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Some residents worry PPD crosswalk is dangerous

READ MORE: Some residents worry PPD crosswalk is dangerous
Wilmington has more than its fair share of crosswalks, and there is one on the edge of downtown that has caught our attention. You may have passed through the crosswalk on Front Street right in front of the PPD building. It is one of the heaviest used crosswalks in the city, and according to one concerned citizen, it is also a dangerous one. The citizen said, "It does create a potential disaster waiting to happen. And it would be really terrible to see someone get run over here. I haven't seen many police here, but they have been here directing traffic, it could be a problem." The posted speed limit is 25 miles per hour, but the person we spoke to says he sees most drivers go a lot faster than that. He says most people coming in and out of downtown Wilmington seem to be either in a rush to get into downtown, or a rush to get out.

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I've seen the way college

I've seen the way college kids drive on that road...maybe if they would slow down just a tad, it wouldn't be so bad. Just last week, I was on that road and going the speed limit when a college kid (or so he looked) flew past me right at that cross walk


I have to drive through that area daily and it is a very congested place for crossers and drivers. Especially when the bus stops right in front of the crosswalk and you can't see if someone is about to step out from in front of it or not. But it is a very easy and inexpensive fix that PPD could do to help save their employees. Add a crossing light. Then the drivers won't have to wait while the people walk slowly, one by one across the road. Put the light in there, then the crossers can bunch up and not stop traffic as often as they do now. Besides, there is safty in numbers... so if they cross the street in larger groups they have less chance of getting ran over.


Another pharamctical company in Wilmington PAID the state for the installation of stop lights at their business. Will PPD follow suit and pay for their speed bumps, stop signs, or overpass walk? One would hope so for as much money as they profit!! Like was stated earlier.. They can afford it.


I drove past there yesterday and had TWO of PPD's finest step RIGHT OUT in front of me....while I understand that pedestrians have the right of don't have the right to just step out in front of a vehicle that is almost at the intersection of the crosswalk....vehicles don't stop on a dime. The guy is lucky he didn't get splated.

There's many more dangerous X-walks in town...

One can only assume the "concerned citizen" is a PPD employee who wants a stop sign. Every time I've driven past there I'm always shocked at how well behaved all the drivers are while they stop well behind the crosswalk and wait patiently for the pedestrians to cross completely. The comparison should be made with an intersection less than a quarter mile away, at Walnut and N. Front St. That crossing is a case study in transportation anarchy, with complete disregard for traffic rules by vehicles and pedestrians alike. What would be hilarious would be for WWAY to set up a camera or two, out of eyesight, and record all the action for a couple hours around lunchtime. Between the total lack of turn signal use, utter disregard for right of way, ignorance of what a STOP sign means, and the J walking run rampant for a block in either direction by pedestrians that seldom give more than a cursory glance before stepping into oncoming traffic, it's a wonder there isn't a fatality daily.


A simple overpass like the one used at New Hanover High School on Market street could ease this problem. I'm sure PPD has enough money to build one.


Are you kidding PPD paying for something, what a joke. I thought they had put a tunnel in from the parking deck to the building..


Just because you have the "right of way" don't step in front of a car. You can yell how you had "right of way" when you are paralyzed. Don't assume the cars are going to stop. Use some sense before crossing.

Speed Bumps

I think speed bumps should be used from CFCC to PPD. Crossing Front St. is a tragedy waiting to happen. This is especially true since Front St. became open to two-way traffic. I guess it will take a student or employee getting hit for the city to take action.

Walkway or stop light

I'm surprised PPD didn't do something more. It's not all the speed of traffic but also that many of these people just walk right out into traffic.

Police Action

As I recall, many of the citizens who posted comments about the attacks in Wilmington suggested that the police disregard traffic offenses and focus on "real crimes." I wonder if this story will bring about the same response?