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UPDATE: Judge rules Pierce's past criminal history can be entered as evidence

READ MORE: Special Hearing In Pierce Murder Trial: What Evidence Can Be Used?

UPDATE (5/3): The judge ruled this morning that Pierce's past criminal history in Philadelphia can be entered as evidence...


A special hearing wrapped up before 4:00 Friday afternoon in the Anthony Pierce murder trial; to see if certain evidence can be used.

The prosecution wants 4 Philadelphia police officers to testify in the presence of the jury. The officers responded to a 1994 armed robbery in which Pierce was involved. Pierce's partner in crime shot one of the officers, and police fired back, killing him. Pierce was arrested, and served 10 years for that crime.

The prosecution argued that Pierce's robbery in Philadelphia is similar to his chase in Wilmington because he fled from police in both events; and both times his crime lead to someone's death.

"No one can more fully appreciate that his flight from police might have deadly consequences than a man who's already spent more than a decade in prison for doing it once before," said New Hanover County District Attorney, Ben David.

No decision was made today. The trial continues Monday morning, when Judge Phyllis Gorham will decide what evidence can be used in front of the jury.

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You gotta love the criminal

You gotta love the criminal lovers that come in here and blame the officer for everything. I wonder how many that feel that way are criminals themselves...or have close family members as thugs and they want to support their own family

You gotta love law enforcment!!

Hey..Im not a criminal so because I support equal justice for everyone I have to be one..dont know the man at all..Mr. Pierce needs to go to jail for the running from the police, drug and weapons charges..NOTHING ELSE..people emotions are ruling their thinking into throwing a man into jail for the rest of his life for a mistake that the officer and himself alone made..Mr. Pierce needs to sit in jail and think about his actions..there is no denying that but at the same time, this will not bring the officer back so why are we spending tax payers money on this wasteful trial..think about it..Ben David wants to run for reelection and what better way than to appease the emotions of white surburban by putting Mr. Pierce in jail for supposedly taking the life of a white police officer..and think about it people..people dont get brought up on trials within a year in New Hanover sit in jail and wait at least a year and a half...I mean at LEAST..this trial was rushed to the front of the books just for the publicity alone...

Thats exactly what im

Thats exactly what im saying!!! Ive been in that jail...Murder trials do not begin until bout the 3rd or 4th yr! He wants to be reelected!!!

50 years..... a dog cage made of razor wire. A fitting sentence for this thug! The judge made a good call on allowing past history as it proves his general demeanor, his intent and the malice this criminal possesses towards obeying the law! He lives a life of crime, cannot learn a lesson and when caught will do anything, no matter how deadly to escape!

Well now...let's see how far his escape techniques will get him in Central Prison as he is escorted in full chain restraints to his stainless steel dinner table!!!

Give it a rest..and focus on the story at hand...

We have played the "well that officer shot that kid through the door" card enough. What do you live in constant fear for your life, because keep throughing the guys in blue under the bus and sticking up for criminals and you have no idea what you are asking for. Officers have rules and regulations to follow. But guess what, these rules, regs, and laws do not cover every hypothetical scenario that arises. They have to use discretion. In the mean time, that discretion has helped more citizens than harmed them. This is not this guys first rodeo. Trust me he did it before, did it again, and if this doesn't come to an end and he gets off he WILL do it again. You better start backing your boys and girls in blue. They put their lives in danger everyday so you can live without fear. Look, nobody is denying we have some that shouldn't carry a badge, but trust me the good out way the bad. I for one can't wait to finish my Bachelor's degree and step up to the plate. Oh and by the way, if the evidence doesn't make it to trial, and he gets off, I hope he moves in next door to the ones that are busting law enforcements chops daily.

He is a criminal.

He also shot at a police officer...

He should also be charged with attempted murder/or assault for everyone he passed while running from the police. He could have hit anyone, or ran someone off of the road and they could have gotten hurt.


You know what I find strange about all this.. Is A police officer shot and killed an 18 year old thru a door and they said it was justice.. A police officer is in a high speed chase, lost control of his car at a high rate of speed, and now some one is tried for murder.... And how can this be compaired or even be able to use his past when time was served.. Pierce didn't shoot the other officer his partner did.. Isn't this double jeoperdy. I think the judge really needs to be careful on this one. It could lead to a fight for her job if the right lawyers get a hold of this.


This case is wrong in every aspect, That man served his time for what he done, The only thing he's guilty of is felony posession, fleeding and eluding. Im sorry it happened, but the officer death was simpily do to a mistake of his own, if they charge pierce with murder, then they need to charge the cops in the BERRY guy's death a year or so ago, because if they had not chased him he would have never wrecked, the same way there saying if pierce had never ran the cop would have never wrecked.'s amazing that you's amazing that you would compare a police officer to a convicted criminal. The fact that he has served time already shows a lack of responsibility and maturity. You should review double jeopardy so that you understand its meaning. For instance. If a person kills someone and serves time and later kills another person, should they not have to serve more time because they have already been to jail for murder? I think not! This man should have been kept locked up, that is the only mistake the judicial system has made here!

The problem really is, in

The problem really is, in this day and age, many people don't any difference at all between a criminal and a police officer, other than the badge. This is not my opinion, this is a fact. There are A-LOT of citizens, on both sides of the law, who simply DO NOT TRUST LAW ENFORCEMENT.

Your facts are all screwed

Your facts are all screwed up...and your statement is NOT a fact, but just a lonely opinion. Yes there are some out ther who think LEO are bad, but a majority of people do not feel that way. I wouldn't be surprised if you or someone close to you has a record and that is why you feel the way you do.

Don't trust LEO....should we start trusting the thugs LEO are after???


First off, double jeopardy is if you are found innocent of a crime you cannot be tried for that crime again. Second, have you ever heard the old saying of "If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, then it must be a duck. Take the word duck out and replace it with criminal and you have p.o.s. pierce. How many chances do we need to give him? He is a convicted felon that not only had drugs in the car, also had a gun. And then the genius decided it would be a good idea to run from the police. Everything that transpired that night was set in motion due to his poor choices. If that criminal didn't have drugs and a gun, if he had just stopped, we wouldn't be here talking about him.


The police officer made a bad choice by speeding seemingly no good reason. This man has nothing to do with that.


Take this trash ball off the streets, HANG HIM.

One less we have to deal with, ya know?

Its obvious his 10 year stint didn't rehabilitate him, he just moved it elsewhere.

Sorry he failed at life.

Pierce trial

It was the boxes fault . Will it be charged?

He had everything to do with it

Officer Mathews was speeding because pierce was running from the police. WilmingtonMAJ, next time you call the police make sure to tell them to take their time responding.


I don't call the police...I have no need to. The benefit of living behind gates and having a great security system.

Oh yea

And you never leave your castle either or do you put the gates around your vehicle? When the thug snatches you out of your vehicle at a red light, don't bother calling it in to the police because your house has a great alarm. And gates.

I love the people that want

I love the people that want to bash law enforcement. So now it is a bad choice to chase a criminal? Let's let criminals just get away. That's sounds like the best idea ever. The p.o.s. that ran killed the individual the moment he decided not to stop!!! Law enforcement is not to blame...just trying to keep the a**holes like you that dont support them safe...

I disagree...his actions are

I disagree...his actions are what started this whole thing. He has a history of drugs and had weapons and drugs on him during the chase. Let's hold criminals accountable for their actions. Does he deserve 1st degree murder for this, obviously not. But he should be help somewhat responsible because his actions started all this.

If a fireman dies in a fire that was started on purpose, does the arsonist get charged with the firemans death? The answer is YES. This officer was performing a task that is part of his job and died as a result of someone else's actions.