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State Bureau of Investigation investigating claims against Soles

READ MORE: State Bureau of Investigation investigating claims against Soles
The case involving R.C. Soles is being handed over to the State Bureau of Investigation. Thursday, the Tabor City police chief said that as a result of our story last night, they have turned over all of their files involving the Senator and his often contentious dealings with young clients to the SBI. Tabor City Police say they've responded to dozens of calls involving State Senator Soles, but allegations of sexual misconduct we aired last night were the first claims they've heard against the Senator. Stacey Scott told WWAY, “He did try to molest me when I was 15-years-old and I have not told the feds that. He tried to grab my genitalia and I backed off. I said, ‘You know my dad would kill you.' He said, ‘Well please don't tell anyone,’ and he gave me a thousand dollars.” These accusations, from an interview conducted a year ago, prompted the State Bureau of Investigation to launch an investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct on the part of Soles. Tabor City Police Chief Donald Dowless says due to the severity of the allegations and the Senator's ties to Tabor City, the SBI and District Attorney Rex Gore are better suited to conduct the investigation. “We will respond to all calls concerning the Senator, that he makes, or any that his clients make. We will assist the SBI, we will assist the District Attorney in any endeavor they have that they need our assistance,” Dowless said. Several young clients of Soles say they've received money from the Senator and have testified as part of a federal investigation into the Senator's conduct, but they've never reported problems to Tabor City police. Despite responding to dozens of complaints involving the Senator and his young clients, Dowless says our newscast was the first time any of the young men accused Soles of illegal conduct. “We have talked with them on different occasions and different situations that we've had and they all deny these allegations when they talk to us.” Chief Dowless says several citizens have called the Tabor City Police Department concerned about the allegations regarding the Senator. With Soles long standing as a state senator and a law office and home located in Tabor City, Dowless says just the public allegations have affected the entire community.

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The News Reporter

I own property in Tabor City and currently live in Florida till i retire in a couple of years. I have been followingg the News Reporters story's for several years now and have come to depend on there coverage of story's in Columbus County. Of late I have had to turn to your website to find out what is going on in Tabor City. I am really disapointed in the News Reporter because they are refusung to answer any questions I have posted to teh ediator regarding Senator Soles involvement with theses young men or to even do a story regarding same. The is a story if the Enquirer got hold of they would tear this Senator and Newspaper apart. Let see you investigate the News Reporter for possible ties with Senator Soles. Thanks and keep up the good work.

News Reporter Article

rc soles

Its about time someone did something about Soles. It doesn't take a genius to know what kind of person he is, rumors have been going around about him for years. Why is it he's only helping young men? His morals and conduct are not good, and he shouldn't be representing the people of columbus county.

good job wway on RC Soles exposure

Please Please keep on this story, you are on the tip of a huge iceberg. There is so much more. The good people of Columbus County appreciate your hard work and your willingness to report the news. We have needed this for so long. You are a knight in white shining armor. Please stay with it.

R.C. Soles

It is about time. I grew up in that community and people knew about his behaviors over forty years ago. The community has covered for him for far too long.

RC Soles

Where oh where is The News Reporter on this story? Their silence is very very eerie!!!!!!!!!! Do they have ties that prevent them from reporting the news?, or are they a news outlet at all? After all they are a local newspaper and this is local news, and very troubling news. To not report on this is very strange to say the least.

And the Chief

is correct. The investiagtion should be conducted by Law Enforcement outside Tabor City and Columbus County. One must wonder why it took so long to arrive at a rational decision.

Chief Dowless

Keep up the good work Chief Dowless.....we know who is dancing in heaven over all this.