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Stop Titan receives $1.2 million grant


By JP Finlay
Greater Wilmington Business Journal

The Stop Titan Action Network received a $1.2 million grant from the Educational Foundation of America - reports the Greater Wilmington Business Journal. The EFA is based in Westport, Conn., and contributes to arts, education, environment and sustainable population issues throughout the world.

“This allows us to hire experts and fight the permitting of Titan Cement,” said Mike Giles of the North Carolina Coastal Federation, a member of the Stop Titan coalition. “The key thing is this funding is not the silver bullet, it’s not our solution, we’re still dependent on citizen involvement.”

This is the largest single donation the Titan opposition movement has received. Previously funds came from organizations, bake sales, auctions and private donations.


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Occasionally I like to read

Occasionally I like to read the comments concerning Titan Cement and Stop Titan. I always have to smile when someone writes that Stop Titan needs to stop telling people to educate themselves. The reason that I smile is because the people who are offended by a suggestion to "educate themselves" always go on to say something that shows how uninformed and uneducated they are concerning the dangers of a Cement Kiln. It is so sad that there are people in our community who are so easily fooled. Luckily there are a greater number of people who have taken the time to,yes,EDUCATE themselves. When one learns the facts(the true facts...not Titan's version) one is against Titan Cement coming to our area. Period.

The Educational Foundation

The Educational Foundation of America (EFA) was established in New York in 1959 by Richard Prentice Ettinger, the co-founder of Prentice-Hall Publishing Company, and his wife, Elsie P. Ettinger. Mr. Ettinger provided the Foundation's seed funding, and other family members have subsequently added capital to that initial gift. Two of Mr. Ettinger's children, Richard P. Ettinger, Jr. and Elaine P. Hapgood, continued the heritage of their father's charitable giving after his death in 1996.

Today EFA states that its raison d'etre is to "advocate for progressive change in our society." EFA earmarks its grants for organizations whose activities can be classified under the headings, "arts, education, energy and the environment, reproductive health and rights, population, and education programs benefiting Native Americans."

Richard P. Ettinger became interested in Native American causes after reading Dee Brown's book Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. First published in 1970, this book is essentially an unrelieved narrative of white cruelty and Indian victimhood.

Ellinger also believed that overpopulation was the most serious problem facing the world and used his Foundation's assets to address that issue. The current Foundation President, Mrs. Elaine P. Hapgood, was similarly inspired while attending an International Planned Parenthood Foundation Conference in Pakistan. Mrs. Hapgood thereafter devoted her energies to advocacy for unrestricted, government-funded access to abortion-on-demand for all women. She has also committed herself to promoting environmental preservation and conservation, which has become another focal point of EFA funding.

The Educational Foundation of America is also active in the contemporary antiwar movement, as evidenced by its status as a member organization of the Peace and Security Funders Group, an unincorporated association of foundations and individual philanthropists that give money to leftist anti-war and environmentalist causes.

Recent recipients of EFA grants include: the Abortion Access Project; the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation; the American Foundation for AIDS Research; the Center for Defense Information; the Center for International Policy; the Center for Investigative Reporting; the Center for Policy Alternatives; the Center for Public Interest Research; the Center for Reproductive Rights; the Cherokee National Historical Society; Death With Dignity; the Earth Policy Institute; the Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund; Earthrights International; Environmental Defense; the Foundation for the American Indian; Friends of the Earth; the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network; Girls Inc. of Los Angeles; the Indian Law Resource Center; the Indigenous Language Institute; the Institute for America's Future; the Institute for Democracy Studies; the Institute for Policy Studies; the League of Conservation Voters Education Fund; the Ms. Foundation for Women; NARAL Pro-Choice America; the National Abortion Federation; the Natural Resources Defense Council; the Nature Conservancy; Planned Parenthood; Population Connection; the Population Resource Center; the Pro-Choice Public Education Project; the Proteus Fund; the Rainforest Action Network; the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice Educational Fund; Riverkeeper; Standing for Truth About Radiation; the Sustainable Energy Advocates Network; the Tides Center; Trust for Public Land; the Union of Concerned Scientists; the Wilderness Society; and Women's Action for New Directions.


Now the nuts have more money to spend. Unless the plant doesn't meet the standards set they should have no say if it is allowed to open.

"Stop Titan"

I say STOP "Stop Titan". There are regulations in place to meet safety standards. Titan has excellent performance in Virginia. We need jobs in the area, other than minimum wage jobs at a strip mall that is going to sit idle in 18-24 months. Welcome to the area TITAN!!!!


Cement manufacturing is by nature a filthy industry and is especially inappropriate for a growing community surrounded by fragile yet ecologically vital wetlands. Stopping the proposed cement kiln and associated strip mines is important because research has revealed that the jobs it would bring to the area are not only few, but are menial and low-paying. The only exceptions are the few supervisors who will be brought in from areas OTHER than Wilmington. Posters here really need to education themselves about the toxic horrors this plant would bring to the Cape Fear River and other local waterways & wetlands. Not worth the paltry "jobs."

Looks like

you're in the minority on this one.

Really all it takes is someone experienced in identifying grant fund sources and writing grant applications to cause grant funds to appear.

Hit the right hot buttons with the right grant provider and funds will flow.

Sadly, as another individual posted, the attorneys will be the big winners here.

Your attitude is the true horror

There is nothing more annoying about the Stop Titan Nazis than their constant bleating that those who oppose them need to "get educated."

What arrogant, pompous twits!

Buy a clue. There are many of us with outstanding educations who have looked at the same evidence you have looked at and simply disagree with your Chicken Little approach.

We are a nation of laws. If Titan can satisfy the environmental requirements that are currently in law, they get to build. If they can't meet those requirements, they don't build.

It really IS that simple.

you would be correct

you would be correct sir/ma'am except......

we are a nation of laws that are created by legislative bodies whom have a disproportionate concern for the needs of the wealthy instead of the needs of the people. This is caused by the systems of lobbying and campaign finance that serve to legalize what amounts to bribery. Groups like Stop Titan try to even the playing field by compelling concerned citizens to pool their resources for a common cause, to try and influence the "laws" so easily bought and paid for by those with accumulated wealth (whom also care most about preserving said wealth). Stop Titan is only doing what they feel is right.

Not every group of activists are right but I do believe Stop Titan has a point, the jobs Titan will bring don't seem to offset the impact. I feel Titan is banking on our desperation for jobs to overrule our love for our environment. I think we need jobs but not at the cost of our most precious resources.

A Major Disgrace

They should have named themselves "The Stop to Bring Jobs and add to the local Economy Network".

I have no connection to Titan, nor care about their company, but to sit back and watch advocates to halt the progress and the want NOT to bring jobs and add to our economy is an utter shame. Not to mention that cement is one of the country's BIGGEST imported product. Way to go "Action Network" keep our dependence on foreign materials high.

What a disgrace.

Titan Fighting

Interesting. . this group isn't interested in finding out facts, it's only interested in the namesake of the recipient which is "Stop Titan" which says more about the funding as well.
The entirety of this funding is simply there to STOP a group that is poised to meet and/or exceed all current environmental protections by the state and federal government.
Why aren't they as concerned with the stormwater runoff that pollutes the Cape Fear and does more damage than 10 Titans?
This is simply the Not In My Backyard types having a field day assaulting yet another company. It will marginalize self-proclaimed conservatives by having them by into conspiracy theories they already adhere to such as the dangers of mercury that NO study has yet been able to prove.
Stop Titan goes along with the stop immunization crowd mentality. The public should have a right to hear the full story, but this group is intent on creating fear rather than facts.

Schools Need Money

An education foundation giving $1.2 million dollars to an organization trying to fight a cement plant that was already there years ago and is now just sitting abanoned rusting apart. Titan would bring many jobs to the area from building infrastructure for the plant to full time good paying jobs.

Instead the Education Foundation should put the money into the local schools to educate our children about economics and provide solutions to decrease pollution for any manufacturing business instead of how to run up huge fees for attornies and paid witnesses.