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Still no developer for convention center hotel

WILMINGTON -- Construction on Wilmington's convention center is well underway. But there is still no developer for the adjacent hotel. The city hopes that will soon change. The deadline for proposals for the hotel was Monday afternoon. It would be next to the convention center. Monday marked an extension of the original deadline. Two developers submitted proposals in time. A local company submitted its proposal on Friday and a Maryland-based company submitted its proposal around three Monday. Jim Felds is the mortgage banker for the local developer Steven ARP. Their proposal is for a Hotel Indigo, a fairly small but upscale chain run by intercontinental hotels group. Felds says their proposal meets the city's four-star quality requirement, but is about 100 rooms short of the city's 249 room request. Felds said, "The hotel is going to have to make it on its own merits without any reservations really coming from the convention center and that's why intercontinental is so strong." City of Wilmington Purchasing Manager Steve Bridges said, "We'll evaluate it, just like we will any other as it relates to our criteria and we'll evaluate every one of them based on that and ultimately make some kind of recommendation hopefully." Felds says his proposal would cost the developer anywhere from $22 million to $25 million. The bids now have to go through a review process. If any are ideal, recommendations will make their way to City Council.

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Convention Center are Losers

Hey haven't you guys heard the latest down here. Convention Centers are LOSERS, and that's everywhere. The only thing they are going to bring in is DEBT.

The White Elephant

I do believe the area residents, and especially the taxpayers, are catching on to the Convention Center crisis. When you learn ALL the facts and bottom lines figures, crisis could describe what our city is facing. On the surface the Center may sound like a good investment for the city, especially when you use broad generalizations like, 'good for Downtown' or 'will bring people and money into the area'. Dig deeper, know the bottom line figures, study motivations, and WOW, not so good. Can we stop this waste of taxpayer money, and prime downtown riverfront land?????

Convention Center

How about if they change the entire project to an education center for our children. They can construct 3-4 levels with instructional rooms & labs & most likely a toss & tumble play room. The classes could teach after-school, Saturdays & when regular schools are out. Our public schools in America, even with the education lottery, are behind in math & science with other developing countries. This education center can teach math, science, foreign languages, etc. for all ages & make it affordable especially for the low income. That would be a star for Wilmington to actually do something spectacular for our children since our schools are having difficulties & our drop-out rate is increasing. It's time to change our priorities to the environmnet & education so our children will be able to care for us when we age & our environment can provide clean water & air for future generations.

Just set up a KOA camp

Just set up a KOA camp ground and be done with it! Just like it, then try to get to it. In this case, go there and have no where to stay.

I don't understand this

If this is such a golden opportunity, why don't Saffo, the supporting council members, and the Chamber of Commerce all pool their fortunes and build this hotel themselves? After all, it seems that ever hotel chain looks at it and says, "Either give up on the four stars or give up on that ridiculous room count." Oh, but the elite ruling class of this little berg know more that those corporations who do this professionally and constantly. So why don't THEY take the plunge, invest their money, and reap all that profit that these "foolish" hotel chains seem willing to pass up? (Because it's all IMAGINARY profit????)

very real

There will be a very real profit once the taxpayers are forced to foot the bill for this white elephant. Wonder what draw they will use to get people to come... "Come to wonderful New Hanover where you can see and smell a sewer spill, get in a car wreck and be represented by a criminal." (Wright)

The profits are very real

Just not for the resident taxpayers of Wilmington. The architects and contractors will make a huge profit and "Creative" people with "Properties" around this thing will profit. Follow the money and you'll see that the profits will benefit a few, just not you.

Who Will Profit???

It's been said over and over--those involved in the planning and building of the Contention Center will make money. The area taxpayers will carry the bad investment with their tax dollars. Will it bring in convention goers with no attached hotel--it seems unlikely. I hope you follow the money trail.