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Some unhappy with downtown demolition

The old police station was built in 1945 as part of the Atlantic Coastline Railroad. This year, it made the list of the Historic Wilmington Foundation's most endangered places. Foundation Vice President Kevin O’Grady said the city is losing an irreplaceable asset as the building is knocked to the ground piece by piece. The new CFCC building is financed by the 2008 bond referendum, and O’Grady said before that money was approved, the foundation was told the building would be saved. "Now the building is gone and we're very concerned about that and why those plans changed. It was possible to save it. It could have been incorporated, but instead it's gone," said O’Grady. CFCC spokesperson David Hardin said, "What we found with the study with the engineers and the architects, they recommended we not use the building because it would be incredibly expensive to get it up to any type of usable shape." Hardin said there was originally a plan to save at least part of the building, before learning it would cost more to renovate than demolish. The new Union Station Building is scheduled to open in 2012. Its design was inspired by the Passenger Station Building that once stood nearby.

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Perserving buildings simply

Perserving buildings simply because they are old is foolish; they must have historic and aesthetic value. The old WPD department, like the former Brutalist structure on Front St that housed Wachovia belong in the dustbin. Contrast this with Chandler's Wharf, a historic, unique, and beautiful building, which is under threat of destruction.

Historic Wilmington Needs to Preserve Real History and Move ON!

It is vile for folks to carry on about buildings like the old railroad building that was made useful for the police department. CFCC is building an incredible facility that will honor that history AND will provide the citizens an even greater restored look of what that area looked like in the railroad's hayday! The cost of preserving an out of date building that had little functionality was absurd and a waste, but the cost of restoring a piece of histroy while providing our city with a new landmark and our students and citizens and remarkable facility is what the BOT and others accomplished. The failures that call themselves the Historic Wilmingotn Society etc are the ones that tried to stop this. They would rather preserve something usely and a blight than to create something that honors our history and provides for our future and the character of our city..where are all these high toned folks in reference to preserving the magnificent church and manse on fourth street? An artisitic and real cultural gem that needs our attention...oh...but that is not going to cause the controvesy with city leaders..and it is not in the "right" neighborhood. Please...go have a shrimparoo and leave the rest of us to enjoy our city that YOU all have had and have NOTHING to do with preserving.

Why the fuss over nothing?

I understand the building is a part of Wilmington history. To that fact, every "building" in the city is. However, this building has absolutely no architechtural significance. It is a simple, common red brick, block style building with aluminum windows. The HVAC system is extremely antiquated, very poor building insulation, out of date electrical, plumbing and sewer appointments. Asbestos was used for piping/HVAC insulation during the buildings construction era, all harmless unless disrupted. EPA guidelines and methods will dictate safe and effective removal of any HazMat during decommissioning. The new building will be much more of a true architectural accomplishment. For those of you that want to compare this drab, faceless building to those of Charleston know very little of history or architecture. Memories are one thing, but true building quality, construction and stature are another. It just isn't here with this one....


The building was UGLY!!! You cannot renovate everything and that building was the property of someone or the government, and they should be allowed to do what they want with their own property. Tear it down, rebuild it, turn it into a freaking parking lot. It's THEIR land!

Let's not fix anything old

Typical Wilmington. We don't want any character, everything has to look homogenized like mayfair. When are we going to stop letting our history be torn down. Ice house (dirt lot) Baby's hospital (dirt lot). I'm sure the architects get payed by the better for the new building than for renovating the old one hence their "recommendation".


If you didn't want them torn them. If not...shut up and let progress happen! Don't expect business/land owners to spend three times as much money on renovations as they would on new construction that looks better and gives downtown a hybrid look which I personally much prefer!


YOU COULD have bought BOTH of the Ice House AND Babies Hospital....guess you didn't think THAT much of either one of them...

Amen about the Ice House and

Amen about the Ice House and Babies Hospital!!! Such a shame! :(

Ice House, Baby Hospital and old WPD

were all dilapidated dumps and eye sores. Good riddance!

It served the Wilmington

It served the Wilmington Police Department quite well for a long time. I assume they just outgrew it. First of all it was historic. When it is gone, it is gone forever. It is sad that some have to have the best, the most expensive, finest and newest and the old buildings are of no interest to them. Spend, spend, spend............The old building should have been fixed up and saved and used for many years to come.

Even the nicest, most

Even the nicest, most expensive new building would be far less expensive than remodeling the old police station. Upfitting old buildings for modern use is an enormously expensive undertaking. If they had wanted to spend 3 times as much to redo this building, rather than putting up a new building, then everyone would be screaming that it was a waste of taxpayer dollars. No developer would have bought it, because the price he'd have to charge a potential buyer after the remodel would have made it unsellable.