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James Sprunt Community College - CLOSED

Brunswick County Courthouse - CLOSED

Brunswick County Gov't Complex - IS NOW CLOSED

New Hanover County Courthouse - CLOSED

New Hanover County Offices - OPEN AT 10:00 A.M.

CFPUA - OPEN AT 10:00 A.M.

Brunswick Community College - CLOSED

UNC Wilmington will run on a NORMAL SCHEDULE

New Hanover County Schools - CLOSED

Brunswick County Schools - CLOSED

Pender County Schools - CLOSED

Bladen County Schools - CLOSED

Friends School of Wilmington - CLOSED

Coastal Christian H.S. - CLOSED

Carolina Adventist Academy in Whiteville - CLOSED

Myrtle Grove Christian School - CLOSED

Cape Fear Academy - CLOSED

Cape Fear Center for Inquiry - CLOSED

Children's Schoolhouse Montessori - CLOSED

Academy of Excellence, Wilmington - CLOSED

The Roger Bacon Academy Daycare - CLOSED

Leland Christian Academy and Daycare - CLOSED

Duplin County Schools - CLOSED

Onslow County Schools - CLOSED

Faith Christian Academy in Delco - 2 Hour Delay

Waccamaw Academy in Whiteville - 2 Hour Delay

Columbus Christian Academy - 2 Hour Delay

Friends School of Wilmington - 2 Hour Delay

Harrells Christian Academy - 2 Hour Delay

Kids & Company Pre-School - 2 Hour Delay

Whiteville City Schools - 2 Hour Delay

Columbus County Schools - 2 Hour Delay

Milestones Learning Center - 2-hour delay

Wilmington Young Parents Daycare - Opening at 10:00 a.m.

SPEC locations in Leland and Burgaw - Closed

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CFCC risks over 20,000 lives by not closing for the day!

I can not understand why the "DEAN" of CFCC, with the college education he has, could not make the proper decision to close or atleast delay classes for today! It seems as though CFCC'S last concern when deciding to keep their doors open during today was STUDENT SAFETY! The National Weather Service declared a "STATE OF EMERGENCY" in NHC, as well as broadcasted "FLASH FLOOD WARNINGS" for NHC, leading the Board of Education to CLOSE all Public Schools for the day in NHC (due to UNSAFE RAOD CONDITIONS). When ALL surronding counties deem it "UNSAFE" to transport their students given the current road conditions, EXCEPT FOR CFCC & UNCW, SOMEONE NEEDS TO TAKE A SECOND LOOK. I THINK I SPEAK FOR ALL STUDENTS AT CFCC WHEN I SAY "IT IS OUR RIGHT TO PROTECT OURSELVES FROM HARM. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO FORCE US TO PUT OURSELVES AT RISK FOR THE SAKE OF SCHOOL, WORK, OR ANYTHING ELSE. AS A RESULT OF CFCC'S ADMINISTRATIVE DECISION TO KEEP IT'S DOORS OPEN TODAY, THEY COMPRAMISED THE SAFETY OF EACH AND EVERY STUDENT, FACULTY, & STAFF MEMBER!

Never, have I heard so many whiney BRATS!!!

It's RAIN for goodness sakes! RAIN, saturation of the atmosphere by humiditity until it's too heavy to stay in the clouds as a vapor. This is no hurricane, no 500 year snowstorm, no two week ongoing nor' is only RAIN and it makes puddles. Use a little caution, slow down, drive around them, wear a raincoat and put your notebook paper and pencils in a plastic bag! Now, just what is sooo difficult about that?

You people complain like a bunch of kindergarden kiddies that lost sight of mommy. It's no wonder that over half the posters on here have a very difficult time with spelling and sentence structure!

I live 24 miles from work, have a daily meeting at 7 am sharp with my team. None of us have been delayed or have left early because of a little RAIN. We have a business to keep running and are responsible adults....join us someday when you approach that level!

Practice what you preach!!!!

Well you know what I myself might not always have the correct spelling or punctution!!!! I will tell you one thing you are talking about winey BRATS seems to me like you are leading that team as well with your work team.... Some of us live on the island in Carolina & Kure Beaches and cannot drive on roads due to the fact that they are CLOSED!!!! Our schools were closed because the road to get there were under water due to what you call a little rain. I understand your bitter for god knows what reason, oh maybe it's your job you have to be at or your "TEAM MEETINGS" every morning of the week LOL!!!! Honestly though I'm wondering what your issue is worry about yourself not other people and maybe you wouldnt be such a bitter kick to judge other people kind of person!!!! MIND YOUR OWN!!!!!


WTF you need your head examined if you think this is a "little" rain! Maybe when you hydroplane into a ditch we will see who is whining!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy for you

I live 25 miles, went through standing water 3 times and detoured around 3 road blocks. I am so happy you had a pleasant drive to work.
Get real!!!!! The county does not declare a state of emergency for a little rain.

It's just a little rain?

It's just a little rain? Peoples roads are washed are FLOATING* in water..and you want to call us whiney Brats..Well who ever you are..I for one think that you are rude. Peoples homes are flooding, there are huge sinkholes in roadways..and you think of business..screw businesses..those things can be replaced a human life can not..
If all you are worried about is earning or keeping a dollar I think your priorities are seriously in the wrong place.
I really do wish you'd have wrote your response using your least then we'd know who to pray for...but then again, as my dad says, you can't fix stupid..


HAHA!! AMEN! :-)


As a student of Brunswick Community College, one who will mercifully be unable to attend classes today might I add, allow me to clarify the nature of this situation.

First off this is far from a "little rain" as you termed it. Although the exact number eludes me at the moment over 20 inches of rain has fallen since this storm system moved. This may be no hurricane however part of the rainfall is from the remnants of Tropical Storm Nicole. A high pressure and low pressure system has effectively created a corridor allowing the remnants to travel north and run along the coastline. This is in addition to the normal storms that usually occur when high and low pressure systems interact with one another.

Secondly, this amount of rainfall we have received has caused roads to flood. Not little puddles but rather nearly two foot deep waters. Even people with larger vehicles will have difficulty maneuvering through such and next to impossible for people with smaller vehicles. Naturally, some roads are closed from all this precipitation as it does in fact create unsafe conditions as I have just pointed out. This has effectively caused all roads leading to Brunswick Community College to be closed, some of which even barricaded to prevent people from attempting to traverse them.

I hope I have managed to bring to light the gravity of this situation as your own assessment of the conditions is a great understatement.


Okay, I understand you rant, most of us agree. First of all, I think you mean "AT lost sight of mommy." So, before you call others out on their incorrect grammar and spelling, make sure your sentences are proper. Kind of made your rant a little less effective! You seem pretty mad, so I understand your lack of correct use of the English Language. Here is your pat on the back for making it to work on time! Truly, that's what the rant was all about right? Most of those "whiney BRATS" take their own personal safety seriously. They do not think risking their life, to be a coffee getter as I am sure you are, is worth and accident or worse. So, once again, here is YOUR pat on the back for "meeting" with your team on this gloomiest of days.

you are apparently single

you are apparently single with NO life or kids. Sometimes safety IS more important. Maybe u should learn that about 20 inches of rain is not a little bit! Who was that looks dumb here... oh yea you do!


You just about summed it up! VERY well said! Bunch of whiny college brats wanting the day off. Sounds like they need to go nuzzle up to mommies bosom for their daily feeding!

Brats? Well maybe you have a lack of common sense too!

you apparently have no common sense, I assume you dont due to the fact that you are SOME sort of "team leader", and fit the profile as such. We are talking about CFCC (Cape Fear Community College) requiring students, faculity & staff to attend daily classes when all NHC Schools and government Offices have been closed for the day. The issue are student's and staff with children in NHC public schools, have no choice but to miss today due to having children at home(due to school being closed). It does not matter why public schools were closed, but wwhat is hard to fathem is why CFCC does not have same scheduled days off/vacation/delays/closings as public schools in NHC! After isn't that one of the many reasons people attend a community college and not a university?? Some educated people are competent of making proper/safe decisions. However the majority are just like yourself; pompus, arrigant, and selfish huiman beings without respect for the hardships of others. Thanks for contributing to the downfall of AMERICA Mr.Teamleader man.

Yes, it's only rain....but

Yes, it's only rain....but it's the second highest rainfall in Wilmington history. Only Hurricane Floyd tops this amount. Puddles? The water is washing away roads and closing major highways. States of emergency have been declared. It simply makes sense that if you do not need to be on the road, stay put. UNCW and CFCC should have taken the safety of not only their students, but other drivers that HAVE to be out, into consideration and canceled classes. The frustration stems from lack of perceived concern for their (student) safety and trying to decide whether or not to chance it because they need to attend the class.


Mayor Saffo can you not step in and advise these schools that it is unsafe for students to drive. When a major highway is closed due to flooding isn't that enough reason to question their decisions.

I am not sure why they have insisted on staying open, but someone with authority needs to question their decision to put the students at risk.

Look around at the schools that made safety a priority. Our two major schools in the area chose to go against the warnings that have been going out strongly.

Someone in our governing office needs to address this issue, or we need to remember those in governing offices who didn't address these issues during the next election. I can't think of a more important issue than safety.


Your television ticker is not up to date on the closings. You say BCC has opens at ten. In fact, as stated here it is closed today. PLEASE UPDATE THE TICKER.


Yes! I am one of the five students sitting in class right now here at CFCC.. really? really?? I almost died coming to school this morning. CFCC is located in one of the worst conditions for flooding and yet they still don't cancel classes!!

uncw and cfcc

What time will mckethan and Depalo be at work today?

Everyone grow up!

This attitude of entitlement and helplessness is not beneficial to CFCC's image.

I am a CFCC student, and although it would be nice if class were canceled, the attendance policy allows students to miss a certain amount of days. It is our responsibility not to waste those absences in the first month, but I see this is what happens every semester with many students. If you are a grown up with grown up responsibilities, then make a grown up decision and stay home!

Plus, I would love to hear you all justify power company or utility workers staying home because it is too "unsafe" for them to be out.

Schools closing

I understand why schools are closed becasue of the chance of extreme rain / flooding, to protect our kids and limit vehicles on the roads but truth is that there seems to be more vehicles on the roads when schools are closed or delayed, students complain about having to go and walk through water but then you see all the shopping centers and restaurant parking lots full? If you are off and have the chance to stay home, then stay home please, if you have to go then be carefull but remember you are not the only ones who have to go , if you notice it is just schools closed no places of buisness!

Actually, Due to the New

Actually, Due to the New Hanover county schools closing, Jellybeans family skating center has closed. We believe that if it is too dangerous for people to be on the road and go to school, you shouldn't be going anywhere... So some places do close. I agree and I think that more places should be closed though.

Okay, I see the tendencies

Okay, I see the tendencies for us to overreact in this town for some absurd reasons..In saying that it is completely true, but the real question here is our students safety. We have yet to take a hurricane absence in quite sometime, and when word comes around that this particular storm is supposed to bring the most amount of rain that Wilmington has seen since 1987; i have to question our schools motives..From their point of view, i guess its gonna take alot of skilled drivers and soaking wet kids in a cold classroom to accomplish a "professional learning environment"...Thank you CFCC for keeping our children safe and out of harms way to keep your schedule protocol.


Regular schedule on Thursday?? You've got to be kidding.

well how about this why

well how about this why don't we as collage students take a stand and don't go to school tomorrow yes we have attendance policy's that suck so what get over it and dont go. why complain about it and just stay home problem solved i dont think the faculty are that illiterate and not shut the schools down and why would you want to risk the lives of young people just so you can have one more day before we have a three day weekend. so get over your selves administrator's and just close the doors because if any of you had kids that went to uncw or cfcc would you let you kids drive in this weather and on flooded roads. get real man and just close the doors/


WOW! You really need to go to school. That is evident by your lack of punctuation and spelling. Usually you sse a question mark after sentences that are questions and you misspelled college. Also, did you mean to write several sentences or just one big long run on sentence? I just hope you are not an English major.

Common sense lacking much?!?!

Is it not common sense enough for colleges to operate on the same closing schedule of the public schools around it due to weather situations like this one?! I think it is absolutely retarded that these colleges think that their classes are so much more important that the safety and lives of their students and employees! I attend BCC, which really needs to think tomorrow's classes through since so many people travel there via HWY 17, which is one of the most affected roads in the county!! As it stands right now, my husband wasn't even able to come home from work tonight, and possibly not tomorrow night due to this crappy weather. My son, thank God!, doesn't have school tomorrow. Yet, here I am now in a situation where my husband won't be available til who knows when, and my 6 year-old son will have no one to watch him if we still have classes tomorrow. What am I supposed to do? Drag him to my classes with me??!! I know that the administrators at BCC have enough common sense to realize that enough of it's students have families with children in public schools, so therefore are affected the most when those schools close and they don't. At least I hope they do! Let's get it together people! "State of Emergency" is simply a much nicer way of saying, "keep your asses inside and out of this crap"!!! With all of these people trying to get here, there, and everywhere inbetween because "we have to" for work or school are only making the emergency situations that much worse!

Calvary Christian School - Closed Thursday

Calvary Christian School will be closed on Thursday as well.

Stupidity of Collages

Many of the collages will be open or on delay tomorrow while the children in public schools are at home. As a student what are we paying for I thought it was for a degree. Looking at the administration I thought most if not all of them have degrees, but in this time and conditions they act like people who do not know how to use their heads to think. All they are caring for is money to keep their schools going instead of doing the right thing. Where ever they got there degree from they did not teach them to use common sense. I for one hope that when I get my degree i can use a lot better judgement than some of them.

Hmmm Collages? or Colleges!

Hmmm Collages? or Colleges! And the stupidity goes too.

Open mouth...insert foot....

My friend, you must well know that you are making a fool out of yourself with your critique of school administrators. "Stupidity of Collages"? Try spelling it this way, "Colleges", learn to punctuate, capitalize and how to properly structure simple sentences.

Instead of criticizing the school administrators and complaining about going to school because of a weather blip, you need to seek extra time in school to catch up to the eight grade level with the hopes that you can later EARN an advanced degree. That is where the "better judgement" on your behalf would be to your benefit!

"Stupidity of Collages"

Are we talking about an artistic composition?