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Student's body found

WILMINGTON -- Around 1:30 a.m. this morning, police found the body of 20-year-old Samuel Paul Flinn in front of a townhouse in the Carleton Place neighborhood near the UNCW campus. Flinn was a student at East Carolina University and in town visiting friends. His friends wouldn't give their names and declined to comment today. Police say the victim's death may have stemmed from an altercation involving several men. They say no weapons were involved. The exact cause of death will be determined by an autopsy scheduled for later this week. Meanwhile, Carleton Place residents are concerned. "It's a pretty ridiculous time to lose your life at 20 years old," said neighbor Max Bobroff who is also twenty and a student at Cape Fear Community College. "So it's a pretty traumatic experience for this neighborhood." UNCW sent an email out to its students, notifying them of the incident and assuring them the University community is not in danger. Anyone with information about this incident should call Wilmington police at 343-3600.

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civil action and violation of civil rights

I wonder if any of the victims or folks on their behalf can take legal action under civil law for assault and Federal Law for violation of civil rights? Going to the aid of a friend who has been jumped is not a self defense claim and getting these liars on the stand under oath would be justice since there ARE penalties for lying under oath where there are apparently not any for telling the police what they want to hear.

This is a terribly horrific

This is a terribly horrific incident and I feel very deeply for Sam's family. My deepest sympathy. I believe they know who did it and have them in custody as I saw on another news site that the police were not seeking any suspects. It's really crazy to me because I was just a few streets away when this happened. My friend just called me a while ago asking me to confirm that it was indeed her friend that I had heard about on the news. It's really strange to see how close to home this hits.

DA: No charges in death of student

Wednesday, September 26, 2007 DA: No charges in death of student JOURNAL STAFF REPORT WILMINGTON - No charges will be filed in connection with the death of a Winston-Salem man who was involved in a fight early Sunday morning in Wilmington, the district attorney said this afternoon. Samuel Flinn, 20, was a student at East Carolina University. Flinn was visiting A friend near UNC Wilmington when his friend started a fight with Jeffery Collins, another man. When Flinn intervened on his friend's behalf, Collins punched him. District Attorney Ben David said today that Collins was acting in self defense, and that Flinn's injuries "are entirely consistent with those suffered during an unremarkable fist fight." An autopsy said that Flinn died from bleeding in the brain, caused by a head injury. Flinn graduated from West Forsyth High School in 2006.


Sad.... he voluntarily jumped in on a fight that was started by his friend got punched and died. Hitting people in the face can cause death but, defending yourself is not illegal. Maybe if they were not all drinking, smoking and doing prescription drugs the fight wouldn't have started at all. Alcohol makes you do stupid things. So much underage drinking around colleges, thats REALLY sad.

People are so quick to jump

People are so quick to jump to the conclusion that the young boy's death was a result of violence. However, it is important to understand that cause of death has no been determined. Back in the "old days" there was not the science to find the truth that we can today. So I do not wish for the "old days." Also, all UNC-System schools have made reforms in their acceptance procedures to ensure that the student body is a safe group. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved and affected with this tragedy.


Please send these responders a map of campus so they will know this did not happen on campus-If you will note, one of the students was a Cape Fear Community student-But we need to project the blame somewhere- A school seems to be the band wagon that parents will jump on- Come on ,let's go---UNCW

Prayers to the family

Our prayers can not take away the pain of losing this young man. I have always thought of Carleton Place as a safe place to live. Now there are security patrols throughout the day and step it up at night. Please Carleton Place residences start acting responsibly, the parties need to be toned down. Our neighborhood needs to heals.

I am a student at UNCW, the

I am a student at UNCW, the same age as Samuel Paul Flinn. I find it pretty offensive that such a tragic event and the death of someone so young could lead someone to calling a school with a population climbing over twelve thousand people thugs. We are not thugs. We are not all bad people. Bad things happen everyday to every place and all sorts of people. That should not reflect back on the student population that it happened to affect. Do you think Virginia Tech is full of terrorists after what happened on April 16th. The situation at hand is bad enough, a life was lost that shouldn't have been. Must you belittle our university community as a result? I hope you won't let your children come here if they hold the same simple minded mentality as you.


So saddened to hear of this horrible altercation involving Sam F. My sincere sympathies extended to Tom, his big brother, parents, family and friends. My heart goes out to you and you will be in my prayers.

It has to stop...

Crime has apprently moved from Creekwood to the UNCW campu area. Perhaps the campus police will once again call on SWAT to level out,I mean defend the area... My sincere condolences to this young man's family andf friends. This violence and crime HAS to STOP !


The kids friends said that he was beaten to death by three black males. And this happens at the same time as the Jena 6? I wonder if Jesse Jackson and Al "Bozo" Sharpton will come here to see that justice is served? I think not. I am hoping the police catch these thugs immediately.

This has nothing to do with

This has nothing to do with race!!!!...did anyone ever think about that maybe if these kids wasnt drinking, smoking, or taking prescription drugs that none of this would have prob happened...its so easy for us to point the blame but its hard for us to see what it really is...this has nothing to do with jena 6.....and before you talk about jena your history!!!And thugs???? thats a pretty bold comment...i hope you have facts to prove that they are thugs...cause now days i hear that name calling with out fact can get you sued real quick!...everyone needs to stop pointing fingers at this race and that race...and start praying that we can all come together and take a stand....but if you cant do least pray for the family members of the victim...I know I am!


I don't understand what is going on with our college but I don't think I want my kids going The problems that have gone on there are unreal. Your kid is not safe there anymore. What is it, do they just allow all the thugs to enroll so they can get the money? I hope they catch the ones who did it and do away with them like they did in the old days....maybe if the liberalist would shut up and allow us to give harsher punishments, crime would not be so high.


" they just allow all the thugs to enroll so they can get the money? I hope they catch the ones who did it and do away with them like they did in the old days..." First of all, I want you to know that I was friends with him and actually was there when he was killed. I am 18 years old and saw my friend covered with a sheet on the driveway. I think it's kind of insensitive of you to turn this into your own political rally by talking about the "liberalists". This isn't about that; it's about 20 eighteen-twenty years old seeing their friend die just from going a nice neighborhood. It's about a family losing a son/grandson/nephew and knowing that it was for nothing. Second, I hope they fry them for what they did, but no one even knows if the people that killed him even attend UNCW. The people that were at the condo when he died don't know, and it hasn't been released to the press yet so maybe you should hold off on that opinion too until you find out the facts.


This is absolutely terrible. Someone needs to be held accountable for this malicious act. I hope that the Wilmington Police Department does not take this case lightly as no one deserves to burry their children. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the victim.

My deepest sympathies to Mr.

My deepest sympathies to Mr. Flinn's family.


I would like to know why this isn't being talked about?? the student was a close friend of mine son.


Sam was a fantastic young man and will be missed by all of his many friends and family. Please if anyone knows anything, step forward and help. We will miss him so much!

Blown Away

I would like it to be known that the victims of the fight were not actually fighting, they stepped outside and were jumped. I couldn't tell you why or what happened to kill our buddy but its just not fair. Please keep Sammy and his family in your prayers everyone.


I met Sam a few times, and what happened is murder. The police aren't talking about it, the news isn't talking about it, why is that? are the worried it will backfire like Jenna6 did? where the people that did the crime are now media heroes? seems as if the justice system is not willing to do their jobs because they are afraid they them self will be sued, or fired. let this have been reversed and it would have been on CNN, Fox news and every local news channel in the country. every case like this one should be a charged hate crime, he didn't get beat to death because they liked him. All victims deserve justice..

So if you believe that all

So if you believe that all victims deserve you believ jena 6 deserves justice????? This was not a hate was about everyone doing and being somewhere they had no not faulting anyone but instead of looking at it as racial we need to look at it as what it is...and that it....people engaging in illegal things..which causes them to act out...which lead into something terrible and now a family has to pay for it....This has nothing to do with race....clearly you can see that