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Sports could be cut from Duplin County Schools

READ MORE: Sports could be cut from Duplin County Schools
State budget cuts and county spending restrictions could mean the end of Friday night football and holiday basketball tournaments in Duplin County. Parents and coaches worry cutting the sports program could cause some students to leave school altogether. School administrators say there's no way they'll cut athletic programs in Duplin County, but new county restrictions could mean the school board will have to field the money on their own. “It would be the worst mistake in the world. There are a lot of kids that wouldn't even go to school if it wasn't for the sports,” said Duplin parent Traci Twitty. Duplin County is home to several high school state athletic champions, but money issues could keep those teams from taking the field next year. Duplin County Commissioners will not cut the schools’ budget of almost $8 million, but they could change how that money is spent. “With those restrictions we can pay assistant principals, we can't pay teachers, we can't pay teachers assistants,” said Assistant Superintendent Bo Mullins. They also are figuring how to pay for sports. That means the Duplin Board of Education would need to find about a half million dollars to fund extra-curricular programs like JROTC and athletics. “It is a big deal, it gives you that toughness and that mental attitude you need along with the education,” said Wallace-Rose Hill Head Football Coach Joey Price. While the fields are empty right now, if the school board is not able to find more funding for this year's budget they could remain that way all season. Parents and coaches are worried if that happens it could leave the students looking for other schools. But Assistant Superintendent Bo Mullins said the board of education won't let the programs disappear. “We have got to have that program and we're going to do everything possible to make sure we have athletics in Duplin County Schools.”

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sports in school

I don't have children in Duplin County but I do have grandchildren in New Hanover. They do play sports and they would be so sad if they took them out. Yes they are there to learn but if they play sports they have to keep their grade level at a certain average or they don't play. They also have to behave themselves or they don't play. It seems to me that sports have a lot to do with the education and the moral of the students. Thats what I think and I'm sticking to it.

Just pass a law that if you

Just pass a law that if you drop out of school, you can't get a driver's license until you are 21. That might convince some of the kids to stay in school.


If that law were passed, there would be more discipline problems in the classroom. Believe me, I'm a teacher, and if a kid stays in school only for a driver's license, it's trouble in the classroom.


I agree with you 100%. However, I'd go even further. If a student drops out of high school, they are never eligible for government assistance of any kind.

Yay! More fat kids!

Sure - cut sports. Don't forget to ax Phys Ed while you're at it. What percentage of kids are already overweight? What percentage of young adults are developing Type II diabetes? Wake up, people. If the government would stop playing Santa Claus to people who simply won't manage their own lives, if we'd stop releasing the same criminals over and over again and running up the law enforcement costs, if we'd start keeping them in stark, bleak prisons instead of dorms, we'd have enough money to allow a quality education that included sports. We'd have great roads. Until the people of this country demand that people be responsible for their own lives, conduct, and offspring, the majority of our tax doillars will be blown on taking care of those too selfish, stupid, or incompetent to take care of themselves.

Phys Ed

Um, They are already overweight/obese/morbidly obese so it doesn't look like sports or phys ed is doing any good anyway...

Thanks to their parents, not

Thanks to their parents, not the school. The exercise some students get in PE class are the ONLY exercise they get. Imagine what some would be like if they had no exercise


The are talking about group sports, not PE. Have you seen PE for that's a waste of time for kids. Walk in a circle while some fat old woman sits on the sideline and watches

Those of you that think it's

Those of you that think it's a good idea to do away with high school sports have obviously never been involved or good at sports. I went to college on an athletic scholarship that without it, I never would have been able to go to college. I had a 2.85 GPA in HS and a 3.0 GPA in college. I had two parents and three siblings and my parents could not afford to send me to college. There are hundreds of cases like myslef where someone would not get the opportunity to go to college if it weren't for sports. And that's just one aspect of it. Sports teaches you a lot of things that sitting in a classroom cannot. I could go on all day about this, but no matter what I say it wouldn't make a difference to some of you

Oh well

The world always needs janitors, guess the "athletes" that won't come to school without sports will always be able to clean toilets or flip burgers.

I hear people saying some

I hear people saying some kids wouldn't go to school if not for the sports. How about to learn? I know this is a bit of an outdated concept here, but if I recall, sports is an extra curriculer activity, not a way of life.


What is more important playing sports for a few or having money to pay and keep teachers. I think this should be the case State wid. If the parents what to fund everything (ground keepers, bus drivers and the equipment) then let them pay to play.

Kidding right?

So the state can spend money on idiotic changes like the ones at Monkey Junction between the junction and GoGas...but cut sports out of schools??? Makes sense...about as much as Obama sending all our jobs overseas. But what can one do?

High School Sports

What happens to the LOTTERY MONEY that was to help the schools. If we do away with the Lottery what will the schools do then. This is a bunch of crap and I don't even live there buty it could happen to where I do live at in Brunswick County. Someone needs to check and see where this Lottery money goes each month. Every month you hear about the schools not having enough money for this and that. We need see what the state and N C schools are spending out tax dollars and Lottery money NOW!!!!!!

Look Back

at a few of the news posts. What fund do you think her Majesty, Bev, has been tapping to try to balance the budget? For that matter, what fund do you think the former Majesty tapped. But what can you expect when liberal spending democdats are elected?

Sports increases academic performance

As someone who didn't play sports in school but does teach, I can tell you that sports help academics. They are not more important in any way, but they do encourage many students to stay in school and keep them from resorting to unsavory behaviors that negatively affect communities as a whole. After working in a school system where there is very little community involvement or connection to school, I can assure you that anyone would not want their children there. So sports are a great tool to increase academic rigor. ROTC is a life saver for many students. There is so much inflated government in Raleigh that it is absurd that any county school systems should be sacrificing positive programs, teachers, or supplies at all. The fact that the governor and her cohorts who were elected as "pro-education" have put it on the actual students and teachers on the chopping block rather than their bloated administrative jobs is the real crime.

Who said to do away with sports

Just let the parents of those that play pay the way.. Hoggard spend 2 million dollars a few years ago to build a football stadium and they had one they were playing at, but they wanted their own. What a waste of money.. You had schools falling apart, because of the lack of money to repair. However, you can always find money for sports. I standby what I said. If a child is only coming to school to play sports, then he is a distraction to those that want to learn and the money should go to them. As a teacher would you want to loose more of your pay to support the sports programs?

Football teams bring in

Football teams bring in money for the school. Several sports teams have their own fundraiser to help pay for certain things. Look at how much money is being spend on musical instraments? How much does a musical concernt bring in? Not very much. I hear people say get rid of sports but we need music and band? Sorry, but that makes no sense to me what so ever

jj, it would be nice if

jj, it would be nice if things were as simple as "make those who pay play." Regardless of how you feel about sports, our public education system is required to educate everyone and not just those whose parents can afford extras. As it is, sports fees are already intact and sometimes are over $500 per student, depending upon the sport. If participation was limited only to those who could afford to pay, I can assure you that gang activity, crime and deprivation would increase even more than it already is in the schools. So even if you personally see no need to have any funding for the students' sakes, it is also a community service. To answer your question, yes, I would take a pay cut to support athletic programs because I have seen the positive influence on my students who have participated in sports. Do I think sports should supercede full teaching positions? Of course not. The fact is there is so much fluff and overblown salaries up in the higher ranks of government that there would be plenty of money were it allocated properly.

my thoughts

I totally agree with you. The big shots get to take from the little guy, but are they cutting stuff for themselves too? We need more teachers that care about the students and help to keep them there. And i do agree that the exta stuff is what keeps a majority in schools. I think they need to revise the plan, look at how they spend money else where, like the cafeteria, the could spend less by cookin real food. the frozen stuff is always more expensive, everyone knows that. the could also think about offering a gardening program, where the students get to grow the food for the cafeteria,learn a good skill and have an added feeling of accomplishment. there is always a better way to fix problems, they just need to push for it. maybe we should find a way to get the people out of office that is not doing what they are suppose to, obama included, we have a right to get them out.