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South Brunswick football season officially over


BOILING SPRING LAKES, NC (WWAY) -- The season is over for the South Brunswick High School football team. Today the school essentially gave up any appeal to the NC High School Athletic Association.

Yesterday the NCHSAA eliminated the Cougars from the state playoffs, despite the team's big Friday night. South Brunswick was set to appeal the disqualification stemming from a fight in the fourth quarter of Friday's game. The referees ejected three Cougars, which, by rule, eliminates a team from the playoffs according to rules. One South Brunswick player was mistaken for another.

Regardless, the cougars are out of options.

"The appeal that South Brunswick was making to the High School Athletic Association involved one of our players being incorrectly identified as being in the incident on Friday," SBHS athletic director Chris Roehner said. "We were not appealing the decision of the High School Athletic Association. We were appealing one of the players being incorrectly identified."

A handful of parents showed up at the end of school, questioning why school officials dropped their appeal.

South Brunswick would have played Havelock, which automatically advances to the next round.

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Player from south in 2006

I didnt play my last yr at south due to one of the rules of the NCHSAA, which is players who trun 18 by oct 15 cant play high school sports. UNfair rule b/c it dont appy to all just the ones who trun 18 by oct 15th. I truned 18 oct 10th, on top of it all i didnt fail any grades and wuz doing good in school. i had to move to a different state to play my last yr. So i am one who feel that the NCHSAA needs to look at there rules and start caring for the players.

It does apply equally

Quote from Byron: "UNfair rule b/c it dont appy to all just the ones who trun 18 by oct 15th."

You say it doesn't apply to all, just the ones who turn 18 by 10-15. So then it does apply to all. Maybe you should have spent more time in class instead of on the field. Then your spelling wouldn’t be half as bad as it is.

SBHS not in the 3rd round

It is unfair that these boys have fought all season long for the chance to go to the State playoffs. These "gentlemen" shed tears, blood, and sweat in order to get as far as they did. They risked injuries, missed important events and gave their heart everyday during practice and also on the field. The three young men involved in the fight with SW were actually coming to the aid of their quarterback who was being attacked by the members of that team, but only our boys were penalized for this incident. As a graduate of this High School and a relative to many of the athletes on this team I am appalled at the way this situation was resolved and I feel as if the Athletic Board of South Brunswick High School did not fight as hard as they should have. In the end players like my family members will miss out on the opportunity to not only play in the third round of the high school playoffs, but even have the chance to win this during their Senior year. To the 2010 Football team, you played a FANTASTIC season. keep your heads up its all going to work out in the end. Go Cougars!

South Brunswick

South Brunswick high football has set many records this year as the head coach has said many many times over the last few days. What he declines to tell you is some of the records that were broken were not so good, un sportsman like conduct flags have been the norm at every game this season. IM pretty sure I saw at least one every game . This is a lack of discipline, and if there is anyone to blame for this it is the Head coach. He carries the weight of this on his shoulders. He unlike our seniors will have another game, another season, our seniors will have to live with the outcome of this disgrace for the rest of their lives.

Have heard on different news

Have heard on different news channels and in the newspaper that video was sent to the state. Would really like to have someone get a hold of that so we all can see. Different outlets have said that players from SBHS left the sideline to join in the fight. If that is true than the team should be punished fight as a team get booted from the playoffs as a team. Get a hold of that video WWAY or somebody.

SB VS Havelock

As a former player and coach at Havelock I can say that I do not agree with those rules either. But the NCSHAA has always been over the top with it's rules. The 3 fighters should have been tossed and prohibited from playing again this year. I know they are trying to prevent the high version of U of Miami (circa 1980s) from getting out of control but it is a rule that needs to be revisited. BTW as a HHS fan I am glad we no not have to see Cougars here on the coast. Tough nut to crack they would have been. But a W is a W.

SBHS Football

To the kids that got ejected from the game I hope that you will learn from this and that if this is the worst mistake that you make has a TEENAGER then your parents are doing a great job raising you. To the other players remember that your team is a family and you need to rally and support each other.DON'T allow the views of parents or past Cougar alumni cloud your views. Has a Cougar alumni I say THANK YOU for a great year and I look forward to watching you play next year.

Bad ruling

I smell a lawsuit here..Those rules are ridiculous! Why punish a team who fought hard all year to have 3 players under the unjust rule of fighting back on the field. Expel the 3 players from football entirely, not the TEAM. Start paying HS players and them fine them like the NFL does for fighting.. I sure don't see any teams being eliminated in the NFL playoffs for fights on the field. The rule sucks and so does the people who made the judgment..Heartless bastards!