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Some vets being denied health care

READ MORE: Some vets being denied health care
Health care is a hot topic, especially when it comes to those who have served our country. A local veteran seeking surgery reported to the VA Hospital in Fayetteville says he was turned away over money. Roddie Jones has been suffering with a hernia for weeks. As a Navy veteran, he figured he would go to the Veterans Medical Hospital in Fayetteville for treatment, or so he thought. “They are denying me treatment at the veterans hospital and I never thought for once that a veteran would be denied service at a veterans hospital,” Jones said. At the hospital, Jones says he was turned away because he wasn't eligible for care. His income level from 2008 exceeded the threshold to receive treatment at a reduced cost. "That's why I joined the military, so that I would have benefits later on in life when I needed them,” Jones said. He needs surgery now more than ever since he lost his job back in September. According to the Veterans Affairs website, to receive health care benefits a vet would have to make less than $41,000 for the year. Roddie made just above that last year. We contacted the hospital on their eligibility standards and why a vet could have been turned away. "I don't know the circumstances involving this individual, again if you have a medical condition that needs to be treated today you would be seen. I can't answer beyond that,” said Cathryn Zureck the VA Chief Health Administration Director. The fact of the matter is, the law has restrictions on providing health care for veterans based on their condition in or out of service and their income level. This past June, the VA tightened restrictions for patients to receive health benefits. "I don't think income should be an issue, if I served my country then I should be entitled to the benefits,” Jones said. There is hope for Jones. A representative from the VA Hospital in Fayetteville told us all he would have to do is apply for the hardship program to readjust his income level. Unemployment is factored in to be eligible for benefits.

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Denied VA Health Benefits

Same issue. I went to my local VA to register for my benefits and was told "No", because of my income. I signed an enlistment contract in 1970, which stated that in return for my active duty service (4 years), I would receive health care at a VA facility. I served, went to VietNam and earned an honorable discharge. I never applied for my benefits because I was well insured by my employer. I had planned on using the VA to supplement Medicare. Little did I know that Congress has apparently altered my enlistment contract 40 years after the fact. I'm still going to apply, get denied, then appeal. It's not fair that I get penalized as a senior for trying to save the taxpayers money while I was working. In short, if you didn't apply for your VA health benefits by a certain date, you've lost your benefits!

VA ID card denied

Two years ago, I went to the VA hospital in Louisville just to get a picture ID made so I could use it to get the 10% Lowe's discounts as I was doing some interior remodeling. I was denied the card based on my income. I wasn't asking for medical treatment, just the Id card.

navy vet my brother denied va health care

My brother just recently was denied VA health care due to he makes to much money.I was in disbelief, so I got on the web and found this to be TRUE of alot of vets.Now I'm in shock even more!!!! My brother has in the last 3 years has been layed off and layed off and out of work for almost 2yrs, then had hours cut back when he was employed.Most did not offer any health insurance and those that did offer health insurance he could not come even close to being able to afford. So we kept telling him (since hes a vet)to go to the VA for his health care----Well ----He-----Did------AND WAS DENIED Oh and The too much money he made was 42,ooo and they based it on income made in 2011.What--happened to 2012 why it based on 2011 and not on 2012 when I believe he was not even working.He and his wife have taken much lower paying jobs, which is putting them more and more in risk of losing their home.He has many health issues and can not be treated for them,even when he had health insurance through his work, he could not afford the What a sad world we live in. Thanks a concerned sister

also denied v.a. medical and have been treated for last year

I have been being treated for high blood pressure and now oct 14 2014 they decided I am not entitled for bennifits I eartned in the u.s. navy 1974-1978 active 1978-1980 inactive reserves. where is the honor of our government to take away the only thing we have to look forward to in our time of need. we the vets need to pull together and tell the American people know what they are doing to the very people that went to bat for our freedom. we need to stand together and let wash. know how we feel. I want my bennifits even in a class action suit of all vets. we need to stand together and stand side by side and battle uncle sam. it is just not right what they are doing to us, justy think of the people that hasn't paid any taxes that are collecting a check and getting otyher bennifit to boot.

Denied Healthcare Benefits

Fellow Americans!!! WHEN are we going to take back our AMERICA!!!! I'm 60 years old and decided to use my VA BENEFITS!!! as the world of HEALTHCARE is changing for the RICH Senators & Congressman, and there special benefits, there own Healthcare program, Social Security Program, Retirement Program, Freedom from OBAMA CARE!!!for 1 year of service !!! I served this country during the end of Vietnam, on the border of EAST & WEST Germany for 2 years, the WAll was still standing!!!!Communism was still ALIVE!!! Why was I denied my Earned BENEFITS on 10/02/2013, because my wife & I make over $41,000.00. So let's look at all the Government OFFICIALS that filed taxes in 2012 and claimed more than $41,000.00 dollars and WHY do we GIVE them Healthcare!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could go on for hours but let's just take our COUNTRY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Denied as well

I was infected with a flesh eating disease that stripped the flesh from my leg from the knee to the ankle and they're denying me health care as well. Only I was given health care for about 10 years and put on the strongest meds they had then just taken off cold turkey. It was an indian doctor too and he laughed when I told him I was in pain. Now I'm hobbled. I can't work, can't drive, can't walk and the VA is "laughing". I think a class action lawsuit will make them straighten up.

Being refused Help at the Indianapolis, Indiana V.A. Hospital

I had a back surgery in 2004 bt the VA. I'm having real bad pain. Now since the V.A. is putting Indian's as docters. Which they hurt be very bad. Now they are running the VA. I smoke pot to help me get hungery. Now since they did away with my last pain clinic. Now if I do not do what they say , they will not help me. I'm tried of people telling use what were going to do. These are not Americans. Stop this terriost government. USMC AGAINST THIS GOVERNMENT.

va benefits denied

I have applied for VA health benefits and been turned down. I was promised by a recruiter, who represented the US gov., that I would have health benefits for life. I volunteered to join in 1973. I did receive an early out with honorable discharge. I had 3 brothers in the army and I served just as long as the 3 of them. Some vets who did the same job as I did were grandfathered in because they applied before a certain date. Just a small group of us are being denied due to income, and not applying before a certain date. I think this is disgraceful of the US government. Someone should do something but nobody will. The politicians we have in Washington to represent us only care about their political party and their campaigns, and also padding their pockets. I only wish there was some way to warn any young person thinking of joining up, that they may be lied to. Twenty or thirty years down the road, their representatives may vote to take away their benefits they were promised. Don't sign the paper and put your life on the line for these crooks unless it is only to defend your country and not expect ANYTHING in return.

Denied VA benefits

I'm a 20 year retired vet. In 2008 I went to make use of my VA benefits, however, I was told that I make too much money. I work at a $10.00 / hr job, I live weekly from pay check to pay check, with just enough to pay for gas a few days before my next pay day.

Still, I was told that my service in the military (20 years) earned me benefits with the VA it did not depend of income.

Even worse if I were to loose my job due to sickness, the VA will only look at my previous year income, meaning I would still be denied my benefits as a vet even if I proved I am no longer working.

Is this the way vets are treated after providing the freedom that makes it possible for VA employees to earn an income?


VA Healthcare

When I joined the military as a VOLUNTEER during the Viet Nam War, I was told a major benefit was healthcare. I never applied until I lost my job. I applied in January. They accepted me (only after they found my lost application) sent me to a clinic for an ID, said they could not issue an ID because the machine was broken probably "for several days", took my blood pressure and said: We cannot accept you in the system because you own a house and a car." Another person told me that my income the previous year was too high. Then they told me I should use my last money, an IRA to buy insurance privately which was at $1700 month for $10,000 deductible and no longer available due to preexisting conditions. Note, I had applied as a hardship since I was unemployed. After I called having been denied treatment for a scheduled treatment they arranged, having driven 50 miles each way, they said that since I had an IRA, my net worth was too high! I went to a Congressman, they told the Congressman a lie that they never received my appeal and I proved they had since I have proof from a District Director in Atlanta. They refuse to answer even my Congressman's inquiries or to respond to my hardship appeal. It is all documented. But they have billed me three times for my visit the maximum allowable even though those scheduled to see me were not allowed to. Anyone wants more info let me know. By the way, they do not answer calls.

I went to the VA. at

I went to the VA. at Fayetteville N.C. two weeks ago and my Brother went with me, He just wanted to signup to get health care there. He does not need anything form them NOW, but he wanted to get a ID. card ready just so he could go latter if was to need it. But like you said his income was to high now, and they would not let him sign up for va help!! They told him to come back when he retired or lost his job, maybe then he could sign up!!!!

Please give our service men & women what is due to them!

As a mother of a teenage son, I have recently spoken to military recruiters trying to explain how wonderful military benefits would be to my son. The healthcare benefits have definitely been mentioned as a perk, as I'm sure they were to Mr. Jones when he was recruited as a young man. It is a shame that the military promises these young men & women benefits in exchange for their commitment, yet after they fulfill their obligations, the government imposes restrictions that were perhaps "not mentioned" or "in the fine print." It is almost a bait and switch technique. That's why I'm encouraging my son to stick with college & not trust anything his Uncle Sam tells him. I sincerely wish Mr. Jones the best in his efforts dealing with the VA. I would be very upset as an American citizen if he did not receive the benefits he was promised & more importantly...the benefits he deserves!!!

weeks? Try YEARS

I know what you are going through. I am 100% service connected. I have Charcot Marie Tooth, Arthritis up and down my entire spine and nerve entrapments that are operable but that have put me in a wheelchair. In Louisiana there is no healthcare for Veterans unless ya want some pills. As for surgical doctors all the ones at the VA are over the hill doctors that all other hospitals would not let practice or tulane students that use Veterana for lab rats. I have been trying to0 get stents in the arteries in my feet and Tarsal tunnel releases for 6 years now. I have written my congressman Bill Cassity, which is rather like talking to a wall, so while I wish you good luck with your hernia, I dont see you getting much help from the VA

Once again

Simply doing a hitch in the military does NOT guarantee you life-long health care. If you want to have a healthcare package that is guiaranteed for life, you have to RETIRE from the military. That will give you a basic package with some mighty high co-pays. If you pay a small annual premium, however, you will get a fantastic package, but remember - RETIREMENT is the key, not simply serving one or two enlistments. Unless this hernia is service connected, the VA is under NO obligation to treat Mister Jones.

VA healthcare

There are hundreds of thousands of retired vets from the non-combat services as well as those "veterans" who never fired a weapon. Vietnam era draftees, who had boots on the ground, in country, were promised life long health care. Nobody said it had ties to income levels. Growing up with a father who was many months in combat during WWII, I always thought a "vet" was someone who had been involved in combat. Now I learn a retired clerk is entitled to the same or better benefits than those who actually did something. Go figure ?

VA benefits

You are entirely missing the point.When I went in (1971) we were all told and promised that we would have free access to health care and VA hospitals for life.Typical lying government basta&*s.Why do politicians in Washington get perks for life when they have done nothing but ruin America and certainly never put their lives on the line.

Denial of Veteran Benefits

My question is why there is an income threshold on veterans applying for benefits now and those that had benefits before a certain date are grandfathered, no matter what their income is now? If my husband is denied veteran benefits now because of an income threshold, why aren't ALL verterans put through the income threshold policy?

The whole purpose of the VA has been polluted

The VA was never intended to be a life-long road to free medical care just because someone did a tour in the armed forces. That would remove one big incentive to keep people around to retirement! (And even retirees don't receive totally free care for life any more.) If you want to get your head spinning, try to figure out the various "Group" assignments that people are assigned to, and the income level restrictions that vary based upon location and number of dependents. The bottom line is that unless Mister Jones' hernia is documented as service connected, he's likely going to find that the VA isn't very sympathetic....and quite honestly, that was the original intention of the VA - take care of service connected problems completely, and stand by as a last resort backup when other options were exhausted. Speaking of other options, I'd like to ask a few questions. Did Mister Jones have health insurance with his previous employer? If so, did he avail himself of COBRA following his layoff? If he didn't have coverage with his previous employer why did he not purchase his own health insurance, since he was making a salary that is above average for this area?


Are you aware of how much COBRA cost? I was eligible for COBRA and it was going to be $800.00 per month to continue my coverage on just me. It is sad, the man has worked and served our country!! Perhaps he should sale his house, not seek employment and apply for medicaid? Our system is ridiculous!


I agree! COBRA is so expensive, even middle class people struggle to afford that. And it is sad that hard working people who have paid taxes and/or served in military can't get help in hard times, when there are lazy people who never work taking advantage of free everything all the time!

I share your apparent disdain for Medicaid

....and I fully understand that COBRA is costly. That said, we still have to accept that he was discharged, didn't retire, and accordingly he doesn't automatically qualify for government medical care. He has to meet certain standards relative to service connection or income in the absence of a service connection. We can't make exceptions because he's a nice guy who had a job. We also have to wonder what he does spend his money on instead of health insurance. About 20 of the 45 million uninsured are in that status by choice - they are young, helthy, and spend there money elsewhere....and sometimes they get caught in a jam by making the wrong choice.

VA is not for all vets

Why would any one that served in the military for 4 years expect life long health care? Do any other jobs you have give you that? NO Unless you had an injury while in service you do not get it. This guy worked and could afford insurance but he didn't have any, is that the VA's fault? My husband is retired from the military after 21 years, we get insurance through TRIcare as a benefit for his 21 years. WE pay a premium for it each year and it is very affordable. 4 years wont get you that and shouldnt.

Then it should be portrayed

Then it should be portrayed that way in the beggining, because i don't know very many people that would sign up for this with that little bit of pay they give. Please Rethink your comment. Unless you were the one being lied to. College and healthcare is what i heard and neither were delivered. Please rethink.


YOU and MANY OTHERS are missing the point. When WE joined we were told and also in writing in our contracts were guaranteed health benefits for life at any VA facility.
Yes we may have to pay a copay if our health condition was not service related. However. we are now denied our benefits because some congressman decided that we should not be eligble and the rest of the self serving b?@##$%^'s approved it.
If this was a business they would be sued for breach of contract. But unfortunately you can't sue the government.
This is just another way to balance the budget by cutting earned benefits instead of addressing the real problems.
Maybe the next president will have a clue.

denied veteran

VA medical benefits

Why is it that two of my friends, one a millionaire and the other is a mechanic and his wife a professional person who make more than he does plus own two homes be entitled VA benefits and I being on social security be turned down.
All three of us were in at about the same time and the mechanic said he flew into danang for an hour and the VA insisted he be paid a monthly sum and the millionaire did just about the same thing by flying into danang and now receives money plus both get full benefits!
I have a cancer on both feet caused by infections from dirty showers aboard ship and has bothered me all my life plus my hearing is about gone from being a sight setter in a five inch gun mount.
VA turned me down because they said I make to much money....
It is a joke!

Why didn't he fill out the

Why didn't he fill out the paperwork before going to the news? He could have saved a trip and gone down to NHRMC and filled out the hardship papers there. been there done that and didn't need to go to the news

Put politicians on the same plan

I'll bet if the politicians making the rules and guidlines for the rest of us were put on the same plan they are planning and have planned for the rest of us, things would be alot different.


I have NEVER understood why there hasn't been an uprising to FORCE these knuckle heads to participate....LOL THEY want to talk about Cadillac plans...LOL they get FULL PENSIONS after one term...they get full health as EMPLOYEES get retirement for a fraction of the work. In addition...LOL you know how they "fix" Social Security....they RAISE THE RETIREMENT AGE...basically hinging on the fact that MORE individuals will die off and less money will have to be paid out...what do you think they will do with Health Care... I think...maybe...JUST MAYBE the tide has turned hear and America has woken up and realized...these knuckleheads need to be put in their place!


I need to spell check...hear instead of HERE... AAAaaa-N-Y way....been in the military and I can tell you that you don't want Tricare....which is government insurance...HURRY UP AND WAIT...that is what it is about..sometimes it's fast...sometimes it's slow as molasses on a winter day going up hill. When it IS slow...there is NOTHING you can do about it...


I don't know what Tricare you have but we have Tricare Prime. It is the best insurance we have ever had, There is no waiting for us on anything ,ever. No bills and low co-pay.