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Stores prepare for Black Friday

WILMINGTON -- Employees at the Carolina Beach Road Wal-Mart kept busy on Thanksgiving as they prepared for the biggest shopping day of the year - Black Friday. They even wrapped up some of the special merchandise to hide from Thursday's shoppers. The super-store had truck loads of merchandise to unload and set up on the floor before Friday's 5 a.m. opening. Store manager Norman Taylor said he thinks all the advertising will bring in the shoppers. "We've got it on TV, good TV advertising. Also we've got plenty of newspaper printouts, So I am very confident that they'll be at Wal-Mart tomorrow at 5 a.m.," Taylor said. The Monkey Junction Wal-Mart brought in more than 25 employees to help unload all the holiday merchandise. Taylor said he expects all of it to be gone in just a few hours.

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And people are crying poor mouth?

They killed a man opening the doors at WalMart in New York and trampled a woman causing her to have a miscarriage. The retailers and the press promote this stupid insanity just so people can go buy a bunch of junk. This proves the poor have money to spend. The rest of us sitting home who pay all taxes are the ones getting punk'd.


The woman did not lose her baby. The man killed was a security guard as he tried to open the doors. They said people trampled over him after he was down. Can you imagine what type of people those were?? Now those wal-mart security cameras will come to good use finding these savages. All to save a few dollars on their flat screens. I just looked at the photos from the store, very dark crowd.

I do 100% of my Christmas shopping....

...from my desk. I write out the traditional, "Thanks for being my offspring" checks for my daughters (large enough to cover their entire family) then handle everyone else via the Internet. There's nothing like Christmas shopping while doing your laundry, having a nice cup of tea, putting another log on the fire and listening to what YOU want to hear on the stereo.... ...if only it didn't cost money...

I had money saved for today.

I had money saved for today. I chose the few items I wanted, and bought those and got out. I see your point, but at the same time, "poor" people who earn their money and save it up all year, can find a 200-300 dollar discount on an item that they could never afford otherwise. The things I bought today were far from junk. Actually, most were necessities. Also, it's not just poor people shopping. My husband and I both have very good jobs and we pay our taxes. We just figured by getting up, we could offset some of the prices that we would have paid regularly for the same item and kept the savings for our bills.