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St. James property owners unhappy with involuntary annexation

READ MORE: St. James property owners unhappy with involuntary annexation
Annexation continues to cause anxiety among residents near St. James. After a weekend of protests, the Brunswick County property owners are not willing to become a part of another jurisdiction without having a say. When you think of the town of St. James, you most likely think about the gated community inside the town. It’s home to more than 3,000 residents. The town hall is inside the gates, but now town leaders want to annex parcels of land outside the gates next to the plantation and along Highway 211. "If the towns want to grow, and have to grow, I think it's a way to do it that is presently legal,” said Jim Gear, a St. James Plantation resident. This weekend, residents and business owners rallied outside a local business, expressing their distaste for involuntary annexation. The Midway Trading Post on highway 211 stands to be annexed by the neighboring town. If the plan goes through, the business would be subject to town zoning laws as well as taxes. "We in America don't believe that you take our rights without our vote. Not for golf, not for shopping centers, we vote in America, when it comes to taxation and our future,” said Curtis Wright of the Big Talker FM. The land in question is along Highway 211, and some of it directly butts St. James Plantation's property. Property owners within the plantation gates say sometimes annexation is just a part of life.

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If St. Jersey does end up getting the annexation approved, I guess that would mean the folks from out side the walls that are being forced in will have unlimited use of the pool, tennis courts, marina to fish in, reduced golf rates, and of course the privlage of the St.Jersey security force to roll up to your house with thier little flashing green light. Oh yeah and free pass through the gates anytime so you can drive on the PVA roads in there that the new forced residence will be paying for.


I suppose that would be true as long as you paid the $30,000. fee to join the clubs like every other member of St. James

just wondering

I was just wondering why I don't see commons comment on this one.

maybe he finally got a job

maybe he finally got a job

See Guest Wango's comments, below

Sometimes I don't have time to log in....okay, sometimes I'm too lazy. The people always retain the right of revolution when their government stops listening to them. Our elected officials are very foolish to think that, "It can't happen here." I wonder what would happen if the people being annexed, every one of them, stood united and told St. James to go to blazes, that they wern't going to pay the taxes? What would they be willing to do when the time came to protect, defend, and keep their homes? Would the governor have call out the National Guard to put down an armed insurrection.... ....or would people like Tony Rand come to their senses and allow this heinous law to be purged from the General Statutes?

So let me get this straight....

A bunch of anal-retentive, "I'm better than you, so I have to have a guardhouse to keep you out" folks built a private community - to stay in control of who can live in their little utopia. Houses all the same color, perfectly manicured lawns...they chose to keep it all private so they could have their way, and exclude/include whatever and whoever they want. Now, they're discovering that they can no longer support their lifestyle and the services they need. Golf courses are expensive to maintain - as are the cobblestone roads going through some parts of the development. All the burdens of infrastructure for this small 'town' is supposed to be carried by its residents...guess they don't want to pay anymore ;) So the perfect thing to do? Annex the very folks you've worked so hard to exclude!!! Of course, this brings a question to mind. If St. James is indeed a private community/town...what legal right do they have to proceed with any type of annexation to begin with? I seriously doubt eminent domain can be used here, as the 'public' receives no benefit whatsoever. Gates don't just keep folks out - they keep folks in, too ....y'all shoulda thought of that before you built your little wall around yourselves.


surfcitybeachbum, "Anal retentive" "I'm better than you" statements I found funny. These people don't feel this way. YOU are feeling less "successful", a bit sour grapes, and for sure JEALOUS!! Quit crying in your beer,! It wasn't in life cards for you! Get over it!!!


Best response I have seen posted.



Shame on St. James

I do not care whether it is legal to annex! This is an immoral act and shame on St. James. This is taxation without representation. Do not elect people running for political office if this is not a top priority on their agenda.I am a New Hanover County resident and fear King Billy Saffo will eventually encroach upon me as well! Curtis Wright ( Big Talker radio host FM 93.7) has been a great voice in this fight against these land grabbing thieves!

I am amazed

I am amazed that the town of St James, more so the HOA or the POA has spent money and time KEEPING PEOPLE OUT for these years. now they are forcing PEOPLE in, JUST for their money!!!! It's ridiculous what a dollar will make a person do. YOU chose to MOVE INTO St James, the people along the 211 corridor DID NOT

Taxation without

Taxation without representation, where have I heard that before? Oh yeah, the American Revolution. It is simple, if the Town Hall and all city offices are located inside a gated community, then I would file a lawsuit demanding that the gates be removed if this area is annexed. In most cases, a lawsuit would not stop annexation, but you cannot annex land and make people residents of a city and force them to pay taxes, yet restrict their access to the city government offices. Make it simple. Like your gates? Want to keep them? Leave us alone.


is stupid...this would be like LandFill taking in surrounding areas as part of the community without allowing them to enter the gates....

Forced annexation

Yes, Wilmington has been doing it for years. Incumbents are voted out then new come in and do it again. Get used to it, it's legal & they can annex without your vote. One of these years that law will be changed but until then it's going to happen no matter how many rallies you have or threats of lawsuits doesn't bother politicians cause they know they have the law on their side & it also means more tax $$$$$ in the pot.

Like George III and Louis XVI, our leaders have forgotten....

...that you can get more with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word.

Welcome to our world.

Wilmington has been annexing for years without asking. Welcome to our world.

Yes, but unlike Wilmington

Yes, but unlike Wilmington and other cities/towns, St. James is a GATED Community. The people who are in the areas that stand to be annexed won't even be able to go to the town hall to vote, even if they could vote on the issue. Will those annexed be able to enter the private, gated areas of the town they pay taxes to?

File a lawsuit. Don't

File a lawsuit. Don't protest until the day after the vote and then talk about doing it. File it today.

St.James forced annexation

The people being annexed should have a right to vote whether they want to be a part of the city. That is democracy. Aren't we still a democracy? I live in the country and that is why I moved here, to get away from the dictates of municipalities, now they are forcing their will upon people that were probably their before St. James was established. It smells fishy and foul.


NOPE..we aren't a Democracy...never have been...always have been a turning Socialist.

Constitutional Republic in fact

And as far as turning socialist, it is nobody's fault but our own. The apathy of the American people is why we are getting exactly what we deserve!


Here here, We Americans are apathetic! If you really are sick of living in these republic conditions take a stand! Protest Its your right. Write and call your representatives. Make your vote count and STOP voting for the incumbents whose pockets are lined with corruption! As for St. James and their gate.I believe it is there to give a sense of security for the crime that occurs outside the gates. Would be crooks will have a more difficult time entering the Town if they have to go through a "rent a cop" check point.I personally find it silly to pay to live in a town that dictates how long your garage door can be left open, what color your home can be etc. It is the citizens of St. Jame's right to live like this. It is wrong however for the Town to force their will on those who chose not to live like this. I do not know what is will take to stop this. Money I would guess ,put the right hands. This is how our government works due to the stupidity and the apathy of the past elections!


totally is going to take the MAJORITY to wake up and make heads roll to change it...we have let the hired help get to big for their britches...