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Strickland arrested again

A Tabor City boy with ties to State Sen. R.C. Soles was in jail Sunday for the second time in less than a week. Thursday Allen Strickland wound up in jail accused of setting fire to a house Soles bought him. Sunday the 17-year-old was back behind bars because of his car the Senator paid for. According to a Tabor City police report, Strickland's white Corvette was involved in a high-speed chase yesterday from Tabor City almost to the South Carolina state line. The report says the car was driving at speeds up to 75 miles per hour, and that it almost hit another car in the process. The chase ended when the car wound up in a ditch on Carolina Road near the state line. Witness David Watts told WWAY in an e-mail that the car almost hit him and that Strickland ran away from the crash scene. Strickland later showed up at the Tabor City Police Department and reported the car stolen. That led police to charge Strickland with filing a false report after he'd already been charged with reckless driving, no license and fleeing to evade arrest. We are told a magistrate set Strickland's bond at $4,000, which Strickland posted Sunday evening.

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I am so tired of hearing about RC Soles and Frog. Can't you find anything better? Everyone in Columbus County knows all about RC. If he wants to work and give his money to Frog let him. It's his money and he works for it. I sure wish someone would give me money to buy me a new house and a corvette!!!!!!!!!

are you kidding

Are you kidding with your response ? Don't you think it is VERY strange that Soles has given SO !! much money to local teens (boys) . I help out the next person ,but houses, SUV's Corvette? and putting money in a prison account. Then you have a DA that will not remove himself from the investigation, when the NC LAW clearly says he must. Come on now you really can't be serious

messed up kid

This child needs help. Rejected by his parents, foster homes, then along comes someone with a lot of money to offer him in exchange for god knows what. I pray he gets the help he needs and that when the full story comes out, justice will be served.

the other side.

Where is this young man's family? He is 17 and living on his own...for how long? Where did he buy the car and have insurance without a valid driver license? How does he pay for insurance on the house and other utilities on a day to day basis? Why is he living on his own?

More questions than answers...

This whole mess has more questions than answers. Wouldn't someone have to sign for this boy to buy a car? Whose name is it in, and who pays for the insurance? Since he is a minor and allegedly has no driver's license, is there an adult that is responsible for it? This boy does not need to be living on his own. Helping him with education is one thing, but turning him loose with tons of money is another! The ADULT (R.C.) who has enabled him in his dilinquency should be held accountable! It is sickening that DSS and other agencies appear to turn their heads and look the other way...



There he goes again!!!

Somethings in life just amaze me. Allen is carefree and does as he please. Well I tell you what Mr. Strickland. I hope and pray that I can read about you again when you have to PAY TAXES on all that stuff that you have bought "IN YOUR NAME". Man you think you are so smart, but you have got to be the dumbest individual that I have ever heard about. Mr. Strickland your end has finally come and justice will be done.

Allen Strickland Deserves Some Sympathy

So many of the comments about R.C. Soles and Allen Strickland are angry rants. One comment by Tabor City Mom is more objective. I, also, know both Allen (did yard work for me) and R.C., and I believe that Tabor City Mom has glimpsed a bit of truth in the matter. I agree with her that Allen Strickland has had practically no parental love or guidance in his life, and I also think that even though he does foolish things, he's a sympathetic character. He has been practically on his own all his life. So enough hateful statements about Allen

You have got to be kidding......

He doesn't deserve sympathy! Give me a break. Sounds like he had/has someone trying to look out for him but alas he is too stupid to learn. It is now time for the law to deal with him as he has proven he is unable to function with the rest of normal society. This has gone on far too long. It could actually keep something bad from happening to an innocent person and even prevent his da from doing harm to himself with his reckl"ass" behavior.

You do know most of the

You do know most of the smartest man in the world can't fuction in normal society because people like you mock them.

Ummm, no

No, he doesn't. He is getting what he has asked for.

Strickland arrested again

At some point in time, the legal guardians and the DSS need to come forward or some authority needs to bring them forward about this 17 year old's actions. When someone is killed or hurt will not be the time to start correcting the problem. Allen Strickland's endless supply of money gives him the false sense of power that is and has gotten him where he is today. The boy, and I use this boy correctly, needs guidance. It will be no sad if the only guidance he is to get is from the NC DOC. No one wants to get involved in this situation but everyone wants to sit back and talk about it. Taling is cheap, actions are more important.

WHAT is wrong with this story

This guy needs to be in jail. Not only did he almost hit another car. Look at the police officer he put in danger by running. Put in jail. this story makes no since what so ever. 17 years old owns a house, a car, did he finish school? and posted a $ 4000 bond with no job? PLEASE proof is in the pudding

i have a couple of questions

are law enforcement officers 100% sure that mr strickland was driving this vehicle? is there any chance that someone else could have been driving his car and fled the scene?

police can not be sure it was strickland

the police can not be sure that it was strickland driving. the windows on the car are tinted so there is no way they could tell that it was strickland.strickland goes in to report his car has been stolen and the assume that it was strickland driving.the police have it out for strickland.

Highly unlikely

The Corvette that Strickland has requires a special encoded key to crank. While not impossible, the anti-theft features of this high-end sports car makes hotwiring the vehicle very difficult. If they had a key, then that means they stole the key from Strickland or he gave it to them. He reported the car stolen, which I think he would have mentioned if one of his keys was missing. If he let someone borrow the car, then he wouldn't have reported it stolen. He's just out of control and he won't stop until he kills someone. He [allegedly] set his house on fire, which created a potentially dangerous situation for the firefighters, then running from the cops not only endangered the cop that was trying to keep up with him, but also anyone on the road he could have hit. Although it's probably not worth much after ending up in the ditch, the police should impound his Corvette. Permanently. Plus, a witness, who was almost a victim, stated that it was Strickland who ran from the wrecked vehicle.

car was stolened

the car was stolened frog left the keys in the car. he had parked the car over at his house and got out with out gribbing his keys. i dont know any of you but i know i done that gets to me that people are so willing to judge frog with out thinking about hurt his family that lives right across the street from him. by the way before people start saying things about him being 17 years old and living by himself first of all in the state of north carliona if a 17 byear old leaves home the law will only bring them back one time if they leave again there is nothing the law can do. i have been throught this myself and that is what we were told by the law. 17 years old is conctered as an adult.

hey wway i was in whiteville

hey wway i was in whiteville this morning and caught a glimse of fox43 viewing a jail van wit occupant allen strickland in the back driving away towards county jail what did he do now didnt he just get out last nite. monday 31,2009

Soles participation liable

Senator Soles by purchasing the car for the unlicensed, underage teen has committed a crime. Contributing to the delenquency of a minor. You can't hand a kid a gun and you certainly cant hand one keys to a car and expect not to be liable for your actions. Soles is the one that should be in jail along side his protege.


Who sold the underage teen the car??? Whose name is on the car title??? Did the auto have any insurance and whose name was the insurance under??? There are many questions that need to be answered, first before anyone can say that Soles is liable. Wouldn't you say Guestleo guest Lees

What is up?

What is wrong with this picture? This young man, who has too much money and too much free time,is a ticking time bomb just waiting to go off. It seems like the incidents involving him are slowly escalating - what is next? Someone is not doing the job they should be doing - digging real deep and getting to the bottom of this situation with him and RC.

Obviously you don't understand how this whole thing works...

"Someone is not doing the job they should be doing- digging real deep and getting to the bottom...." There's a "system" in how an officer of the law handles a case. They have to go by facts and clues that point them to a verdict. It is not a very easy procedure, and it takes a dedicated and skilled officer to do that. The next time you decide to say what someone else "should be doing", I would urge you to consider the fact that if they weren't out there doing what they were supposed to be doing, you would not be able to be comfortable in your own home. They work hard and do a darn good job at what they do, but investigations are not always an overnight break-through. When you go through BLET and complete your education on how to be an officer and go through what they do on a daily basis, then I think you have the right to concern yourself with who is or is not doing their job. Until then, I would hope you realize that it is not your call, and you obviously do not understand what they go through to protect us, including YOU!!

Allen Strickland

Mr. Soles, an elderly, kind-hearted, charitable man, was misguided in giving Allen money to use any way he pleased. Soles never expected Allen to buy a Corvette. The money was to be used for school. We can all agree that Soles gift of money was a bad mistake. However, I see nothing wrong with Mr. Soles giving Allen a small, modest home to live in. Allen Strickland has had a very hard life. Rejected by his parents, placed in two foster homes, he has had very little guidance--or love-- in his life. I hired Strickland to mow my yard for two summers, and it was through his work that I got to know a little about him. I am so sorry that Allen has turned out this way. He is really a nice kid, and I believe him when he says there was nothing improper in his relationship with Soles. We have always known Mr. Soles' sexual orientation. That does not bother us at all. Why should it? I can only say that Mr. Soles should have used better judgment in his offering financial assistance to young men. But I respect and admire R.C. Soles because deep in my heart I believe he was trying to do good, and I hope this awful publicity will soon wear itself out.

My adopted daughter is only

My adopted daughter is only one year older than this boy. She, too, has had a hard life with many foster homes before she came to me. Did she turn to a life of crime? No, she is working part time and going to college. She drives a modest sedan that she helps pay for. In other words, she overcame her obstacles and is a productive citizen. No excuses!!

Soles judgment

RC Soles, according to you, has repeatedly made poor judgment by giving all this money to these criminals. MUCH more money than he has given his church. QUESTION: Does this lack of judgment in anyway reflect on his ability to make judgments in Raleigh?

You know this how?

I guess you have a first-hand accounting of every penny Mr. Soles spends?!? I know for a fact that he stroked a six-figure check for the sound system in the church....and that was just one time. Please, take your mud slinging elsewhere.

you know this how

I guess it's ok if you just keep throwing money at things to make them keep quite or go away. It doesn't matter how much he gave to the church, does RC know you can't buy your way into Heaven..

In reality, it doesn't

In reality, it doesn't matter how much he has given to his church. I'm sure the church appreciated it, it was a tax write off for him, an it has you among others singing his praises. But it does not excuse anything else he is doing if that something else is illegal. The mob in New York City is a large patron of the local churches. Does that make everything else they do ok?

"Allen Strickland has had a

"Allen Strickland has had a very hard life. Rejected by his parents, placed in two foster homes, he has had very little guidance--or love-- in his life". It is comments like this that give foster parents a bad name! I am a foster parent and I love my foster child unconditionally, just as a bio parent loves their child. My goal is to provide a safe, LOVING and nuturing environment to this child because her "real" family is unable to do so at this time. Please think before you carelessly throw around words! If Mr. Strickland was placed in an unsuitable foster homes, then shame on DSS for allowing this to happen... not just once, but twice!

example of wellfare/bailouts

This situation with Strickland and the other boys is an example or a microcosm of how welfare works (doesn't work). let's say Soles is the government and the boys are the non-productive, non providers who do not participate in doing anything worthwile. Mr. Soles is handing out money to "fix" their problems. Look what has happened. Why should they help themselves when everything is handed to them? On a larger scale this is happening to all of us by the government handing out wads of money to the non-providers. The only difference is that Mr. Soles did not forceably take our money and then give it to the boys.....or did he?