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Southport drops support for international port


An international port in Southport is looking less like a reality. Last night the Southport board of Aldermen voted three to two to rescind a 2006 resolution approving a DOT study.

The decision doesn't kill the idea of a port entirely, but it has taken away the city's unconditional support of the project requiring the Ports Authority to engage the city in future negotiations. Members of the grassroots organization NoPort Southport were hoping that would be the outcome of last night's meeting.

"As we've collected the information over the last year and a half, we feel that we've made a good case that it won't be good for Southport so we're trying to convince them of that," NoPort Southport's Rhodes Messick said.

The estimated cost of the port is about $2.6 billion. Funding for the project would be a combination of federal and state funds.

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No Port Southport

What a bunch of idiots. The jobs and money this would bring to the state and this area in particular would be huge. What is the problem folks. NC already is well over 10% unemployment. You people need to get a life!

Such a shame that this much

Such a shame that this much needed economic catalyst, for the entire state, is probably going to disappear. I'm very disappointed with the Southport Alderman's decision to withdraw their support.

Get over it

The only one's that don't want the port there are the retired yankees from the St. James area. The port won't even really have an effect on Hwy 211, or the Town of Southport itself. (perhaps more residents, but those trucks won't be going thru town.) The locals here would love to have a port, but it's primarily only the old yankees that are doing the talking. I don't even know why Southport needs to give support their "unconditional" support? This port isn't even in the city limits. While support from Southport would be nice to have, it's not going to stop the state from moving forward.

port & yankees

What does being a yankee have to do with any thing. We are so intagrated now it dont matter where you are from.
Im a southern dood, and I think we need the support from every one to bring jobs to Brunswick County.


What is wrong with the State Port? They own more land to the north to expand services. Why duplicate services and destroy what little greenspace that remains? Same jobs, same growth, just in an already developed, dense area.

City, county, and state planners need to respect and be mindful of landowners' rights to preserve their quality of life, and the expectation that their neighborhood DENSITIES will remain the same as when purchased.

Any alderman who is or ever

Any alderman who is or ever was in favor of this port certainly is not doing so in the best interest of Southport or its residents.

It appears that some of you

It appears that some of you out there still just don't get it. It is NOT the Yankees at St. James that does not want this monstrosity in their back yard, it is MOST everyone in the area. I am NOT a Yankee, I was born in NC and have lived here most of my life, except for the time I was in service. There are a lot more things to consider than money. I know most of you would sell your souls for a couple hundred bucks and a pack of Marlboros and a 12 pack of Miller Light, but we already have TWO(count 'em) TWO hazards in the area now......Sunny Point, which WILL be a target should a war break out, and Progress Energy, which is a disaster waiting to happen. An emergency situation at either will shut down everything in the area including, you guessed it, a PORT, if and when one is built. The port itself will also be a HAZARD. Think of all the evil stuff that comes into one (Morehead City comes to mind). I suppose most of the ones that support it (the port) live far enough away that 24/7 traffic, both truck and rail won't destroy your homes and your peace and quiet as well. Well, you would sing a different tune if this was going to happen in your front yard. I agree, we could use jobs, but there are many places this port could be built without destroying a community and adding to two already dangerous facilities in the area. I applaude the Southport aldermen for their decision, but wonder why they ever considered it in the first place.


Im sure who ever wrote this isn't wanting for anything and you don't want u usual sunday drives interupted by traffic. There's many people in this area wondering where there next meals coming from If something was to happen to sunny point or progress energy we're screwed any way so a port won't be much of a change. The quality of Life would improve 10 to 1 in this area with the increase of jobs. Lets see what u would say if u were to loose ur job and is found serching for ur next meal.

Are you kidding me?

I think that you are not thinking things all the way through! The nasty stuff that you say has come through the ports have in fact done so without incident for 60 years or more. And the tragic demise of Progress energy that you mention is safer than your mothers womb. The problem with "inteligent" people like you is you jump off the deep end and talk about things you have no idea about. You try to put fear into people over things you do not know about. If you were a military person than you know that military grade items roll through ports all over the USA at any given time and security is the number one priority. Please talk about what you know and quit trying to scare people into not trusting things!

Guest 01, if you think a

Guest 01, if you think a nuclear power plant is safer than a mother's womb, I really don't think many people are going to put much confidence in anything you have to say.