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Speed a concern in Hampstead on Highway 210

READ MORE: Speed a concern in Hampstead on Highway 210
A stretch of road in Pender County continues to concern residents. They say cars fly around the bend as you enter Hampstead on Highway 210, and they want the speed limit reduced before someone else gets hurt. "So when they come up to the blueberry stand and say I almost got creamed by a car, we say here's our petition, please sign it,” said Melissa Hendrickson, a concerned resident. Hendrickson and her family have owned and operated Farmer Mac's Blueberry Farm for nearly thirty years. Since then, they've watched car after car speed along the curve of 210 that intersects with their driveway. They say enough is enough. "I don't know what it's going to take, maybe us saying something on camera, and everybody else realizing what's going on,” Shawn Hendrickson said. Highway patrol has no way of tracking accidents that occur in one specific location, but the Hendricksons say they've personally witnessed five car crashes, including one fatality. Not only are they worried about high speeds, but also there are young children who live on Berry Patch Road. At the end of the school day, the bus drops the kids off across the road, so for the kids who live on Berry Patch Road, they have to cross Highway 210 just to get home." The Hendricksons have contacted Highway Patrol, and the Department of Transportation. "What I got was they were studying the issue and thanks for calling,” Shawn said. The family simply wants drivers to be forced to slow down when coming around the curve. The Hendricksons told us their postal carrier asked to have their mailboxes moved off 210 and onto their driveway, so she would feel safer delivering their mail.

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210 traffic

Just 2 more miles from Berry Patch Road on 210 there is a "crash site diamond" where the 210 and 1002 split. Many a vehicle fail to stop or pull out thinking others are turning. It needs to be changed to a ONE way onto 210 (towards Burgaw) and ONE way off 210 onto SR 1002 (Holly Shelter).

More traffic problems in

More traffic problems in thier infantcy, quit building now,the area is big enough.

Are you crazy?

Real estate and development is one of the biggest industries around and you want to stop it? Are you crazy?


Until they improve the infrastructure in and around the area. Look at the traffic around town now and you will see no improvements for years.


And by the time anything you want done is finished we'd all be dead. No...thats not how progress works. Need equals change, not the other way around. The more people here, the more tax dollars brought it, the better these projects can be done. Real estate is the major industry in this area, and unless you want the local economy dead it has to continue to grow.


kill it then. I want my quiet, pretty, undeveloped town the way it is. Majority rules.

well then

move to idaho or montana or even burgaw. It is not secret over the past 10 years that Hampstead and North Brunswick are being more and more developed, and thankfully this helps the economy. If you don't want progress, move to the middle of the desert. Coastal regions are inevitably going to grow and develop.


why don't YOU move to a more "cosmopolitan" city like San Francisco or Denver?

no thanks

i like it here...progress and all :

you mortgage the health and

you mortgage the health and well being of your species, and other species, for your selfish greed... let's pack 15 more pounds of feces in a 5 pound bag?