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A stinky situation in Brunswick County

READ MORE: A stinky situation in Brunswick County
There's nothing like a cold glass of water to cool you down on a hot day. Rosalind Hewett says there nothing refreshing about the water coming out of her faucet. "Have you ever been to a pond, where there is all that green stuff in the middle, and it just smells...musty, thats the only thing I can say it just smells musty." The water coming out of the pump station in Shallotte looks clear and safe to drink. But residents who smelled the water say they're not so sure about the safety. Hewett's granddaughter is coming to visit, so she went out to the store and stocked up on bottled water. "I don't know that it's safe to be drinking this water, no one has told us anything, she said." So I went out and bought water because I don't want her taking a risk." Brunswick County Utilities Director Jerry Pierce says the water is completely safe to drink. "I live in Leland and I drink the water everyday," Pierce said. The county uses raw water from the Lower Cape Fear River. A bloom of algae has caused the water to have a slight odor. The county is treating it with carbon, and beginning to flush out the system starting at the north end of the county, moving south. "It just takes us a long time to get it out of our system, because of the size of our system. We provide water from one end of the county to the other, about 900 miles of water mains we have to get it out of," Pierce said. In the meantime, Hewett says she's gonna stick to the clear, odorless water that comes in a bottle.

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County water has an mold and mildew smell

We live in the Holden Beach mainland area and have noticed a strong mold and mildew smell from the county water. The water usually has a strong Chlorine smell. The main questions I would like to know is: 1. What plan of action does Brunswick County have in place if the county water is contaminated? 2. If it is contaminated, would the county shut-off the water mains OR just notify residents not to drink the water (or boil the water) as they did when water from the water main on Hwy 17/Shallotte was contaminated and the water main had to be replaced? 3. Would the county provide bottled water to residents that pay for county water? 4, The statement "It just takes us a long time to get it out of our system" from Mr. Pierce is somewhat alarming. What is the estimated timeframe?


the water at oib is the worst ive ever tasted. it makes all drinks at the restraunts taste nasty. taste like sanatizer in the water. I was a vending mech. for pepsi. i know what it taste like. they used way to much. and it can make you sick to drink.

Why so secretive

When my husband called Brunswick County Water they told him that the reason for the smell and horrible taste was due to the "annual" flushing of the lines. One of the chemicals the representative told my husband the lines were being flushed with was ammonia. He questioned this but was reassured that it was only a small amount and this is something they do every year. I don't feel safe drinking they water, simply because the company is not being honest with us.