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Stop Titan meeting discusses dangers of mercury

As discussions continue about a potential Titan Cement Plant in Castle Hayne, so do the questions and concerns. Wednesday night pediatrician Ed Horger spoke at a meeting sponsored by the group Stop Titan at New Hanover Regional Medical Center. Doctor Horger said one of the plants by-products could be mercury, which can affect a child's central nervous system. He said the result of exposure can be anything from poor brain development in fetuses to neurological problems. "Exposure to methylmercury has been, I think, unquestionably found to be a neuro-toxin in developing fetuses and infants and I think anyway we can prevent increased production or release of mercury into our local environment is something we ought to do," Dr. Horger said. "The health effects to the children in the community are so large from something the fourth largest cement plant in the country," said concerned parent, Kelly Stryker. Titan contends the plant will be environmentally safe and is awaiting the issuance of an air quality permit.

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In my opinion.. I object on

In my opinion.. I object on the basis of taxation. I should not be forced to invest in a cement plant.

Few Jobs in Cement

Titan's Cement plant would bring few jobs. Maybe a couple night janitors and drivers, plus a few dozen people from out of town local realtors covet. Even company officials concede that fact. Cement production is highly-automated and contributes few long-term jobs. Joe or Jane Wilmington have a better chance of winning the lottery or getting hit by lightning while a shark is nawing their leg than they do of landing one of the few Titan plant a liveable but meager wage. Spouting off about jobs in the absence of facts don't make you a man. Get informed. Titan will scare away more jobs and do more damage to the economy and home values than it will contribute.

Get a new hobby!

I am so tired of hearing all of the complaints from a hand full of people who have nothing better to do with their time than to invest in stopping a cement plant. I don't know maybe these people haven't heard but our economy is on the downfall and we are in a recession. I say bring on the jobs! I have lived in Castle Hayne my entire life and not once have I heard people complain about the other plants that are located on Holly Shelter Road or about the GE Nuclear plant on Castle Hayne Road. I find it hard to believe that this plant will affect us and our children anymore than what is already here and operating. Why don't all of you find a new hobby!


With all the regulations we have in place and more restrictions surely to com from BHO, I am certain the plant will be safer than ever possible before. Oh, and maybe it is not a good idea to drive businesses away from our area considering the economy and the job market.

New Port

JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! These are prob the same people complaining about the port wanting to be built in Southport... People wake up its called getting $$ and jobs in our area... KEYWORD: JOBS!

The so called "jobs" will

The so called "jobs" will not be available for several (many??) years to come. The proposed port will not answer the jobs issue today or anytime soon. Want jobs, lets attract a much friendlier company that does NOT ruin the envirement as we know it now!

Port won't bring jobs

The fact that the port will solve the lack of jobs problem in Brunswick County is a myth perpetrated by the Ports Authority. In this current economic climate the shipping industry is taking a severe hit (check the news reports from places like Charleston SC). The proposed port cannot compete with ports in Norfolk, Portsmouth, Charleston and Savannah. Those ports have deep harbors (requiring much less dredging) as well as interstate highways and rail lines directly connected to them. The proposed port here has neither and DOT is slow at getting roads built. They don't even have a proposal for roads to support the port, much less projected costs, appropriated funds, purchase of land or ANYTHING AT ALL to support this port. It will be a multi-billion dollar monument to bad business decisions. Look at the Global Transpark in Kinston. That was supposed to create jobs and economic prosperity in the state. Instead it has cost the taxpayers millions in subsidies. The tax bill for this port will make the Transpark subsidy look like pocket change. This proposed port is not the answer.


All I have to say is for those of you complaining about Titan, don't complain when you can't get a house built, or new road, etc... when cement prices go up haha. Frankly this plant is going to bring jobs and money to our local economy and is going out in the country anyway. Furthermore, it will have to pass all EPA and other regulatory agencies like any other plant...let those agencies deal with this.

it is better to leave one's

it is better to leave one's mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt. "IT'S going out there in the country" where there will be 8,500 (eight thousand five hundred) school kids within their self proclaimed "five mile danger zone" there are also several neighborhoods close by. why don't you research the explosion they had in fla. or the lawsuit they have against them in fla. for poluting the ground water? NOW i know this is hard to fit in a small brain at the same time as my first point but we have been building houses and sidewalks just fine for hundreds of years without having a cement plant in wilmington.surely you aren't so slow that you think keeping them out will prevent us from getting cement. "duh we wont get no cars if we dont have a car plant". are you serious? on the flip side of the coin, will you still be spouting off this ignorant rhetoric in ten years if your only daughter or niece develops a brain tumor at the age of six after living close to this plant and going to school out there? are you gonna want answers ? of course you are! here are your answers: industrial polution absolutely positively hurts communities and that is not even debatable it is a fact. this will be the 11th largest source of mercury in the country. mercury causes tons of health problems along with a laundry list of other polutants that are as harmful. they will spill almost 400 trucks (18 wheelers) onto our already strained traffic structure PER DAY. and the cement industry reported a %37 decrease in over all sales in the last quarter of 08. so why do we need to build the 4th largest cement plant in the u.s. here? oh yeah! jobs. i tell you what go get one those coveted cement plant jobs. maybe they'll let you sweep up the poisonous dust. hope you have really good health insurance and no long term plans for a lengthy life. but you will have to wait about 5 to 7 years for that immediate economic relief. you have no idea about any of the facts that surround this issue and to be completely uneducated about it and just get on here and show everyone how rediculous you are should make you feel like an idiot. why don't you educate yourself on the effects of this type of polution and on this plant in particular and if you can still think of one smart reason you want it here you can come back and play til then. SHHHHHHHHHHH! i'll be busy fighting to keep your children safe and healthy. don't let them know that you're too dumb to protect them.

You need to change your ID

"Psychotic about the issue" would be far more accurate. (HINT: "Screaming" in a post doesn't make you any more credible.) Pardon me if I trust the government instead of your self-proclaimed expertise.


Like the mercury ALREADY PRESENT in our rivers....FROM DREDGING!...more KNEE JERK response from the left...ITS THE CHILDREN...

hey billy bob dredging does

hey billy bob dredging does not cause mercury in the river but cement plants do. and our river is nationally recognized and listed with and wildlife as being in danger and mercury impaired. our mercury levels are too high and eating mercury contaminated fish can cause all kinds of neurological problems. i can see that has already happened to you and i am sorry. stop eating fish out of the river. educate yourself, get someone to read to you about environmental issues and the effects of industrial polution. make sure they read real slow so you get it. and please limit your completely ignorant comments you are embarassing yourself