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Stepson shot by stepfather, both wind up in jail

Investigators say 37-year-old Richard Hayes shot his stepson Thursday night. 21-year-old Michael Bass was holding a bloody towel to his abdomen when paramedics arrived, saying his stepfather shot him. Deputies then discovered Bass had outstanding warrants for failing to appear in court. Bass was taken to jail after he was treated and released from the hospital. Police say Hayes told investigators he has a bad neck and shot his stepson because he thought Bass wanted to fight him. Both men are in an Onslow County jail under $10,000 bond.

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Ol' Commonsense is quite

Ol' Commonsense is quite entertaining. He DOES make pretty good sense most of the time. Personally, I think the step son backed over the white plywood reindeer in the front yard.

Let's get the REAL story

He shot him because the step-son took the last Old Milwaukee? He shot him because the step-son said that Hulk Hogan WASN'T the greatest wrestler of all time? He shot him because the step-son said something bad about Trans Ams? He shot him because the step-son was making moves on mom? He shot him because the step-son turned off Lynyrd Skynyrd and put on Beck? We'll never know. I think we should all be grateful that the injury was minor and no bullets pentrated the wall of the family's 1982 Conner single-wide. Never underestimate the entertainment value of Rednecks.

Dude, you are hilarious!

More people should write stuff like you. I like finding out who has the thinnest skin. So far, it's the nudists, they ate my bait and got really mad in the comments section. I will try my own: He shot him because he mistook the fake plastic deer in the yard for a real one and cooked it. He shot him because he didn't use the title "Right Honorable Gentleman" when referring to Larry the Cable Guy. He shot him because he was sniffing mee maw's unmentionables. He shot him because he used a proper verb-tense. He shot him because he didn't respond with "It's cold, too" when they were at the urinal and dad said "This water sure is deep." He shot him because he didn't show proper respect to a can of sun-drop.


Don't encourage Common's disdain for others. Also, you shouldn't refer to Common as "Dude" it may offend his Majesty.

black red necks

Never seen black red-necks, always thought they were white, I thinks both of these guys were black. Looks like U wasted space downing the red -necks.

Black or White....

...people are the same. If they're trash, their color is inconsequential. That's what I thinks....

not dibsy sneeden

Yeah, that dude that just tried to ruin our fun is the one that made it a race issue. 'Necks are 'necks. Have you ever noticed that people who aren't smart enough or clever enough to write their own material are the first ones to take the time to boringly dog those of us that can with some Debbie Downer Parade Raining comment?