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Starbucks increasing drink prices

READ MORE: Starbucks increasing drink prices
Coffee drinkers, the cost of your brew will be rising soon. Starbucks is leading the way, announcing another price increase effective at the end of the month. The coffee conglomerate says by July 31 prices on hand-brewed coffee will increase by nine cents. By next week you can expect to dish out more cash for your coffee. That's because Starbucks will be raising prices on hand-brewed drinks. The reason: higher dairy, energy and fuel prices. Starbucks says it's not the cost of coffee beans that's increasing prices, it's how the beans get from countries in Africa and Latin America, where they're grown, to stores across the US. Port City Java Operations Director Steve Schnitzler said, "The cost of doing business had gone up so much. Gasoline prices had gone up and it was costing a tremendous amount of money to bring product in and there was a great deal of inflation from our supplier." Schnitzler says his company is going through the same problem, but it's not just about getting their product overseas. Higher dairy prices are also hurting coffee companies. A Starbucks spokesperson and they said, bottom line, price hikes are inevitable. But, think about this next time you're sipping your latte. By the time these price increases take effect, Starbucks would have increased prices on their coffee by 14 cents within the last year alone. Within the last seven years, Starbucks has increased prices on hand-brewed drinks four times a total of 32 cents. They're price hikes local coffee shops, like java dog and port city java, say they try to stay away from. "You have to work as best you can to keep them down, because quite honestly, it's not in our best interest to keep hiking them. It's not going to make our customers any happier and that's what we're here to do-- make people happy." Starbucks representatives say they recognize the impact price increases have on consumers, but say they're confident customers will not feel the pinch and will continue to come back.

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