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Some tips for holiday tipping

READ MORE: Some tips for holiday tipping

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- During the holidays it's nice to say thank you to those who help us all year long, but how do you do it properly?

Tipping for the holidays, is something we want to do, but how much is enough. Local etiquette expert Tracee Meyer has some guidelines.

"Usually a great rule of thumb for holiday tipping is to tip anybody who performs a regular service, anybody from your house keeper to the person who does your hair. Your garbage collectors. You can tip the the equivalent of one visit," Meyer said.

That sounds like an easy present. One extra trip. No shopping involved.

We are used to tipping people who serve us on a regular basis, but the extra holiday tip does make the season a little brighter.

Joanne Ickes also believes in tipping, and she has her own scale.

"I believe anyone who performs a service for you deserves a tip," she said. "I generally tip 15-20 percent depending."

It's easy enough to tip in a restaurant, and most of us do this all the time. Well service people work hard, too, and in this economy they appreciate what you can afford. In fact you can tip almost anybody person or pet.

"Since we had our pups come with us to work, the white one here is Cracker, and the little one over here is Ruby, they seem to give them more gifts nowadays than us, which is fine with us," hairstylist Linda Smith of Don Smith Hair Designs said.

Everyone appreciates a nice tip for the holidays. It's great way to say Merry Christmas to someone who helps you through the year.

One note about postal employees.

"The post man can only receive a gift up to $20," Meyer said. "If you are going to give cash $20 is the limit or a gift card, $20 would be the most they are allowed to accept."

So share the wealth a little bit. Say thanks to the folks who help you all year long with a Merry Christmas gift.

There are several rules for holiday tipping. Experts say chose one that suits you and your budget.

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Be fair to your servers!

Holidays are here and with money flying out your pocket faster than normal it seems simple to save a few bucks by skimping your servers tip a bit, WRONG! Remember they don't receive a Christmas bonus or paid holidays and most make between 2.75-5 bucks an hour. If you cant afford to tip properly then you need to rethink what your ordering.
And for those large groups... be appreciative, say I have a six table section (most have 4 tables) and your group of twelve is occupying three of my four seat tables remember that I cant turn tables as fast and bring in as many customers to my section because your there. I will go the extra mile for your group not only because its my job but I am honestly trying to make as much money off your group as possible. So with us both knowing I did a good job I then struggle, to add 18% gratuity or trust that you have recognized the efforts I went through for your group and tip accordingly. I have enough pride in my job that I never add the 18% but please don't make me regret having you there.


REALLY!? Doesn't EVERYONE who works provide some sort of "regular" service? Burns me up to see a tip jar because someone made me a sandwich! What service did I get? Also torques my screws when a waitress auto adds a tip to my bill! I have NO PROBLEM tipping and pay 20% on a regular basis..but if you add it to my bill...THAT is what you get, nothing more! In addition, if you SUCK...YOU WILL TAKE IT OFF! It seems some have forgotten that tipping is NOT MANDATORY and that it's worked for!

In addition, I WILL NOT tip because someone picked up my trash or delivers my mail! I pay GOOD MONEY to have that done already. Back in the day...the trashman and homeowners had a relationship...they just toss my trash in the truck and don't bother to clean up any mess they leave now!


So many people are getting in on the tipping craze, that it is ridiculous! Yes there are people who deserve to be tipped. That waiter or waitress in a restaurant depends on tips BECAUSE many employers do not pay them well. But am I going to walk into a Subway and put money in the tip jar on the counter? NO! Am I going to walk into the gas station and put money in the tip jar? NO! Yes they give service, that is their job people. I own a business and I would NEVER expect a customer to tip me. I am here to offer them a service; they are my customer and I serve them because that is what I do. If you choose to tip someone, that is your choice, but I don't believe businesses should put tip jars on the counter. It is tacky and downright rude. And to allow an employee to mention the tip jar, as I have seen, is outright stupid and a reason not to give my business to you.