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Strickland posts bond, put on house arrest

Tuesday we told you 17-year-old Allen Strickland was in back in jail. He was held in lieu of a $500,000 bond after allegedly leading police on a chase in his Corvette, which he had no license to drive. Now we have learned Strickland has come up with the money to post that bond. Deputies tell us that Strickland is still in the Columbus County Jail, however, until they can get an electronic monitoring device to put him on house arrest. Strickland will not be able to go to his house, which was paid for by Senator RC Soles. Strickland must wear an ankle bracelet while he stays with a relative. Strickland said he will try to get a judge to remove the ankle bracelet. The SBI charged the Tabor City teen last week with setting that house on fire. He came up with the money to pay the bond resulting from that charge, but under advice from his lawyer, he declined to comment on how he paid the bond.

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Where is the investigation going?

It does seem we should have an idea of what this investigation has shown by now????

Yes, we should have had a

Yes, we should have had a report by now. If anyone besides RC Soles was involved, someone would have been indited by now.

Allen Strickland

Where are his parents? Why is a 17 year old living alone, driving a vett, and taking money from anyone? Maybe, I missed part of the story....... He is a minor, aren't his parent responsible for him? It all seems so unreal for a 17 year old boy to be running around crazy with no parents or family member around. Is he in school? Or will he continue to be a drain on RC and then on the rest of us? He is out of control!

Allen Strickland

I have a serious problem with this entire episode,the least of which is WHERE IS DSS in all this? This is a 17 year old kid, that obviously has quite a few issues. Everyone in the entire area has read about the situation (s) he is in...he is accused of arson(twice), he is charged with various felonies regarding the car, he owns his own home, he has no parents around, he owns a corvette, obivously he has received a wad of cash from somewhere, all while this kid is now only 17 years old....and I am yet to see where DSS has stepped in to try to help save this boy before it's too late. To me it's like that guy in CA that kidnapped the girl, raped her, held her hostage for 18 years..where were his parole officer when that went on...and where the heck is DSS in this mess with this minor. This situation began long before today... the boy was and is very young. Columbus County DSS needs to be investigated as well.

Another Free Ride!

I think that Strickland continues with this behaviour because he knows that RC Soles will continue get him out of it. This boy is underage, where are is parents during all this? Why are they not involved with these issues?

Jail house express lane

Froggy went to court and he did ride --- again. Swipe and go. Wow, can you imagine the frequent flyer points?

Political Drama

A new house, corvette and large sums of money given to a 17 year old as gifts? Seems like a blackmail cover up to me.


Where is Allen Stickland getting all this money from? He said last week that he posted the bail on his debt car, it was $10,000.00 and now this bond too. Someone better be scarching the money trail. IRS are you out there ?


Stop, look at this kid, Look at where the money is coming from and why. There is a money trail here. How could this kid have that kind of money on a debit card ? why does he have and from whom. Then you find the answer, I am so sorry for the police office lifes that he put a risk by running from them and the other cars that were on the road.

he is not guilty

the police said he ran from them but how can they say it was him because his windows are tinted and i also know that at the time that this was suppose to happen he was at home. the law said it was him just because its his car but when the truth come out tabor city police will have egg all over their face.


Others are to blame (adults), just not the kid. Maybe light will be shed soon. This kid is rewarded for his behaviour. What more can you except out of him. His behaviour is abnormal, (socially unacceptable or statistically infrequent, and fraught with misperceptions). But why is the question. From a psychological learning perspective, abnormal behaviour presents the acquisition, or learning, of inappropriate maladaptive behaviours. Physiologist Ivan Pavlov did an experiment on conditioning. A bell was rung and meat was place on a dogs tongue. Following several pairings of the bell ringing and meat being placed on the tongue, the dog learned to salivate in response to the bell. The money in Mr Stickland's case represents the meat the dog was given. The salivating represents the actions, or what he is doing for the money( meat). Now the question is who is ringing the bell to teach him this behaviour? There is some sort of influence or lack there of in Mr. Strickland's case. I really feel sorry for the kid. Hopefully he will wake up and see the light. He needs real help, not the sort of help that others are providing for him. They are conditioning him the wrong way.


Woh, thats a lot of money to post, even at 10% through a bondsman is 50,000. Maybe he gets a regular customer discount.

bond ture

first of all strickland should not have been arrested the 3rd time. they arrested him 2 day in arow the last time they arrested him was less than 24 hours for the same thing which the last time i checked that was double jeopardywhich is ilegal., but that is not for me to say what will happen there, that is his lawyer place to handle that. second of all he had to put a lot up to be able to get out of jail.i really wish t.c. people would wake up and see what is happen to this young guy because its really not fair to him. the law is out to destory him and why. i dont blame frog at all the law let him down in the first place and the law is screwing him over now.

Double Jeopardy

Where did you do your checking at? Beetle Bailey?

Give me a break

What a crazy thing for someone to say... The law is out to destroy him. First, he has taken care of that on his own. Second, they don't care about destroy him. Frog???? What in the crap is that. Oh yeah!!!! CRAZY


No, double jeopardy is if you are found innocent of a crime you cannot be tried for the same crime again. He was arrested for arson and then was arrested for running from the police. Those are charges, not jury verdicts. He will keep being arrested as long as he thinks he can do as he pleases. Why is it not fair to him? Should we not hold him responsible for his actions?


Could he use his burned up house as collateral? Never been in jail so I have no idea how that works.