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Strickland bond yet to be set

Wednesday brought new information about a Tabor City teen with ties to Senator RC Soles. Most recently, 17-year-old Allen Strickland was arrested for leading police on a high-speed chase. After posting a $500,000 bond, Strickland was arrested for violating his house arrest and the bond was revoked. On Friday, a district judge raised Strickland’s bond to one million dollars, but that was rescinded because the case is in superior court, which means Strickland must appear before a superior court judge. The next superior court hearing in Whiteville is October seventh. As for Strickland’s financial status, despite owning a home and Corvette purchased with money from Senator Soles and posting $600,000 in bonds, Strickland says he's indigent and asked for a court appointed attorney. That claim is under investigation.

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for real? this is still an

for real? this is still an issue? enough already!

NOT sweeping it under the rug

It has NOT been settled one way or another.. so, why is it "enough already"? This time it is not going away so easy (as it was in the past). Columbus County is in for a change.. Good ole RC too.. I just don't understand what is taking the DA so long on the shooting charges. Does anyone know ?

Is it

ratings week? This is old news. A million dollar bond?? That must be a typo. About the only time you see million dollar bonds are on drug related offenses. Put him on work release if he is not in school. Let him rake leaves; mow grass; and do general maintenance around Tabor City on City owned property. Put him to work in public housing projects. Let him see his future and while he is at it, maybe learn a trade since he clearly does not want to gain an education. Work 8 to 5 with an hour supervised for lunch and then back to jail for his overnight living accomodations. Hardee's and McDonald's are always looking for strong backs.

Is it v2 .0

He has been arrested several times now, and everytime he bails out. Hopefully with bond set at 1 million, he can actually stay out of trouble and quit being a menace to public

to JWkane

you said that Allen Strickland is a menace. I have a couple of questions for you. Did you every do anythings stuiped when you where young? Did you do your part in helping this boy or are you just judgeing this boy? The Holy bible says that we are not suppose to judge people but are not judging Allen Strickland. Allen is one of Gods childern and from what i have seen from Tabor City they have not done there job in helping this young boy. All this that has went on with Allen has caused alot of pain for his family, has anyone in Tabor City stop by and just ask if the family was ok. I can answer that question the answer is no, stop judging Allen and start looking at getting some honest answers. I dont know Allen personally but also know that in my heart that the charges against him are not true. I know that ALLEN'S car was stolen the day that the law says he ran from them, they are going on a mans word [we wont say his name cause he knows who he is, and he also dose not like Allen]. I can say this to the man that said he saw Allen driving the car frog windows are tinted so you can not say it was him behind the wheel of that car. Also knowing that because of you this boy is sitting in jail and you can not be 100% that it was him running from the law, how can you live with yourself knowing this. I have one more question for this man because frog is sitting in jail and causing so much stress on his sweet and loving sister she was pregant with twins and because of this she lost one of the babys, how dose that make you feel. please ask yourself i could send a 17 year old to jail for along time and im am not 100% sure that it was him how will you live with yourself if you cause a 17 year old to go to jail for something he didnt do and you caused his sister to lose a baby dose that make you feel like a man.

Allen Strickland

Sooner or later the truth will come forth. I don't think anyone could come up with the amount of money Allen Strickland has without someone with a hefty bank account being the main supplier. Seems that he doesn't mind getting into trouble with the authorities. Could it be that he knows he will be given a way means of knowing his bond will be posted and a short jail term served. I bet he got fooled this time, though. It's like I heard someone say recently. Delayed vengence is the sweetest.