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Star News to print elsewhere

Newspapers across the country are struggling and the Star-News is no exception. The paper's publisher Bob Gruber announced Friday that the Star-News will stop printing its own paper by this summer. Gruber said that means more than thirty employees in the mail and press rooms could lose their jobs. The Star-News isn't the only paper to rely on the 39 year-old press; there are several smaller publications that also use it. Mike Leggett with the Local News Review has to start looking for another printer. "When you depend on a larger corporation and what their decisions are, it's a trickle-down effect so we have to go with the flow and change with the times and that's what we're looking to do." Leggett has a few months to find another printer. He'd like to stay local, but has talked to printers as far away as Ohio. There is no word yet on where the Star-News will be printed come early summer.

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Sweet, Good bye Star News!! See people, this is what happens when new papers suck! Hopefully they will not be back.

U have to say you did make

U have to say you did make you self look a little like a dumb ass. Before you try and cut star news by saying they suck at lest make it look like you know what you are talking about. and not make a fool of your self

can u read?

They are printing elsewhere not stopping print. doh. Guess you do not care that 30 locals are out of a job either do you?


Yes, I can read. If they are relocating why aren't the current employees moving with them? I believe they just said that to cover themselves up because they are going under. Look, star news has been around a long time and they have never produced a paper worthy to this community. I really surprised they held on so long. If they can't come up with new ideas in order to keep the community reading paper rather than going on-line and actually reported good news, then they can't adapt to changes. Maybe someone else can come in and give this place some actual news. They will fail on-line too.

are you

incapable of reading. They are out-sourcing the printing function in an effort to cut costs. Out-sourcing of services happens all the time in many industries. Nowhere does it say they are shutting down or going out of business. Learn to read before you spout off again or someone may mistake you for a beached whale. Whales don't do much other than spout off.