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Southport police officer finds himself behind bars

A Southport police officer will serve thirty days behind bars. Officer James Connolly, who has been with the Southport Police since 2002, was subpoenaed for a trial and did not show up. This past Friday a Brunswick County judge sentenced Connolly to thirty days in the Brunswick County Detention Center. The police department fired Connolly after he was convicted.

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Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

All he had to do was make his court date. That is all. If there was a problem with other things they would have worked out one way or the other but, he would not be in jail today. Rookies know to make court when you are to be there. He, is an idiot. And, he is in jail because, he did not obey the law. And how stupid can you be? All he had to do was show up! If the stuff was not there to convict the felon, he walks. Which he did anyway. But this cop would still have his job and not be in jail today. He is the one convicted now and it is his own doing.

I agree with everything you

I agree with everything you have stated...BUT, how many offenders do not show up for their court date? How many do not show up and do not spend any amount of time in jail for it? I have been to court several times(never for me) and I hear all the time no answers when roll call is called. I have also talked to several officers that have stated people they have either arrested or gave tickets to did not show up. Usually a warrant is give for that person, but not always. And almost never does that person spend time in jail for not showing up. Two things: either the judge had a personal issue with this officer or the judge is trying to make an example out of him. If it's the latter, then this Judge needs to look himself in the mirror and see what he does to other offenders that do not show up.

Stop Bashing

Someone needs to get their facts straight. And all the ones who are "bashing" Connolly let it rest. Enough is enough. How much longer can you talk negitive about someone who was doing his job, protecting and serving the community. I wish we had more officers in the area who are trying to get drugs off the streets. My prayers and thoughts are with James and his family.Law enforcement officers do not get the respect they deserve. Thank God we have them out their risking their lives for us. They are just doing their job and Connolly was doing his. God Bless you James!

This guy was arrested for

This guy was arrested for not showing up for court. I'm not defending him since I don't know anything about him....BUT if you are ever in court listen out for all the non answers during roll call. EVERYONE of those no answers could/should be arrested for not showing up.


I have never been in trouble with the law and my wife is a state law officer of nearly 17 years. Having said all that, I have heard the way he talks to other people, especially women and he is a rude and DISRESPECTFUL PUNK. I have no idea how he goes about performing his job but if it's anything like what I have witnessed outside of enforcing the law, it's just to bad to sad. You can't expect your pears (those in other law or judicial systems) to back you up or cut you slack if you're always verbally knocking them or their co-workers down. Nobody's comment will ever change my mind........only his apology to the people he has DISRESPECTED, including my wife. "NUFF SAID"

Shady behavior nothing new

connolly has a history of shady behavior. I am not a career criminal nor have I ever been arrested or accused of a crime. I have however had a run in with connolly. He harrassed my son my daughter and myself during the 4th of july festival more than once. When he realized that I was going to report him he made an insulting half-hearted attempt at an apology. Cheif Dove was not oblivious to connolly's misconduct. He just chose to look the other way.

we support Officer Connolly

You can bash law enforcers all you want. But Southport has lost a fine policeman. James Connolly comes from wonderful family. He is a wonderful Father. Hold your head up high James.Maybe "the ones who did this to you and sentenced you will know that they were wrong" and realize that a body can't be in 2 places at one time. Remember the Law Enforcers in this area, are here to protect and uphold the law. We support all of those in Law Enforcement they risk their lives everyday for us. And you will always find someone who want to find something against them. Remember when you were younger your parents telling you that a policeman is your friend. Well we are glad to say they still are our friends. Hey Chief you have lost a fine officer. There are those in the area who have lost a "friend"

Please stop. anyone

Please stop. anyone supporting James just stop. If you watched the news tonight you see those with the power are going to make this worse. So just stop this. Thanks This is James' mom

Please explain, Ma'am

First, you identify yourself as his mother. If that is indeed true, my heart goes out to you. Watching your offspring go through such a difficult time that will take tolls both emotionally and physically on you and your family must be just awful. Second, I'm puzzled by your comments. If you wouldn't mind, would you please explain why you don't want anyone to support your son? Please know that I mean no disrespect by asking this.

We do sincerely appreciate

We do sincerely appreciate the support. He is still at the mercy of those who can make his life miserable. The family is being blamed for these entries and other turmoil over this. We don't want anymore trouble for him. James' Mom

Because our family is being

Because our family is being blamed for all these comments, and the turmoil over this case. My son is still in the hands of those who can make his life miserable. These comments are making some people very mad and I fear the retrobution that can occur for my son. We do sincerely appreciate all the support but we need him back with us so we can all move past this. James' Mom

Gotta wonder

You just have to wonder who Connolly had his sights on. Have anything to do with Rex Gore? Bald Head Island? RC? I believe if you look into his arrest history you will find your answer.


who is RC

Do not look at the arrests.

Do not look at the arrests. look towards the convictions. 1 and 9 people get off ..... HMMM

Connolly the Criminal

Look at this guy! He looks like he was made for a mugshot! Crooked cops, gotta love em!

You should not judge . He

You should not judge . He who is without sin cast the first stone. He is not a drug dealer. He is a law enforcer . I think he has a cute face

Apparently no one is reading

Apparently no one is reading this correctly. He was jailed for not being in court!!! not for anything else. Why was this Mcduffie on the streets anyway??

Have you ever seen a pretty

Have you ever seen a pretty mug shot?


It's sad that there are officers out there who try to put themselves above the law. He has been a thorn in the side of that department for years but no one would do anything about it. I hate to see anyone lose their livelihood but he did it to himself. Maybe they can get someone to work their that isn't a bully.

How has Officer Connolly

How has Officer Connolly been a thorn in side of the department .Please explain yourself. I have never heard of anything he has done wrong. Are you perfect?

I'm not perfect, but I don't

I'm not perfect, but I don't make up facts or stories in order to get "numbers" or make arrests. If you have any dealing with the Southport Pd then you would know that Connolly has more complaints by himself than the rest of the department put together.

And you were arrested for

And you were arrested for what?

He was arrested for not

He was arrested for not being in court. He was in the grand jury court room where he should have been doing his job as he was hired to do.

Officer arrested

Let this be a warning to all those in law enforcement. This is how you will be treated if your department miss handles your evidence. They will not take the fall for it, they will throw you under the bus. So in additon to being bit, spit on, called names, shot at, and hit you can add that you will be arrested for the sake of your department.

There was no cocaine rock

He fabricated it. He flat out testified that what he put in his two reports were not the truth. There was no evidence to mishandle. Why should other officers take the fall for a liar. We should be thanking them for crossing the Blue Line and upholding the oath to the people and the constitution.

There was no cociane rock

you need to get yor facts together, the cocaine was tested on site, bagged and intered into evidence.The question is who discarded it from the evidence room, someone needs to look at the southport PD and how they handle evidence.

Get the trial transcripts.

Get the trial transcripts. He testified that his two reports were inconsistant because he had no way of weighing the cocaine. He stated he was not the best report writer, and he admitted to that. No one ever said that there was no cocaine. What did they swipe test on the side of the road? Why should an officer take the fall? you have got to be kidding. Where is that officers report????? no one ever asked that question - did they?

He was found not credible as matter of law. ....

that means a judge caught him lying. Not the best report writer! If telling the truth counts, then he was definately sub-par. He testified that there never was a gram of cocaine, despite the fact that he put it in two reports, signed them, and testified that to those facts to get an arrest warrant and later an indictemt. That means he either lied twice under oath before to a judge and a grand jury, or lied at his contempt hearing. Pick one. "Connolly" testified that his reports were sloppy. He can call lying what what he wants. The rest of world will still call it a lie. Go take a look at all drunk drivers that got away clean because he didn't show up to court on previous occations.

Go back to the hearing

Go back to the hearing transcipts. He never said there was no crack. He said he did not know what happended to it because you lost it.


who lost it