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Starving artists exhibit comes to Wilmington

Paintings of all shapes and sizes filled the Coastline Convention Center today. The starving artists exhibition took place from eleven to four. Art lovers from the area browsed imported oil paintings from all over the world. The price was also right--the most expensive painting was 59 dollars. Some who attended were impressed with the selection. "I think the variety here today will meet anybody's bill and I think anybody who comes in today with any kind of taste is gonna find something," said Wilmington resident Linda Luchetti, a self-proclaimed art-lover. Some of the artists featured were art students from the U.S. and overseas.

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These events have been going

These events have been going on for years. I saw one painting that I liked, and often wish I had gotten. I have seen similar paintings to the one I fancied at a home furnishing store in the mall for a couple of hundred bucks. You can also find similar paintings in Big Lots and Wal-Mart. I have even found some in the Family Dollar store (overseas paintings). I wish the city would hold a Starving Artist Sale to help the "local" artists in New Hanover County and surrounding counties. I do beautiful work myself, and my work has sold very well privately, but I cannot get a store in my town to carry my work or exhibit my work, because I "don't have a name" yet.


The "Starving Artits" sale is NOT real art . They are mass produced and pften stamped. No artist can do a painting and sell it $19.99 and make a living. He/she would be working for pennies and hour. An artist spends a month-yEARS on atrue work of art. NO ON works for $19.99 a month! These are most likely done in art "sweatshops". I can't believe a reputable news agency would fall for this scam. I guess the almighty dollar is all wway cares about. It is hard enough in this economy for legitemate artists to make a living without wway promoting that cheap crap. Do research or at least get someone educated in art and art marketing. Otherwise you are dumbing down the public about art. SHAME ON YOU WWAY!!!

Real Art

I will grant the critics that the "art" at these sales is produced for volume sales and profit. However, most water color artists produce prints, are those prints still art? Many crafts persons produce multiple works with only slight variations one to the next, basket makers for example, does their work still have creative value?

The pieces you find at these sales will very likely not be ultimately notable works, but don't so harshly discard their creators labors. Take these pieces for what they are, decorative and affordable.