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Speed Limit Rally

Fourteen kids live on Gordon Road in Wilmington but you would never know it. They're not allowed to play outside because cars drive too fast on the street. Neighborhood residents spent the day rallying, hoping for change. The speed limit is currently 35. Neighbors want it reduced to at least 25. They are asking police for help but say they're not getting much. Pets have been hit by cars and have died. Residents are afraid a kid could be next. Murline King's dog was run over last week. The car didn't even stop. "It just breaks my heart, I'm having a hard time, a real hard time", cries King. Rally leader Carol James said, "This is a residential neighborhood. It's not a racetrack and we are families that just want to live normal lives and let our children ride their bikes and our dogs to be able to enjoy their yards without a fear of someone running up and killing them. We just want to be normal. We want to be a normal neighborhood but we can't do that. We have to stay in our homes or our backyards". Police dropped off the speed reader but James says it's not enough. She hopes for speed bumps, heavier monitoring, and speeding drivers to slow down.

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must be "Little Gordon"

We in the pizza delivery business call the section of Gordon right between 23rd and Castle Hayne Road Little Gordon, and this story must refer to that section. I know that more than 14 kids live in a small 100 foot section of Gordon over near Harris Road let alone the entire stretch. The people on Little Gordon should be thankful that the airport is there, because little Gordon actually used to connect to the main portion of Gordon at Kerr ave until the road was split in two by ILM. If not for the airport, it would be a straight shot from market to Castle Hayne Road and believe me traffic would be far worse in that section.

Speeding on Gordon Rd.

If the WPD,NHSD,or the SHP go out there and write 100 tickets a day they will still complain. Saying things like dont they have anything better to do then stop cars and write tickets isnt there real crime out there. Its a no win situation.

Which Gordon Rd?

Which Gordon Rd are we talking about here? There are two: one at the end of Blue Clay between 23rd St and Castle Hayne Rd and the one that goes from Kerr Avee to Military Cutoff. There is a major difference between the two. I can see them wanting to lower the speed limit on the one between 23rd St and Castle Hayne Rd and even on the part from Kerr Ave to Hwy 132 but from Hwy 132 to Military Cutoff I do not see them lowering the speed limit to 25.

speed limit on Gordon

Give me a break, sorry to inform you but Gordon is a major road in wilminton. It connects I40 to the beach, castle hayne to market st, the airport to North Wilmington. If DOT would build some overpasses instead of stoplights and roundabouts and speed bumps everywhere, maybe people would use the bigger roads around here instead of Gordon and the traffic would be a little lighter. Trust me the traffic will get worse, mainly due to the inept planning department of the DOT. Not to mention, since developers are running the show around here, there is no infrastructure improvements required for building new neighborhoods (i.e. turning lanes into the neighborhood, etc.) Good luck with your quest, you are wasting your time..

speed limit

It does aggravate me to see pet owners let their pet's run around. These type people are irresponsible pet owners and do not need to have pets. Also for the two idiots that stated they would not stop if they hit and animal, you are a sorry excuse for a human being. I sure hope you never get hit by a car, you would deserve to be spit on, and left there.


So now you want to make a human life and animal life equal? YOUR life is equal to that of a mouse? GET REAL DUDE...some of use have what is called COMMON SENSE! I won't nor will I EVER swerve to miss an animal. I won't do it because I might hurt or kill my self or my occupants OR kill someone else by hitting them. The ONLY time I would stop is if it were a wild animal and I had a gun in the car to dispatch it. If it were a PET...FORGET IT..too much yelling arguing and possibility of a fight or law suit...just drive on down the road...ITS ONLY AN ANIMAL...right. The fact you say you would spit in the face of a human...SPEAKS MOUNDS about you!

Dog should have been tied up

Dog should have been tied up or behind a fence. That's the owners fault! I wouldnt have stopped either. It's not like you could do anything and the owner would prob make threats because of their own stupidity and negligence.

Gordon Road has homes but isn't a "residential neighborhood"

Yes there are homes on Gordon Road, but it is in no way akin to something like Northchase, Gordon Woods, Alamosa or Courtney Pines. Gordon Road is a major east-west road in that part of the county, so much so that the DOT plan is for Gordon to be expanded to at least 3 lanes and possibly more in the future. I cannot see any situation where any parent should feel the right or need to allow their child to play on or near Gordon. Would you let you kid play on Military Cutoff or Eastwood Rd? Of course not, and Gordon is the same situation. If you decrease the speed limit from the current 45 (no it is not 35 like the story says) you are going to have terrible gridlock at least twice per day during the morning and evening rush. That road is a nightmare as is at certain times of day, you decrease the speed and your looking at traffic backing up onto Market, 132 and into Dutch Square and Ogden Park is going to become a much more attractive cut-through than it is now. You think kids are in danger now, wait until it's 25 mph on Gordon and you have 5000 cars a day cutting though Ogden Park Drive trying to avoid the gridlock...really smart idea.

saving lives by slowing down

Stop speeding and enjoy the view of life. The life you save by going the speed limit, might be a childs.

Gordon Road

One main reason this road has so much problem with speeders is that it is at the end of a 55mph road (Blueclay). This little piece of Gordon is surrounded by higher speedlimits. So when anyone turns on to it they have to slow way down. Being a crossover road, drivers usually dont slow down. Then add a hill and a sharp curve it just adds to the hazards. To be honest the 133 intercetion has less than 90 degress of approach. (I thought DOT was fixing all these intersections anyway?) Maybe you need to get that fixed. It would drastically slow traffic down coming in from the MLK. Also it would make turning toward the MLK safer.


"Murline King's dog was run over last week. The car didn't even stop." I wouldn't stop either to be honest....its an ANIMAL..and if it runs out I sure won't slam on brakes to cause someone to rear end me, swerve into oncoming traffic to miss it or swerve into the ditch or someones yard killing a kid to miss it...if an animal runs out I try to reduce speed and stay straight...THAT is common sense. With todays world the way it is...I wouldn't get out of the vehicle to deal with it.


People live on just about EVERY strip of should we reduce it all to 25. If I am not mistaken...NON of Gordon Rd is 35. I have NEVER seen a 35 MPH sign on any part of it it is 45 all the way down. What about the kids that live along the stretch of Gordon near Harris? I live in a closed off sub-division and I don't let my kids play out in the front as much as in the backyard because speed limits in even the subdivisions is fast. Think of it this way...the speed limit goes to 25...which means ANYONE could drive up and down at 34 probably 39 without a cop even thinking about it.

Arbors at West Gate has an unenforcable 25mph speed limit

I live in the Arbors at West Gate in Leland. We have a posted 25 mph speed limit and cars race up and down the streets well over 25mph. Our problem is the roads are still private because the Town of Leland won't accept them from the developer because they "still need work" to be up to code. The developer does not seemed to be concerned about it, it's been going on for over three years. Robert Exum is the Developer and member manager of Veranda Homes who built the houses.

If you're worried about

If you're worried about people speeding through your neighborhood, move. Move to a place where you're not in a neighborhood. I live in Rocky Point down a mile and a half dirt road. No one speeds down it.

Speed Limit

...or we could have the kids play in the backyard and let traffic flow as normal. Maybe they wouldn't run out into the street if parents were watching them? The speed limit is not a substitution for parental supervision.


They do not have to run in the road. Cars are running up in the yards. So that you for your concern

Re: speed

Oh give me a break. How many times have cars run up on the yards on Gordon Road due to careless driving and speeding? Put the kids in the backyard where they belong and don't inconvenience the rest of us by lowering speed limits. Supervise your kids instead of assuming they'll be smart enough not to play in traffic!

Yeah, I see cars driving

Yeah, I see cars driving through peoples front yards all the time. Just the other day, I was tired of being in traffic and just drove down the sidewalk. I only hit four or five people, the rest were smart enough to get out of the way ( sarcasm ). Most of the yards that are on Gordon have a ditch in front of them, who is driving through someones ditch into someones front yard? I drive down Gordon every day, and I've never seen anyone driving in someone elses front yard.... Get a life. And for your last sentence "So that you for your concern", learn to speak/write English.

Lowering the speed limit

I wish you lots of luck in your quest, but, trust me, it won't do one bit of good. Our neighborhood speed limit was reduced from 35 to 25 and now the cars go even faster. My suggestion (other than throwing bricks at the speeders!) get a law passed: if you are caught speeding in a residential neighborhood, you loose your license for a period of 30 days (1st offense), 60 days (2nd offense), etc. I am so damn frustrated with the lack of civility and common sense of people who think they can drive as fast as they want to irregardless of the speed limit. Come to think of it - those bricks don't sound like a bad idea!!!! I could always plead "insanity" just like the driver's going through our neighborhoods!!!

I Like Your Logic

The same "damn the torpedos", full speed ahead" crowd grumble the loudest when it happens in their neighborhood. It's because of these idiots we all have to pay higher insurance premiums. I've seen more wrecks in the past week than I ever have and the speeding, tailgating and weaving seem only to be worse. It's sickening to read comments from the sociopaths that think the road is theirs and the rules are to be written by their desires.

Gordon Road Traffic and Pet Deaths

I am a volunteer for a non-profit rescue and we only do indoor adoptions. It's our policy and belief that all cats should be indoor pets and dogs should alway be on a leash and never allowed to run loose unless they are in a safe "doggie" park.

hmm, just my opionion but ,

Isnt there a leash law in New Hanover County? Seems to me that if the K9 was on a leash then it would not have been hit in the street. Sorry for her lose, but she needs to point the finger of blame at herself instead of others.

one word


more words...

Why should people have to move from their homes. All you have to do is OBEY the speed limit law or are you above the law?

That's a very intelligent

That's a very intelligent response. It's just like the Cape Fear Bridge-nothing will be done until someone gets killed. Moving does not resolve the problem but your type of attitude only adds to it. Vehicles are supposed to be operated so the driver is in control. If you are driving a car and you hit something while speeding you are not in control and are creating the problem. SLOW DOWN! Have some respect for others.

I moved

I lived on a street which was posted 25 mph. One day my 12 year old daughter & friend were waiting in her friends driveway to go somewhere. A lady came speeding down our street, lost control went over 2 front lawns, hit a volvo into my daughter & friend & still kept going into the next door neighbors. My daughter had a guardian angel on her shoulder that day as she walked away with a few stitches, scrapes & brusies. Her friend was not a lucky. She took the brunt of it & was airlifted to a hospital where she spent 2 weeks in ICU & months in rehab. After a long battle with the township to enforce the speed limit, what did the township do? raise it to 35mph. That was the biggest slap in the face I have ever received. Needless to say we put our house up for sale & moved. So did the other girls family involved. Honestly Speed limits don't mean anything unless the law enforces it, but even then, they can't be ther all the time just waiting on someone to speed. Your Back yard is your safest place, don't wait for something bad to happen before you agree. Everyone just needs to slow down, life is too short.