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Students in Bladen county bundled up inside classroom

READ MORE: Students in Bladen county bundled up inside classroom

BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- Students at Bladenboro Middle School are having to learn in the cold. The school's heat works in only some parts of the building. Parents and teachers say kids have had to learn in temperatures as low as 50 degrees.

Some teachers say they've even gone as far as to advise the students to bring extra coats and blankets with them to school.

"Usually you come to school thinking you can wear just a long sleeve shirt," says social studies teacher, Steven Thurman. "I have on my coat, and a sweatshirt just trying to bundle up in layers at school. I just want to make sure they're warm enough at school."

Thurman says several other teachers are using space heaters in their classrooms since the problem started about two weeks ago. Room temperatures vary, depending on where their classrooms are located in the building.

Principle Wilbert Stokes says he, along with maintenance staff check the temperatures every morning.

"There is a variant from time to time in the temperatures within the building," says Stokes. "However, I don't see it as being a problem because we get support from our maintenance staff."

Tanya Long, a mother of two students at the school disagrees. She says her kids have complained about the cold temperatures for more than two weeks now. Not only is it difficult to learn, but Long says the environment could become a health issue.

"They have asthma and breathing problems and when you go to school when you're cold, then you end up getting sick," says Long. "They're probably going to have to end up spending Christmas sick."

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I can relate. My classroom has been between 62 and 64 degrees for the past 2 weeks. I've had a sinus and ear infection since Thanksgiving and have not been able to see any improvements, even with antibiotics and cough syrup. In fact, I believe it has gotten worse this week. The second they walk through my door, my students ask, "Why is it so cold in here?" I don't have a thermostat in my room so about a year or two ago (after trying to convince administration that I wasn't just being too sensitive) I bought a thermometer to put in my classroom.

I cannot imagine how the teachers and students are able to function at 50 degrees on a daily basis. I suppose I should feel lucky that my room is at least in the 60s.


The principal should go in to the classrooms with no heat and see how long he lasts. They can not expect a child to learn in extreme cold/hot conditions. I believe if enough parents complain something will be done. And, if nothing is done the problem should be taken to the Board of Education.

The heat is working properly

The heat is working properly according to the principal and some of the classrooms temperatures in the 50's. I hate to see the classroom temperatures when the heat is not working. Must be nice and toasty in the principal's office.