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Strickland family plans to sue

UNC Wilmington and its police department face a lawsuit filed by the family of Peyton Strickland. In December of 2006, a New Hanover county sheriff's deputy shot and killed 18-year-old Strickland while trying to serve a warrant for UNCW police. The lawsuit blames UNCW and its police department for a "sloppy, hasty and overzealous" investigation. Strickland of Durham was shot through the door of his Wilmington rental home. Deputy Chris Long said he mistook the sound of a battering ram for gunshots coming from inside the house. Strickland and two friends were suspected of beating a UNCW student and robbing him of two Playstation 3's.

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If you make good decisions

If you make good decisions then you significantly increase the chances of something good happening to you. If you make bad decisions then you significantly increase the chances of something bad happening to you. He made a bad decision by robbing that kid.

As a parent..

I know the horrible suffering this family is going thru. My 19yo son was tragically killed. True that this kid did wrong by committing a crime. But that does negate the fact that the sheriff's dept. and UNCW are negligent. Just as if this kid had lived to see justice for his actions so must the ones who killed him. As for you people talking about how bad his parents did raising him, you guys trash talking a dead kid should have your Mom slapped. You all are no better.

Thug...what's your opinion now...

I invite everyone to view the My Space in memory of Peyton...I found it while researching this case. I hope it brings a different light to who this kid really was, and not just what you've seen that has been provided by the NHC Sheriff's department. Thug? Give me a break. A kid that made a mistake, yes. Honestly, do you think he deserved to have his life taken away for a robbery and assault charge?


I don't think he deserved to have his life taken for it...HOWEVER, sometimes the CONSEQUENCES of our own actions FAR EXCEED what we ever though could happen to us...SELF RESPONSIBILITY..HE and HE ALONE with some buddies set this WHOLE THING IN MOTION! Had he not been a THUG that day, that is what we call individuals who BEAT DOWN SOMEONE ON THE STREET, we would be ALIVE today! Instead, he made a mistake...a mistake he paid the ULTIMATE price for....HE caused this to happen...UNFORTUNATELY the punishment far exceeded what he bargained for!

It's not a matter of "deserves"

It's a matter of pulling a bone-headed stunt and then paying the price when something goes horribly wrong. Strickland could have been the greatest guy since Thomas Aquinas, but on the night he participated in that robbery, he helped initiate a sequence of events that ultimately led to his death. HIS actions put Corporal Long on that front doorstep. Here's a parallel: My son-in-law was the greatest guy in the world. He didn't DESERVE to die when he lost control of his car and hit a tree, but that's what happens when you have a couple of beers after work and then speed around a hairpin turn on a rain-slick highway while not wearing your seatbelt. Moral of the story is, don't pull stupid stunts and you usually don't have to worry about meeting a premature end.

Don't forget the true victim

LET IT GO, ALREADY! (I'm not heartless enough to suggest a family can ever get over a member's death, but enough is enough). If there was ever anything good to come of this accident it should have been directed toward the real victim of the crime, but the media won't discuss someone getting bashed in the head and having their property stolen. All they want to do is place a criminal on a pedestal. What a sad commentary. Next, Stricklands, why don't you sue the makers of the stolen PlayStation?

this is not the first

this is not the first mistake the police department have made in cold blooded murder ,peytons parents should sue because peyton was murdered in cold blood by the police,"Deputy Chris Long said he mistook the sound of a battering ram for gunshots coming from inside the house." bo you need more than your ears checked handling a firearm paid by our public tax dollars to protect and serve .if i thought peyton was going to use deadly force against me as an officer i would have used tear gas or a smoke bomb then raided the house or tricked him out with a winning game prize instead of those gorilla tactics used.what if the police keep on screwing up until they run across the wrong one with an arsenol and buckets full of ammo for revenge against there police mistake for a loved one . now if that were just a regular tax paying citizen that made the same mistake chris long did they would still be in jail under murder charges or manslaughter with probation and a jail sentence and community service ,THERE are numerous police incidents i have seen on the news where police used deadly force against tax paying citizens whom make police salary possible ,the depressed guy whom found out he had cancer on the railroad tracks with the flare gun whom was depressed and thinking suicide i would have got a plastic shield like any other police department uses and my tazer and walked right up to the guy or ran him down there is only one shot in those flare guns,they the police said hey were gonna shoot you if you dont drop the flare gun and the police knew he had a flare gun that was how it was handled murdering him with my tax dollars, personally i have been harrased by the uncw police to the point i was going to sue, now i have no respect for there police and i explain that to them , riding a bike across campus with boxes of left over food from work and i get pulled slamed off my bike every time and again and again i tell them i live right over there in campus edge oh they just rip the box open without asking me ,you would think fort nox was on the uncw campus ,

your tax dollars?

Let me guess. You are a college student who owns no property of any sort. Maybe a vehicle. That being the case, pick any officer in New Hanover County, and realize they worked off what you paid before 6:30am. Now they are working off what they paid. Its easy to second guess actions when you have this story book idea of how the world is.

Ok Mr. Judgemental, If he

Ok Mr. Judgemental, If he owns no property, then it is probably not his fault. As a UNCW student myself, I can say that the cost for me to go to school here is more than I make each year at my job...and yes I do work about 30 hours a week, and I am a full time student. However, I cannot get financial aid; therefore, I'll be paying this college money for about the next thirty years to pay for my education. In about six months I will be certified to teach high school English, hopefully your children, if you have any, will be fortunate to have me as their teacher. Not only will I teach them about literature and writing, but I will also teach them not to judge those who are less fortunate than themselves.

If you're an English teacher, teach English

Dear Charles/Charlene Dickens, Leave the "life ethics" education to the parents. If your job is to teach English, teach English. We have kids who can't pass EOG tests, SAT scores are in the toilet compared to thirty years ago, we have aspiring English teachers who can't spell judgmental, but by God every kid graduating from public school has received several thousand hours of instruction in the Sesame Street/Barney "brotherhood of man" crappola. (What a success it's been, however! It got you young folks to help elect a Marxist as president, which was the intent all along. Once the left gained control of the schools and the media, it was only a matter of time...) The post you replied to contained a valid point. If you're not paying your way through life, you really don't have a lot to say about how things are run. Welcome to Life 101.

It is a shame you are taking up space at UNCW

because you sir, are ignorant, and have proven yourself so. You do not have the capacity for higher knowledge offered at that school, and you would be better minded working the streets where your mentality fits better...

Not the first

Where did you learn to type? Probably the same place that you learned to spell. I'm sure if you were a police officer, you could do it alot better. If anyone believes that, I would like to sell them the memorial bridge.

If you live in Campus Edge

If you live in Campus Edge then you do not pay government salary. Property taxes pay the salary not sales tax, therefore if you don't own land, you don't pay their salary. I'm sure that any law enforement official would gladly hand you your 25 cents worth of their salary back if this is the kind of respect you have for them. And as far as your comment regarding "if i thought peyton was going to use deadly force against me as an officer..." you want to use tear gas against a gun? Real bright.

You, back to school!

Ok registered voter/taxpayer/concerned citizen you may have had some good points in your statement, but your lack of punctuation and poor spelling makes it close to impossible to read through your rambling.

Strickland lawsuit

He was a disappointment for them when he was alive, but it seems that little junior is finally paying dividends for the parents. When he tried to embrace the thug life and was involved in that robbery, it set into motion that sequence of events that led to a tragedy for everyone involved. His parents did what any ambulance chasing lawyer would do, try to profit from the tragedy. First the sheriff's Dept, now UNCW, who knows, maybe next they will sue the maker of the firearm or the ammunition manufacturer or the victim himself for allowing himself to be easy prey when he was robbed.

You forgot one

They still have the game manufacturer to sue, too. This can go on forever. Bless the cops involved and the University as well. Decent people who are attacked seldom get lawyers to defend them so stoutly.

Disappointment...I think not...

Excuse me? Do you know this family? He was not a disappointment to them. And by the way, this family doesn't need the money. Come on, what would you do if this was your kid? Don't throw stones...think about all the circumstances of this case. Read everything you can on what truly happened and then decide what you would do if this was YOUR child, not just someone you perceive as a "thug". There's a reason why the killer of this boy is not currently employed with the NHC sheriff's department. I don't know the Strickland family but have followed this case extensively. Get the facts and then come back to post. I assure you that I am a neutral person that is making an educated judgement on facts, but also making judgement as a parent. You too would do ANYTHING to protect your child.

Re: Definitely a Disappointment

This kid was nothing but low-life scum. Not having to have him go to trial and be prosecuted is saving us SO much money and media time, the ends DO justify the means.

You tell 'em!

The deputy made a mistake and killed the worthless thug when he shouldn't have. The family already got $2.5 million from the county, and Long worked for the county. UNCWPD simply asked for assistance from the county. They have no liability at all. There WAS a valid reason to search the house and the public pictures of other residents with firearms gave probable cause to approach the home as a potentially dangerous encounter, justifying the use of ERT. This issue should have died with the county settlement. Sonny-boy is definitely taking care of his parents in their old age. He just doesn't know it.

On the other hand

when the Dad is an attorney, one should not expect common sense or such a thing as tort reform. Ultimately, the Insurance Carrier for UNCW will spend unknown thousands to defend the University or will cop a deal to make it go away. Then who to sue? Time is running out; there is a time limit for filing actions.


He wasn't a disappointment??? He was a thief, I'm pretty sure that wasn't what lawyer daddy wanted for him. He was a thug, he committed robbery, had previous charges for assault and willingly posed for pictures trying to up his thug image.

Where's the Proof?

How do you KNOW he committed that robbery. You can not base that on your opinion of Peyton as he was never charged or convicted of those crimes. Sorry, but based on our judicial system, you can't play that card. Is that all you got?

the proof

Because if it walks like a thug, acts like a thug, smells like a thug... it is a thug. You are correct, he wasn't convicted but the sheriff's department wasn't at his door to ask him on a date.


Seriously, are you really that ignorant?

No longer a need for proof

Proof beyond a reasonable doubt is only required at a criminal trial. No trial, no proof required. Common sense dicates that you go by the accomplices who admitted their guilt, as well as Strickland's involvement. Long may have made a mistake, but had Strickland not participated in the robbery, he would never have been in danger of getting shot.

That's Why...

"Long may have made a mistake, but had Strickland not participated in the robbery, he would never have been in danger of getting shot." That's why Long is unemployed...oh and by the way, the Strickland's are going to have a MOUND of $$$$ for their scholarship fund! But I can guarantee you this, they would give you every dime and every worldly possession they have to enjoy just one second again with thier son. And sorry, but I'm not an ignorant person, I just refuse to come to the plate with eyes wide shut with my opinions already form...mine are ALL based on TRUE people that sit around and Blog, Blog, Blog about your stupid old timey opinions need to find a more productive hobby that would benefit society...there's alot of wasted energy out there. Peace...Out!


It's called SELF RESPONSIBILITY...he surely didn't deserve to die for what he did...HOWEVER, there is some self responsibility that set this WHOLE THING in motion that caused the end to happen that did.


Still no excuse to KILL someone...NOONE, I DON'T CARE WHAT THEIR PRIORS MAY BE. Self-Responsibity goes two ways...don't you think Peyton received self-responsibility by loosing his life? Yes, he did. Now it's time for NHC & UNCW to hold their "self-responsibility". I'm not saying this kid was perfect, but there were serious mistakes made here. SERIOUS MISTAKES.

The county already settled

You don't even know what has already transpired. The county settled with the Strickland family months ago.


RIDICULOUS! My son was a thief which led to his now I am going to SUE for his misdeeds... AWESOME country we live in today! I think I am going to sue Mr. Strickland...just because I can...I can think up SOMETHING...