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STORMTRACK 3: Closings and Cancellations (Updated 4 p.m.)


A list of closings and cancellations that have come into the newsroom. Please send any closings and cancellations to

Avant Family Childcare, Southport, NC - CLOSED THURSDAY

Battleship North Carolina - Closing at 12:30 p.m.

Brunswick Transit System, Inc. (BTS) will not operate public transit buses on Thursday, September 30, 2010.

Cape Fear Literacy Council - CLOSED THURSDAY

Coastal Carolina Radiation & Oncology in Wilmington - Closed Thursday.

Friends School of Wilmington - Community Pot Luck Thursday canceled.

Freeman Park - Closed at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, September 29, 2010 due to higher than normal tides and inclement weather. The Park will be closed to all vehicular traffic and camping will not be allowed until the park reopens. Freeman Park will likely remain closed on Thursday, September 30th and re-open on the morning of Friday, October 1st if weather permits.

Lake Waccamaw Primary Care - CLOSED THURSDAY

Maple Hill AME Church - Thursday night service canceled

Onslow United Transit System, Inc. will not operate on Thursday, September 30, 2010 due to weather conditions. Onslow United Transit System, Inc. will continue normal transportation service on Friday, October 1, 2010.

Poplar Grove Plantation - CLOSED THURSDAY

South Atlantic Radiation & Oncology in Supply - CLOSED THURSDAY

Shore Fun Pediatrics - CLOSED THURSDAY

WAVE Transit - All wave transit bus routes will operate as scheduled; however, some routes may operate with detours if roads become flooded or closed.

YWCA's History of Wilmington in Black and White Course is canceled for tonight (September 30th). Class will resume at Williston School next Thursday, October 7.

The YWCA YWise Kids After School Program will be open for all day care tomorrow, Thursday, September 30th from 7 am - 6 pm. The Tot Spot Preschool and Kindergarten will be closed. For more information contact the YWCA at 799-6820.

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Why don't you just close the entire county down?

For all of you whiners afraid to go out in the RAIN, why don't you complain to the city and county council to have everything shut down? All stores, all government offices, courthouses, hospitals, emergency services and so on?

This is a RAIN event, not a hurricane or a 500 yr snowstorm. Put on your booties, drive with caution and get yourself in class. You teachers are waiting, one of which happens to be my wife. She didn't mind going in to try and teach a few of you something.

Get off your duffs and go to school like big little kids! Don't forget your peanut butter sammie mommie made for you!


YES, I wake up worried over my daughter having to drive to CFCC this morning and learned that my own county Randolph is on a 2 hour delay and we are 4 hours away! IMMEDIATELY emailed her to stay put today, CFCC is NOT WORTH IT! Life is short, stay home!


Since when are classes more important than our children's lives. Let's use some COMMON SENSE folks!!!

CFCC decisions

I definitley agree with some of you. I am a student at Cape Fear and I remember one time in particular that I drove to class when we had snow and ice on the ground, so much that my car was sliding on the way to school. Cape Fear most definitley needs someone to make better decisions when we have weather like this. It is not safe at all to drive in. Some students wont even be able to get out of their neighborhoods due to the flooding, but the school doesn't seem to care, just like everything else.

CFCC cancellations

To be educators these people are really stupid! Todays classes and and classes this past winter (snow)should have been canceled. These people don't care about there students.

Wow Terry

Maybe you should spend more time in a classroom and study the English language.

wow Terry

not to be confused with Terry D.

UNCW certainly dropped the

UNCW certainly dropped the ball with this one. They didn't cancel classes until 5 today and then they expect to operate on a normal schedule tomorrow? What about student safety being a priority?

Maybe we should take our

Maybe we should take our kids out of UNCW and CFCC and put them in Brunswick Com. College since they have the common sense to cancel classes during a storm advisory of such magnitude. You know when ABC News and The Weather channel come to our area there is some serious rain and flooding. Maybe the weather guys can stop by UNCW and CFCC tomorrow and educate the decision makers about weather conditions, as to what is safe and unsafe weather conditions, since they don't seem to know what flooding conditions are.

Maybe you should enroll

Perhaps you should enroll at UNCW. There might be hope for you yet (though I feel I'm probably being optimistic). No one will expect commuters to put themselves in danger, but why on earth would you cancel classes for the thousands of students living on campus? Isn't it ironic when idiots spout off about common sense?

Hmmm. Do the professors and

Hmmm. Do the professors and university staff live on campus, too? Or do they need to commute to work and possibly put themselves in danger by doing so? I think you forgot the other half of the equation; it takes more than just the students. Common sense?

There seems to be a

There seems to be a misconception among some that most of UNCW's students live on campus. Untrue. Less than 40% live on-campus. So out of over 12000 students, >60% are commuters. That's over 7000 students out in this mess. Some may live closer than others, but that is a lot of people to be on the road during these conditions. Not to mention UNCW itself is a flooding mess. The amphitheater was overflowing Monday for heaven's sake! So don't think on-campus students have it much easier.

Ironic? Indeed.

Yes I agree

I definitley agree with this. I am a student at Cape Fear and I remember one time in particular that I drove to class when we had snow and ice on the ground, so much that my car was sliding on the way to school. Cape Fear most definitley needs someone to make better decisions when we have weather like this. Some students wont even be able to get out of their neighborhoods due to the flooding, but the school doesn't seem to care, just like everything else.

Close the schools? Please!

Close the schools? Please! Where I'm from, we'd get 12 inches of snow and we'd have to WALK to school! 5 miles away! Whatta bunch of softies!


we do not have things for snow you idoit. You are probably some dumb yankee that has snow plows and stuff we live on the east coast we are not used to snow it is like a shocker and i passed multiple wrecks that day. Cape fear sucks my car is top heavy and felt like it was gonna flip do to hydroplaning and the 45 mph gusts. And yes cape fear never closes i think they want the kids to get hurt and not to mention you have to walk forever from the parking lot and get soaked AND they had front street closed off but yet whatever i mean court and everthings closed but cape fear hell no.

Flooding is the deadliest

Flooding is the deadliest form of natural disaster. Look up some statistics. I'm sure people don't drown in your precious snow.

As a reply to being softies,

As a reply to being softies, beinf in 12 in. of snow is a whole lot different than wading in the flooded streets. But go ahead and try to drive thru it, because you WILL drown!! The rain isn't scary...the rushing waters are stronger than you...let us know how you fair thru the day.:)

Obviously you haven't been

Obviously you haven't been out driving in the flooded roads. Would you let your 19 year old drive through flooded roads to get to class. Think about it.

We don't care what you did

We don't care what you did where you are from. If its so great then why are you here? Go back and play in your snow.

Closing the Schools

The reason is that if someone attempts to drive to school via bus and gets stuck in water they could sue. The U.S. has 5% of the world's population and 75% of the lawyers. These same lawyers are crippling our economy by driving up the cost to do business versus other nations who don't have to operate under the same regulatory environment.

school closings

I just wanted to comment that the Wilmington area has received over 17 inches of rain with Market Street being closed due to flooding. I think it would be in the best interest of our children if the state department (DOT) as well as the county would close all schools including the university and all other colleges. This city,is a main stream of college students who have to walk and drive to get to their classes, alot of which are under water. Parking lots are already blocked off at UNCW. This severe weather poses a threat for drivers as well as those on campus increasing high risks of sickness to students and staff. I am just concerned about all of those involved and do not see what any good could come from classes resuming at regular scheduling.

Concerned Parent of UNCW Student.

J. Wright