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State wants to regulate drink choices at daycares

READ MORE: State wants to regulate drink choices at daycares

State lawmakers have their hands full this week coming up with a new budget. And as if that weren't enough, the House also approved a bill that legislates how much juice and milk kids can get in private daycares.

If this bill becomes a law, it will prohibit private child daycares from serving sugar-sweetened beverages to kids of all ages. Southeastern Preschool Educational Center Administrator Amy Selders thinks it's a good idea.

"As much as we know about childhood obesity and things like that, it's much more prevalent now and anything we can do to keep the children healthy, provide them with healthy food choices when they're young and then hopefully they'll continue to make those choices when they're older," says Selders. "I feel like that's a great idea."

The new legislation would also prohibit serving whole milk to kids two years or older, serving flavored milk to any child, and would limit juice to six ounces a day. Juice also could not be served in a bottle.

But critics say the government would have too much control over how parents decide to raise their kids, which is likely part of the reason the state standards were recently toned down.

Wake County Representative Paul Stam says "this is a prime example of a well-intentioned idea (but) parents who choose child care should not be subjected to the nanny-state mentality that government always knows best for the family."

This bill must be approved by the Senate and signed into law before it would affect daycares. If passed, the new restrictions would not include 100% fruit juice.

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What about the under weight

What about the under weight chilren will they then be depriving them of meals that would help them gain the weight needed to put them at average?

enough is enough

This is another step for the government having too much control in our lives..

Enough is Enough the government wants total control of our lives and this is just a start

The children just need to put down the video games and head outside to PLAY

Turning kids over to the goverment

Daycare's don't make your kids fat. Parents make their kids fat. If your going to blame someone, blame the right people!

People, come on, you have it all wrong!!

What this state really needs is more fat kids to grow up to be fat adults to cost the insurance companies and government healthcare more so that we all get stuck with the fallout from their bad health!!!!!! Hey, wait a minute, fat people kind of sound like illegal immigrants when you put it like that.

You all are being selfish, trying to limit all the bad foods these kids are exposed to. We all know 75% of the parents these days don't know how to raise or discipline their kid. Its obvious!

Just let them weed themselves out of the population because they are porkers.

The parents have a choice here.

"....But critics say the government would have too much control over how parents decide to raise their kids,..."

The parents can stay home a raise their kids instead of allowing someone else to do it for them. Then they can stuff all of the fat, sugar and carbs down the kids throats all they want. Or...they can actually impose dietary restrictions on their children so they won't be so fat. The time is coming very shortly where your health insurance rates will be determined by your BMI, so slim up or get your wallet out.

I'm not for government having any more control than they already do, but there is a huge amount of little fat kids wobbling around out there with more chins than a Chinese phone book. When they start their little lives like that, it follows them through adulthood as a curse and drastically affects their health.

State Regulation of Drinks for Children

This may be "well intentioned", but it is a very poor idea. It should only be done with complete parental consent, on a case by case basis. The state should not regulate food and drink.

The state needs to

quit nitpicking the private business that they should keep their noses out of and spend their efforts on things they have screwed up. They have been in a budget crisis for years and instead of being fiscally responsible they are telling private business what to. In my experiences with my children in daycare, I have never known them to serve unhealthy foods.

The state needs to learn that motto, clean up your own backyard...

Bet it will Create new state jobs

I guess this regulation will create all kinds of new state jobs to monitor what the daycares are serving to the children. Will the food czar drop by every other day to check the milk jugs, measure the servings of juice being doled out, etc?

More Nanny-State

Yes this bill is well-meaning but if parents & the daycare agree on what is being served to the children in the PRIVATE (as in paid for in full by the parents of the children) day care why should the state intrude. They stick their nose in to the private day care today and tomorrow it will be your home.