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Stores see green on Black Friday

READ MORE: Stores see green on Black Friday

WILMINGTON -- It's dubbed Black Friday, but all retailers saw was green. Stores were packed from dawn till dusk with bargain hunters determined to get their hands on that must-have item. From sweaters, to iPods, to flat panel TVs, deeply discounted holiday gifts lured shoppers into stores Friday, some as early as three o'clock in the morning. If there's one motto retailers live by on Black Friday it's this: if you discount it, they will come. And they did. Hordes of shoppers waited for hours to be the first to take advantage of door-buster specials on top of already deep discounts. Independence mall opened at six, but JC Penney opened at four. "I woke up around four and it's my day off. I shouldn't be here." Shoppers Rebecca and Anthony Enoch said, "[We] started out at five this morning at Belk bright and early. Got all the deals, been everywhere, Dick's sporting goods, here, and the mall. There were people everywhere." Best Buy stores began handing out door-buster coupons at three a.m. to people camping out, before opening doors at five. Among the specials, a 60-inch flat-panel TV that normally sells for $7,000 selling for $5,000. Shopper Julie Burke said, "I spent $20 on a tent to save $300 on a laptop. And if you're buying several things like we are, it comes to about $1,500." Early estimates show consumers may have shrugged off concerns of soaring gas and food costs along with the recent slew of toy recalls to take advantage of the markdown frenzy. Friday's sales will make up about 10 percent of overall holiday sales, but it's hard to tell whether today will be an indicator of how the rest of the shopping season will play out.

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I have done all mine online for 4 years straight. If you look around you can get free shipping on everything nowadays and cheaper. We refuse to go into dept for our 4 grown kids or our Granddaughter. Xmas is nothing but a give, give, spend, spend load of reindeer poop. I do all the planning &cooking and have to pay them as well. LOL When is it my turn to relax? Bah humbug.

shopping for what

"atheism Submitted by Das Weibstück on 25 November 2007 - 9:44pm. Probably wont reveal themselves because they don't want all you bible thumpers in their yard trying to turn them into you. Freethinking is not a bad thing. There are a lot of people who do not think like you all. Why are you all so hateful? I guess your bible doesn't say love everyone. Atheists are not the intolerant ones here, or in this country. Go ahead slam me now." You do your Christmas shopping online? After reading this post you wrote about another story, I found the irony of this one hilarious. Since I am required to work Christmas day, maybe you can take my place. Since you're not a believer in Christ, why bother celebrating his birthday? Oh yeah, because you get the benefit of being off Christmas day...that and you probably don't want your kids and grandkids to know what a closet Grinch you truly are..... You asked, "When is it my turn to relax?" Take this year off, please... it seems that Christians aren't the only so-called hypocrits in this world! Consider yourself slammed!

amen brother, preach on! I

amen brother, preach on! I want the Jesus Ninja figure with the Kung Fu Grip!!

We're not playing this year.

We're not playing this year. We plan to stay home and save our money.

Star News

Anyone notice the picture of the lady with the full cart on the front page of Saturday's newspaper? I wonder if she could sue them for ruining her kid's Christmas...I hope her kids don't read the paper yet!

good sheeple

good til you drop...after all, tis the season to be greedy


Please explain how "shopping til you drop," buying presents FOR OTHER PEOPLE constitutes greed, Einstein.


Please explain how "shopping til you drop," buying presents FOR OTHER PEOPLE constitutes greed, Einstein.