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Strickland released from prison


COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- Allen Strickland the Tabor City teen with ties to Sen. R.C. Soles, was released from prison today. Strickland spent the last several months behind bars at the Western Youth Institute in Morganton. He was sent there after leading police on a high-speed chase in a Corvette paid for by Soles.

Strickland has some unrelated arson charges still pending against him. He's accused of burning down two houses in Tabor City, including the one he lived in, that was paid for by Soles.

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Just in time

for spring and summer ratings. Frog is back in Tabor City.

Maybe he'll be putting in a guest appearance at the Strawberry Festival this week-end; that is if someone gives him a lift.

Tabor City has there

Tabor City has there problems, but I can guarantee you that your town and county has much greater problems. Your town of Wilmington is over run with Gangs and ghetto's..... Whats the first thing you see when you arrive on Hwy 74 and cross the bridge....It looks like a dump between there and the mall....


is not my town. In Surf City, we have a police force which enforces the law. We also have gators in the Intra-Coastal and a 2 per day bag limit for varmints & weasels.

Are you saying though that Frog is indicative of the populace in Tabor City?


We are happy that frog is back home and ask for everyone to please leave him and his family a lone. They need some time together, his sister is having a baby soon and she wants everyone to leave them a lone.

We will if he will

Tell Gump to stop doing stupid stuff that puts his mug shot on the news.


Frog knows that he has made mistakes and he is trying to put his life together. He knows that he stills has things pending but till trial please leave them alone let them have their privacy. If one of your family member was going to have a baby wouldnt you want to keep them from stress. Please just leave them a lone they have had some very hard times since frog went to jail and his sister does not need to be stressed out. Her and her husband would just like their privacy and to get ready to welcome their baby into their family with out people being nosey.