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Stimulus money to be spent on road improvements

Traffic improvements are one area where federal stimulus money will be spent. Of $780 billion federal stimulus package, about $6 billion is coming to North Carolina. A new website,, helps break down where that money will go. On the site, you can see more than $1 billion will be spent on education, $700 million will go to building highways and bridges, and nearly $11 million will go to employment services. "Though I completely disagree with the idea of the stimulus package in general, it's good to know that there's a place where we can see where the money is actually going to go to,” said Erik Guffrey of Wilmington. In 2008, the employment security commission reported 120,000 jobs were lost statewide. The White House estimates the stimulus plan will create or save 100,000 jobs in North Carolina. The website is still in the preliminary stages. In the coming months you should be able to see more details on how federal funds will be spent. WWAY's Kevin Wuzzardo will be reporting in Washington, D.C. this week. He'll interview legislators about how the political process works and how they are dividing the stimulus money.

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Endless cycle of corruption

I'll bet a large part of this money will end up in the "general fund" to be spent on everything but what it was intended for. The Highway Trust Fund was raided and spent, the Education Lottery money was raided and spent on things other than what it was intended for to. These politicians will raise taxes and cry, it's for the children, education and safe roads. What a crock.

Road Work

This money is great for the road construction contractors and the cheap illegal alien labor they will hire to do the work. With no controls on this money it will not turn out as they intended it, just like the bank bailout.

SE NC gets shortend of the stick...Again

Brunswick NC 130/SR 1357 intersection U-3462, Realign intersection to eliminate offset (new location) $8,800,000 $8.8 mil to realign an intersetion???? Dang, wonder how many people that is going to employ long term? What about I-140 extension the area badly needs?

What a scam.

According to, they got the chance to start new bureaucracy out of this: "Office of Economic Recovery & Investment". Where are the jobs that the "stimulus" bill is protecting? Looks like the only people this rip-off bill is going to benefit are the fat cats in government.

Stimulus Package Revolt

There is a grassroots organization that is organizing a tea bag party, protesting Obama's socialist agenda. For more information log onto the below web sites. -tea-party/