world when you are in high school and you live at home and you pay a few bills that you know about the real world. I think you need to look again. when you can stand on your own rent, car, food, lights etc.. then you can say you are in the real world. but, when your REAL WORLD is cell phone bill, $ 5.00 a cup coffee etc. then you don't know what the real world is. I am all for seniors having a good time. I have a senior at home now. but, when you other people that are footing the expense of what you thought was good time then that is what makes it different. People lost time from work, the expense of have people come and put air in the tires...

missing education time....

At this point in the school year, the learning part of it is over. The last week or two is designated to watching movies, cleaning up the classroom, and playing games. Sounds like it was a prank- no harm done. I know it did inconvenience some parents but overall, it wasn't that bad.

Senior Prank

People can say what they want, yes it caused some people to be late for work, yes kids didn't go to school until 2 hours later than normal, but it was a prank. Not by "thugs", but probably by seniors as a senior prank. I mean the class of 08' is about to gradute and it is a big deal for them. And I'm sure it's nothing worse than whta anyone else did when they were a senior in high school as a prank. The buses are fixed, and everyone is happy. So people who are upset need to loosen up and realize it was all fun and games. And as far as the "real world" goes, I'd like to tell you that 3/4 of the seniors at Laney High School work everyday and pay bills. So I'm sure they know a little about the real world.

Bus pranks

Lets address this factor. As I read one post from someone who said "Yeah, its the end of the year and they play pranks." Keep in mind, it took 2 Deputies out there taking reports. And guess what, when there was someone breaking into houses or serious accidents, the pranksters kept them from doing their jobs. Not only did it cost family's from picking up their kids, gas money is not the issue, it's this sinceless act that someone juvenile kids condone it as a prank? Excuse me, I hope they brag about, and have to pay for the overtime the deputies spend invesitagating this and for the parents gas money. Thanks.


It looks like the schools that were affected were mostly elementary schools. It did create some hardships, but was wondering......why couldn't the people responsible research which buses went to the high schools and which did not and then let the air out of the high school buses. Because, you see, when you have to rearrange your schedule to ensure your child gets to school it is no longer a prank. People getting docked from lost hours, worry over where their child is, etc. it no longer is funny. We did pranks that would bother only the school we attended, and not the whole county.

Get real people

This still cause problems, If you are a parent and have one of those kinds of bosses and you have to call them and let them know you will be late getting in. after a 3 day weekend. Because you have to take you child to school. Or you one of those parents that left before your child could get on the bus that wasn't coming and you had to go back home and get them or it was day missed at school. that is not a trip I would like to take at $ 3.85 a gallon and it is 35 miles one way for me to get to work. All because some kids wanted to have fun because they shouldn't have anything else to worry about. Get real and join the real world. That is what is wrong with kids now. Just let it go


hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Way to end another year. At least this time it wasn't aimed at the teachers being at fault. Again it was aimed at the parents. have a good summer everyone.

Get a Grip...

First, when did harmless pranks become a bad thing? When I was in school, it was tradition to have the seniors pull a prank right before they graduated and it was never thought of as vandalism. This was air, in a single tire. The tires were not slashed, there was nothing painted, no one was hurt. Society has gotten a little too tight when you can't take a moment to smile about something like this with all the horrible things that are happening in the world. Do none of you remember flagpole sitting, telephone crank calls, loosening the tops of the saltshakers in the cafeteria? Kids have enough to think about today just being kids. They should be allowed to stay kids until it is time for them to be adults. And playing pranks is part of being a kid. Yes, it may have caused school to be delayed and it may have caused parents, me being one of them, to have to think quickly about transportation, but in the end, was it REALLY all that bad?

Get a clue.....

It is really easy to sit back and say that it was no big deal but let's try to take into consideration others and their unique situations. It was really THAT bad for some families. For my family, it was not terribly inconvenient and the expense of wages that were lost is something that we can cover. However, MANY children in my daughter's school belong to families who are barely getting by in these tough financial times; some of them are wrapping up lunch items from the cafeteria to take home so that they will have FOOD TO EAT before bedtime. Wake up call.... it is that tight for some. These are families who can't spare a penny of their wages by missing time from from work, especially for this type of foolishness. Pranks are one thing (and are part of enjoying our youth) but this went too far as it was far reaching. Losing $20 bucks out of a paycheck means A LOT to some of our neighbors here in Wilmington and they matter. They needed to get to work in a way that many of us cannot ever understand.

Get a grip???

Yes it really is that bad....especially if you are a parent that has to be at work and you have to make other arrangement because some "thugs" want to do a little damage. My biggest questions is where are their parents. This was obviously don't at night. I doubt these kids parents even know where or what they are doing


Guess you are one of the problem parents the REST of us have to put up with. The things WE did as seniors might have been pranks, but nothing to do with this sort of thing. First, it caused my child to loose two hours of learning time. Time she SHOULD have been in class, but instead was at home. Second, while I don't know if they were slashed or the air was let cost TAX DOLLARS in the time it took to do the dollars that come out of OUR pockets. Kids being kids is one thing...this was damaging of property....hopefully my children don't hang around yours to learn a skewed version of what is right and wrong.

bus vandalism

A "harmless prank" is a wad of wet toliet paper on the ceiling of the schools bathroom waiting to fall harmlessly on the head of the unsuspecting. Deflating tires on school buses opens a whole new can of worms! Shame on you!, whoever you are and all the confusion and stress that you have needlessly caused today!I like the saying "what goes around comes around"! Find better use of your holiday time, get a job or volunteer for a good cause!

Bus Vandelism

As soon as the authorities find out who did this then they should charge these vandels for the cost of repairing all the buses then they should put them to work with hard physical labor such as cleaning the buses, washing them, picking up trash on all the school grounds, etc. If they are students then make them maintain a 3.0gpa & not ever miss a day of class, they would have to report to the attendance office to present an account of attending each class plus their class performance. I remember when I skipped 1 day of class my single mom put me through a similar punishment, taught me a hard lesson. If the kids are that bored that they feel the need to vandelize then they need a part time job during the school year & 2 full time jobs during the summer.

School grounds should have cameras

letting air out of tires doesnt seem like vandalism (maybe). But why arent there security cameras at all schools..inside & out.

How do you know?

How do you know the tires were not cut? The story doesn't say, it only gives that the tires were flattened. It would take too long for them to just let the air out unless they removed the valve stem cores. Good job defending useless punks.

Other news outlets gave more

Other news outlets gave more information, saying the tires were flattened by letting the air out with a pen, and that Black's Tire Service helped the school system re-inflate them. So, it didn't take "too long" to do, and they didn't remove the "valve stem cores." You're jumping to (incorrect) conclusions while criticizing someone else's opinion. That said, I don't agree with their opinion either. In my opinion, it was a school prank and that calling them "useless punks" is overdoing it a bit. They were probably high school kids pulling what they though was a good joke. But it was also vandalism, and if they get caught, then I think they should face charges for all the inconvenience and expense they caused.


Sorry sparky, I'm not jumping anywhere. It is my opinion that the people that did this are useless punks. When caught they should be forced to work in the bus garage checking tires and oil levels.

Your opinion

I don't have a problem with your opinion that they're useless punks. I just have a different opinion. But you were jumping to conclusions about saying they didn't have enough time to let the air out unless they removed the valve stem cores. And you don't need to be disrespectful and call me sparky. Guest1636 would be just fine, thank you.

you are correct

You are correct, I apologize Guest1636.


Guess it depends if they let the air out or if they cut the tires!

Talk about kids being bored

Talk about kids being bored over the weekend. They fricken RUINED my feildtrip today!!!

"I" before "E" except after

"I" before "E" except after "C" ...

missed fieldtrip w/9 days of school left..

maybe you needed to go to school today, to tighten up on your spelling. You'll be taking a fieldtrip after June 6th, its called summer.

My Opinion

To me, it just seems that these kids wanted to do one last huge thing before school ends, and just didn't think about the problems it caused. If the tires had been slashed, it would have been different, but according to the other news outlets, the air was just let out. So, if they get caught, then let them learn their lesson, but I don't think they meant to much harm. However, this is just my opinion. Also, did the two people above my comment ever think that maybe Chris made a typo and just didn't catch it? Its been done before, and I personally don't like it when people get on others when one little word is misspelled. Could be because I've struggled with spelling m whole life, but.. Now, if the whole post had been misspelled, sure, but one little word?

Perhaps back in the day

In the 80's, this prank would have been laughed at, and the seniors would have been heroes, legendary even, to all the students around the neighborhood! I know that the kids LOVED this end of the year excitement. And, to the seniors, GOOD ONE.... and make sure your parents document it all for you so you can look back in 20 years and laugh, once again! As far as missing over two hours of education: I cannot count the number of students texting their parents asking them to come get them because all they are doing is sitting and watching movies. There is no education done after spring break, it is all put into studying for the EOG, or so the parents say:)