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State bans plastic bottles with necks from landfills

READ MORE: State bans plastic bottles with necks from landfills
Everywhere you look, people are drinking bottled water and soda. The problem is, most people don't recycle, so those bottles end up taking up space in our landfills. A new law aims to change that. "Almost anybody that is drinking some water now, they are drinking it out of a plastic bottle,” said Lynn Bestul of NHC recycling. With the hundreds of millions of plastic bottle circulating nowadays, not all of them are making their way into a recycle bin; many end up tossed in the trash. That's why the state is stepping in, to prevent landfills from filling up with plastic bottles. “It's really bringing an awareness to businesses and citizens that these are recyclable items,” Bestul said. New Hanover County encourages all its residents to recycle all kinds of plastic containers. The state is simply banning those plastic containers with necks from the landfills. The legislation was created back in 2005, to recover rigid plastics like water bottles that can be broken down to make more plastic bottles and materials like carpeting. Not to mention recycling water bottles is just better for the environment. "The less we put into the landfill, the longer the lifespan is going to be, which means we don't have to buy any more property, and it keeps the expenses down a little bit,” explained Bestul. Bestul says New Hanover County residents have caught on quickly to recycling programs like curbside recycling, but for those who don't recycle, he hopes this new law will encourage them to start. The state will be inspecting landfills starting in October. That said, the law is hard to enforce, unless individuals are caught unloading large amounts of plastic bottles at the landfill.

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ban on plastic bottles in NC landfills

I live in Fayetteville, NC and we have no recycling centers that will issue recycling bins to residential homes and if the landfill bans plastic bottles what will happen will the city start sending recycling bins to residents?

What about

What about those of us who are diabetic? Currently I put my test strips and lancets in a plastic drink bottle and throw in the regular trash with "sharps" written on it. I certainly can't recycle a bottle full of diabetic testing supplies, but now it's illegal to just throw it in the trash. What am I supposed to do?

You are supposed to dispose

You are supposed to dispose of them as medical waste. Your doctor should be able to provide you with a free sharps disposable container or tell you where to get one.

Simple solution

Ignore the law, like 99.9% of us are going to do.

good question

Use a coffee can maybe or a glass bottle. Either way the needles will end up in the landfill. Don't Dr.s offices take those to be incinerated?


Well for what we are charged for garbage pick up, they should give you extra containers to recycle..Heck, charge an extra $2-3 a month for the container. This way even they could help contribute to recycling. I went out and bought extra containers for recycling but I cannot afford to split up all the colored glass, different plastics...etc. Don't put it entirely on the us out a little.

5 cent bottle deposit

Why not charge a 5 cent bottle deposit on all plastic and glass drink bottles along with aluminum cans at point of sale. Then you have recycling centers to collect them and you get your money back. It works in MANY other states and keeps them out of the landfill. People would think twice about throwing them on the ground also.

plastis bottles

To me the solution seems to be relatively simple. Either put a returnable deposit on drinks that use plastic bottles or buy bottles like they do aluminum cans. Just banning bottles isn't going to have much of an impact. People usually need incentives before they act.


want to make it LAW that I recycle bottles...provide me with a FREE curbside bin and FREE pickup and I'll do it...otherwise...TAKE A HIKE! I won't bother myself with it otherwise.


guest7969: You mean like the law that we have to buy auto insurance? You think they have to pay for that as well? Thank you for caring about the environment.

Good Luck Enforcing....

I agree with the whole premise, of course, but good luck enforcing this law. Who is responsible for this? And what else are they doing? Why didn't they put something together that is easier to enforce? OK...You got a "green" law passed and it's on your record, I guess you're done now. We need politicians who think outside the box and put things in motion with measurable results.


said it before...the MORE this green crap gets pushed on me..the more I PUSH BACK to go against it...most of it is a bunch of BULL CRAP!

NHC needs to provide curbside recycling then!

I am all for the change in the law but why is we can not implement curbside recycling in New Hanover County and only the City of Wilmington requires this. I am not in an HOA so I can not get this implemented in my community. Our county needs to step up and be more proactive in the recycling business. i understand we have stations we can go to recycle but there would be more people in our county that would recycle if we had curbside recycling. Help!


Some of the comments are funny...These folks just want to disagree to disagree. Others however actually have a true concern with recycling and the environment. Recycling is not free, there is a cost to it, even with the drop-off recycling provided now to NHC residents, however the cost is not in the tax base. It would be great to have a survey completed by the unincorporated residents to see if they would pay for curbside collection. Would you pay monthly or would it be better to be on the property assessment? Should NHC build a recycling facility to handle mixed recyclables or pay to have it shipped out of county?