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Strickland makes first court appearance, claims innocence

A Tabor City teen charged with burning down his own house made his first appearance in court Friday. The house is owned by Allen Strickland who is accused of burning down the house, which was bought for him by Senator RC Soles. Strickland says he was in his house when it caught up in flames. He also told WWAY he was called down to the Tabor City Fire Station by a fire investigator, to look over some building permits for his house. That's when he says the SBI was waiting for him around the corner, and served him with an arrest warrant. After being booked into the county jail, he posted $10,000 toward his $100,000 bond and was released. "I posted my bond with my own debit card. No one was there to give it to me; you were outside, it's on record that I paid for it with my debit card, and R.C. had nothing to do with getting me out. I'm innocent, and it's not worrying me one bit, cause I’ve got proof that it wasn't me." Strickland told us RC Soles is not his lawyer in this case. Strickland's next court date is set for the twenty-first of September.

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It really seems strange to

It really seems strange to me why Soles would purchase what looks like a fairly new house for a teenager and did he also buy him a car?It doesn't make since to me.Was the house for just him or his family also.Who purchased the home owners insurance?

Deja Vu all over again

This all seems so familiar. Tabor City. A house fire. Construction and wiring issues that could have caused the fire. A person with the last name of Strickland charged with setting the fire, to his own home. Are the same fire investigators handling this one, too?

Bond Money

Yes he may have used his own debit card, but who put the money in the account to begin with. A 17 year old with $10,000 in the bank. A 17 year old that has no job. Oh maybe that was the insurance money he got back from the house R.C. built for him. Anyway you look at it R.C. is involved.

Strickland first court appearance

Allen Strickland is definitely light in his loafers when it comes to telling the truth. Just a couple of years ago, he had to have help to buy a lawn mower and he was ashamed of the clothes he wore. The boy needs help. Does he believe people are believing his lie about where he got his money to post his bond. The grass in Tabor City is green not gold. $10,000 is a lot of money to come up with. How did he get a credit card? He's never worked so how could he establish credit? He's definitely not 18 years old. Stupid is as stupid does. Allen Strickland is getting himself further and further in trouble each time he steps in front of a camera. The IRS needs to know about his financial transactions and I personally will see that the IRS is notified. WWAY needs to keep on top of all this mess in Columbus Co. WWAY's competitors took a long time in coming forth with their coverage. TV3 was the only one with enough gumption to report the news as it happens. RC Soles will try everything in his power to silence WWAY but I hope the management won't let this happen. Though some reporters of WWAY's competitor are good, Ann McAdams and her staff have done an excellent job getting all this information out to the public. Allen Strickland, BJ Wright, Kyle Blackburn, RC Soles, Jr., Stacy Scott and any other participant in this questionable affair have no shame so why shouldn't their activities be made known to the public so we can decide who's telling the truth? WWAY's slogan is we report, you decide. just that, WWAY. Furnish the public with the solid, verifiable information you have so we, the public, can take over from there.

Frog Cor

You've got to be kidding. Just swipe your card and go? . Um, would you like fries or onion rings with that Class H/C felony combo? Drive up in the back seat of a sheriff's car, then get right back in that vette and keep on ridin'. WeeDoggie!

Hey Sparky

Where did you get the $10,000? I honestly don't know why you even said that no one was there to give it to you. Probably the first time in many years there wasn't. Can't wait to see your proof. The plot thickens!