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State budget about ready for approval

READ MORE: State budget about ready for approval
The much-delayed state budget is ready for the Governor's signature. After weeks of going back and forth, the House and Senate cast their final votes. Governor Perdue says she will approve the budget by the end of the week. The budget proposal itself is more than two hundred pages long, and buried in all that verbiage are cuts and gains that will affect us right here in our area. There is good and bad news coming out of this year's state budget. Here's the good news first, although it is brief. The state's probation and parole department, struggling for some time to keep up with increasing caseloads, may catch a break. Part of the budget proposal states that this department may hire more officers, and an additional supervisor. That means officers will be able to keep better track of their offenders. "The kinds of things that will help them become better citizens, to be successful at probation, that will give them more time to assess the risk that the offenders pose to the community,” said Community Corrections Manager Jean Walker. Now to the bad news. Part of the budget will cut forty million dollars from the care of mental health, substance abuse, and physically disabled clients. Funding will also be reduced for community mental health services, much like crisis centers and group therapy. Another surprising cutback will affect more than a dozen female inmates in our area. The Wilmington Residential Home is a rehabilitation facility to help female offenders get back on their feet. Their doors will be closed as of September first. The women and staff will be transferred to other facilities in the state. “We're going to be strung out in different places, its not going to be the same, it's just sad,” said program supervisor Christina Dillon. The most staggering news coming out of the new budget that will most likely affect everyone is the tax hike. Sales tax will increase one percent starting September first. To some, that may seem insignificant, but even a dime here and there can add up. The budget also targets folks with vices. People who smoke tobacco and drink malt liquor will see a tax increase. Frank Bullara, owner of Bugsy’s cigars in Leland says the state is shaking up an industry that’s already struggling. "Let me tell you, a ten percent tobacco tax I can eat that, I can absorb a ten percent tobacco tax. Thirty-one percent, I have to pass on to my consumer,” Bullara said. The idea behind hiking up sales and "sin" taxes is to make up for the decline in revenue in our state.

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That takes us up to 7.75%, look at states like Florida that DON'T HAVE INCOME TAXES and their rate is at 6%...our elected leadership are a bunch of MORONS and they are STEALING from us!...Ladies and Gentlemen...its time we start to do SOMETHING to our elected leadership. We are being taxed, taxed and TAXED TO DEATH...FOR THE LOVE OF GOD can we PLEASE STOP voting for incumbents on election's time to WIPE THE SLATE...ANYTHING is better than what we have...I'd vote for ANYONE and I do mean ANYONE to get an incumbent have to start somewhere and it HAS to start with getting these greedy little you know whats OUT! It's almost time to push eject on this state I have grown up in...its getting ridiculous!

Vote em out

Anyone with an ounce of sense knows we need new representatives. I agree with you, vote them out and get new faces that actually care about the voters, and not special interest, and the same old tired song. We saw exactly how much "PULL" Julia Boseman had when she couldn't get a moratorium on cement plants. But the straight ticket voter will continue to do the same. As long as we have a "whats in it for me" voter base, we will continue to be held hostage by the tax and spend buzzards. Only in the end will they realize it's their bodies that are getting fed upon.

elderly and disabled

To the elderly and disabled. The legislators and governor are taking away your rights to stay home and receive the much needed help you require. Evidently, they want you to be put away in a rest home where the cost will actually increase by 4 to 5 time greater than you getting help in your own home. The budget is removing nearly all the money that has been appropriated in the past for this service. By removing the state medicaid money, it also eliminates a federal match of 3 to 1. This means that the $100 million dollars they take out of the state medicaid budget, it will eliminate $300 million from the federal government, so you can stay in your own home and get the much needed help you need. Sure, there is fraud going on by some people who are not eligible for these services and by some companies who are run by crooks. However, if the appropriate agencies in Raleigh would do what they get paid for and eliminate these fraudgelent patients and companies, we would not have this mess. Our elected officials are so stupid, they can't see this. All they want to do is make the numbers look good on paper and they don't really care how the elderly and disabled fair. They don't have to depend on medicaid, because most of them are high paid lawyers and don't even know how the poor and disabled live and don't care. I haven't heard a one of them or the governor volunteer to reduce or eliminate their pay to help the budget deficit. No, they just voted recently to build a $25 million dollar pier at Nags Head, complete with a ballroom so they and other rich people can go and party. This, at the expense of all of us, the taxpayers. Please don't forget this during the next election, when we have an opportunity to take these vultures out of office. Dewey Hill and R.C. Soles and other politicians in this area need to go. I wish we had an opportunity to impeach them and start new right now. Anylthing would be better than what we have in office, including the governor. Just remember, they are not for you and me, no matter what they claim. I called them and let them know where I stand, including the governor. I wish everyone would. You can find their numbers and e-mail address on internet.

you missed a key

point. Under the Obama health plan, once a person reached 65 they will receive approved counseling on how to end one's life. And it will be repeated every 5 years.


I read that yesterday...the Democrats are explaining it away...saying that isn't true...if it isn't true...then why is it there and written as mandatory? Then Obama starts this..spy on and turn in your neighbors thing...looking like Russia and old Germany more and more every day in this country...

Dont forget this when its election time

Dont forget this when it comes time to cast your ballot. All those folks who do a straight line ticket please reconsider and vote out any incumbent. The probation system will remain broken under this budget. People should prepare themselves for a lot more larcenies and breaking and enterings that we are already starting to see. How does putting someone who violates a persons home or property on probation punish the offender? It does not b/c probation officers case loads are too high and pay too low to be able to effectively manage. This budget is ridiculous!!!!!!!

Huskins program

Does anyone know if the budget for the Huskins program has been cut and if so, how bad?

Time to quit smoking.

Time to quit smoking.