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Some non-profit CEOs pull down big salaries

READ MORE: Some non-profit CEOs pull down big salaries

As we first told you last night, the executive director of the Cameron Art Museum makes $127,000 a year. While the museum board maintains her salary is appropriate for her position, some people say it's excessive for a non-profit museum requesting taxpayer money to help cover operating expenses.

We didn't want to single out the CAM, though. There are half a dozen local non-profit executives making six-figure salaries while asking for your tax dollars.

Coastal Horizons provides crisis counseling for people with substance abuse problems, victims of sexual abuse and anyone with mental health problems. It's received money from the City of Wilmington for years, and this year, it's asking for another $60,000, so you may be surprised to hear that four different executives at Coastal Horizons make more than $100,000 a year. According to 990 tax form, which are public records non-profits are required to file, President and CEO Margaret Weller-Stargell makes $136,000. Her Vice President of Operations makes $104,000, while the Vice President of Medical Services makes $108,000 and the Vice President of Clinical Services makes $102,000.

The city also supports the Brigade Boys & Girls Club. The director there, Derrell Clark, was fired about a year ago, but was paid almost $100,000 the same year the group received $50,000 in assistance from Wilmington city taxpayers.

Wilmington Regional Film Commission Director Johnny Griffin gets $111,000 a year, including benefits, almost the exact same amount the agency received in funding from the City of Wilmington. That's nothing compared to the $324,000 in compensation Scott Satterfield got last year for running Wilmington Industrial Development. Some find that a shocking amount of money to pay a person who runs a non-profit organization that also gets about $80,000 from the City of Wilmington each year.

Whereas for-profit organizations exist to make money for employees and shareholders, a non-profit corporation exists solely to provide programs and services that benefit the community. Non-profits can have paid employees, but must compensate their directors within reasonable bounds. These organizations don't pay taxes and enjoy access to grants, donations and, sometimes, public funding.

Last year, the City of Wilmington gave out about $1 million to non-profits. City Council will consider requests again this spring, but things will be different this year due to the city's budget shortfall.

"There's an interview process, and it's much more structured this year than in years past," council member Kevin O'Grady said. "And then we're going to see the results of those reviews, and then we're going to have the hard decisions if there's any money for non-profits, and if there is, how it gets divided up"

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Give them a raise

Let’s raise taxes, so they can get a raise. That is what is wrong with the City and County. They give all this money away each year. Then when they have a short fall they want to raise taxes.

Cut the spending.. Let all these nonprofit live on the money they can raise and not the tax payers money. We are forced to give money to organization that we may not even support their ideals.

Let the tax payers pay out to whom they want and not force everyone to pay.


Non-profit doesn't apply to the CEO!! Come on silly people.....


Mr. Griffin out in Hollywood this week with her Majesty promoting Wilmington film making opportunities? If not, why not?

How can he promote Wilmington if he is not out there with our "Head of State"?

What about all the other

What about all the other agencies spending public money? I just went on the county's website and looked at their budet. they are paying more to WDI than teh city and also paying over $100,000 to the film commission. What's up with talking just about the city. I pay more in taxes to the county. If government is giving money to these agencies, I want to know about all of them, not just one. Lazy!!

What's up, WWAY?

You are right - it only took me a minute to find that information on the county's website. And they are supposed to be hurting almost twice as much as the city is?

I'm trying to understand why you are not reporting about the county too? I'm paying taxes both as a city and a county resident and these groups are getting double their money from me.

Those people who don't live in the city have a right to know that their tax dollars are going to these agencies as well -- WWAY, why aren't you reporting the whole picture?

Salaries for Non-Profit Personnel

It's easy to make quick judgment and say all personnel for non-profits, which get public funds, should make modest salaries. While in some cases this may be the right thing, to lump them all together does a big dis-service. That may result in getting personnel of lesser quality and capability.

and how many people think The Red Cross is a national non-profit? Actually it's not, but people support it because it seems like one. Altho people at the local level mainly earn low pay, former Red Cross Director Elizabeth Dole received $1 BILLION in salary plus another $1 BILLION in benefits. Was she worth $2BILLION? No. Are some non-profit or government officials worth more than $100,000? Yes.

Are you a dolt?

Elizabeth Dole made $200,000 per year while head of the American Red Cross.

Your post confirms it is better to remain silent and appear foolish than to speak and remove all doubt.