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Southeastern Center for Mental Health funds declining

Funds are declining for the Southeastern Center for Mental Health to the point of what several professionals are calling a crisis. Many disabled patients may lose services by the end of this month and the situation is not sitting well with care providers and patients. Concerned patients and affiliates of the mental health system in the area met today for the second time to discuss how to get funding back and avoid losing valuable mental health services. The director from the Division of Mental Health was there answering questions, and hearing concerns. Many of the people in attendance called this funding issue a state of emergency. “My daughter has lost four providers within the past six to eight weeks, and she goes through some trauma, literally, for a week afterward, where she is crying, and keeps on talking about it, and it is distracted,” said Horst Schultz, who has two children with Down syndrome. Due to the funding crisis, Southeastern Mental Health is no longer accepting any new referrals for families who qualify for developmental disability services. Many families of disabled patients expressed the concern and fear that their child or family member may have to be institutionalized because there is no more space at the mental health clinic. The Division of Mental Health is looking into all options to try and allocate funds to our region that is suffering the most in the entire state.

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In the meantime

a [useless] convention center rises on the waterfront and companies full of million dollar crooks get our future social security money.

Southern Mental health Paraprofessional

I have had to juggle three providers at once just to keep 15-20 hours of income. I love working for my clients, and they miss working with me. Our economy could not get any worse, these children need this therapy just as I need to work to provide for my family!!!

Sorry! Druggies need rehab....

....and the uncontrolled breeders need Medicaid, Section 8 housing, and TANF. So these children need therapy, you need work, but the cash drawer is running empty....and with the top 50% of wage earners already paying 97.1% of the personal income taxes (federal) you simply can't keep raising taxes. (I'd LOVE to see a breakdown for NC.) The government wastes far too much money on playing Santa Claus for the irresponsible and inept, and the truly deserving innocents suffer. We're either going to get smart and start holding people responsible for their actions or the country is heading for financial collapse. It really IS that simple.


Perhaps you should reread the article...the services that are being cut are for the developmentally delayed. They are not for people who made choices that led to their conditions as you suggest "irresponsible and inept", these are people born with things such as Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, etc.




we SURE have enough money to be giving governors wive's HUGE salary increases...have money to bail out every Tom, Dick and Harry in Wall Street or CEO of any large company folding...heck I wish the Feds would step in and help ME pay back my debts ... Sure would be nice...would be nice for them to spend money on people that ACTUALLY NEED IT like these people as well!

I've got a solution

Name it the Cameron Center For Mental Health and watch the funds roll in. Call it the Mental Health Authority or the Mental Health Convention Center, how about the Arlie Center and Gardens...