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East Bladen girls advance to state finals --- Pender boys fall short

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East Bladen knocked off Cummings 48-43 on Friday. The Eagles will play in the state 2-A girls title game on Saturday, March 13th in Raleigh at noon against Salisbury. WWAY was courtside when East Bladen won. Check out our video of the game on the Coach's Corner.

Goldsboro beat Pender in the boys 1-A title game. Pender led going into the fourth quarter, but the Patriots got into foul trouble. That combined with 28 turnovers led to a 58-48 Goldsboro win. WWAY attended this game as well. Check out our coverage on the Coach's Corner by clicking on the Coach's Corner icon on this website.

Pender vs. Goldboro game

Pender was the better team in that game but due to poor officiating, it was horrible. Yes there were 28 turnovers but if you actually attended the game you will see why and how they got so many turnovers. You don't blame a lost on officiating but this one definitely needs to be addressed and believe me it will be to the officiating supervisor. When a ball is knocked out of bounds by a player and he falls trying to get it with no one from the opposing team around and they get the ball back, its a problem. That was just a minor call compared to some of the others. To make a long story short, Pender represented well due to the circumstances and if you get a chance to see the game please do because I bet it will be more than us doing some reporting! Good Luck to the East Bladen Girls, wish you well!!!

Stop all the bellyaching

Stop all the bellyaching about the officiating. There are going to be plenty of games when one team will get more calls than the other it just so happened this game was not officiated in Penders way. Don't blame the game on the officiating because when you won the other 22 or however many games you won, you didn't blame it on the officiating then. Why? You won! Give credit due when it is due. Goldsboro won the game and Pender lost. Somebodys got to win and somebodys got to lose.


I have been to several Pender games where the officiating went their way when it shouldn't have.So suck it up and take the good with the bad.Now that the shoe is on the other foot,see how it feels.