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Students get doses of reality, mad science

WILMINGTON -- Some Wilmington eighth graders got a dose of reality Friday. The Reality Store opened Friday morning at Williston Middle School. The store is part of a lesson plan that teaches students how to manage their money and responsibilities. After being assigned a career and a salary, students were left on their own to figure out how to best use their resources. Williston eighth-grader Lindsay Johnson said, "I went and bought a house, a small house, four bedrooms, two and a half baths, and then I went and bought a used car because it was cheaper. And then I only bought a bedroom set for me and a bunk-bed set for my two kids and a refrigerator." In addition to furnishing their new homes, the students had to make grown-up decisions like whether to take out a loan, and how much they had to spend on health insurance. A couple of miles away at Eaton Elementary School mad scientists took over. The Mad Science of Coastal Carolina program put on an interactive science demonstration for the kids. The presentation encouraged the kids to get hands on while learning about gravity, air pressure, density and other subjects. The organization's president says they pride themselves on not lecturing, but making sure the kids have fun while learning at the same time. Friday's demonstration encouraged future scientists. Eaton Elementary second-grader Cole McCarthy said, "I liked when they shot air out of the trash can because I like learning about the air pressure and all that stuff because I want to be a scientist when I grow up." The Mad Science program performs at schools and private functions.

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Kudos to both schools

In a nation where millions are apparently too stupid to understand that loans have to be paid back, and where we have to bring in tens of thousands of engineers on H1B visas every year, learning experiences such as these are exactly what we need.

Re: Have Too?

Have to bring them in? A bit of a stretch. Is it not that they will work for less? Is it not that College is becoming less and less affordable to the average United States Citizens? We certainly wouldn't want them to go in debt, now would we?

Yes, we HAVE to bring them in

Take the time to research the number of engineers and scientists this country needs every year into the future, then look at the number of engineers and scientists our universities are graduating. The lines form a big X on the chart. Demand is climbing, supply is dwindling. There's no shortage of Communications majors. You can hire Psychology majors by the truckload. Pick any degree that required nothing more than common sense and allowed them ample party time, and you can find dozens of people to interview with no problem. Then try to find entry level engineers, and you'll understand why we have Pakistanis on H1B visas making six-digit salaries and working on the avionics suite for the latest Navy fighter jet. You might also then realize why the United States is losing it's standing as the world's R&D leader. We need people that understand thermodynamics more than we need more "grief counselors."

Re: Yes, we HAVE to bring them in

The more I debate you, the more I realize how much I dislike certain qualities you possess. However, I mostly possess the same qualities. Our differences boil down to two different ideologies. You seem to blame all of our social ills on irresponsible behavior and socialism. I on the other hand sneer at Globalism as being the culprit, whether it's leftist "Global (barf) Village" stuff and/or Industrial Globalism without responsibility. I would like to qualify my initial response to you by pointing out that: Starting at a young age, today's kids are being taught a whole lot more right side cranial subjects verses the left (logic/management) side subjects. Therefore, not preparing these kids to think like engineers. This is leftist "Global (barf) Village" stuff. One other big difference, you seem to personally attack people in the news or have posted to this board, all the time, why? Is this your way of trying to sway someones opinion? I on the other hand enjoy reading the good, bad and the ugly. It certainly would be boring if they spewed the same rhetoric I do. In closing, neither of us are ever going to budge from our stance. I shall now retire to Mondschein on Deutsche Grammophon, DDD recording on my AMERICAN audio gear.

Please point out where I attacked you

I explained that our nation is running out of brilliant engineering and scientific minds, while producing a bumper crop of people with un-marketable, unneeded degrees. Nowhere did I attack you. (I normally reserve my attacks for ignorant people who proudly bask in that ignorance....and liberal Democrats who believe that my money is OUR money, of course.) We do have one distinct difference: I may be able to make enough people think, to hold off Socialism for two seconds longer than it would have arrived without my efforts. Globalism is already here, and though you may rage against it you'll never be able to turn back the clock. Anyway, feel free to dislike my qualities or me. I'm not a sensitive guy. Effective, accurate, truthful writing is more important than spreading a popular message. You'll find that very seldom will I espouse an opinion that is not based upon facts.

Can You Read English?

I said: "One other big difference, you seem to personally attack people in the news or have posted to this board, all the time, why?" I did NOT say that you attacked me. As for your earlier comments, I sure would like to see where you get your information concerning engineers. Please qualify.

Did you raise any of your

Did you raise any of your kids to receive an engineering degree?

Why no Scally, I didn't

The elder graduated pre-law, but decided that SHE wanted to be in active law enforcement. (My prediction is that she'll eventually get tired of wrestling drunks every Saturday night, take the LSATs, go back to school, and make a great prosecutor.) The other "gun-nut," as you refer to them, the career military officer, is an optometrist. So did you want to argue that this country doesn't need engineers and scientists, or were you just looking for an opening?

I'm sure your children are

I'm sure your children are very smart and successful, and by your posts I can also tell you're educated as well. We probably have more in common than you might think (no pun intended). Where I feel we diverge in opinion is that I tend to look for the good in people. I feel that most people make mistakes and up to a certain degree should be helped if they're willing to help themselves. Like you I feel there's tremendous waste in government, and illegal aliens are bleeding this country dry. Unlike you I don't feel that belittling and chastising people is a way to progress forward. I never need an opening I just take it, it's the American way right?

I rarely belittle people

Please don't confuse presenting a straightforward, butt-kicking argument that is difficult to refute with belittling them. I rarely belittle or pick on people. The one comment about that one family's weight was cruel, but occasionally even I can be tacky for the sake of humor....and even you found that comment funny. I plead guilty to chastising those who are, as I said earlier, ignorant and proudly bask in that ignorance. The best example I can remember was the young lady who thought the government should pay for her healthcare so that she could spend her money on her apartment, her car, her clothes, etc. It's unfair to single her out, however - Clinton and Obama's popularity shows that half the country thinks they should get a free ride. As far as the good in people, we do differ. I don't LOOK for the good in people, because I assume all people are good....until they prove otherwise. Scally, becoming an armed robber isn't a simple "mistake." Shooting heroin and smoking crack isn't equivalent to cutting school. There is a certain level uniform, to say it phonetically, beyond which it is safe to assume "this is a person with fatal character flaws. This is a bad person." Yes, we all make mistakes. I've made some whoppers, and will pay the price for the rest of my life. I have no patience, however, with people who make a whopper of a mistake and then keep on moving from one, to another, to another.

I'm with you common

Who hasn't made huge mistakes in life? I have my fair share but have learned from them and that helps me avoid doing the same activity again. It is the people that don't take personal pride in their lives and expect you and me to take care of them that cause a majority of problems. Isn't it great to see a shopping cart loaded with the best cuts of meat, the top brand name labels (no store labels) and the fresh crab legs or lobster be paid for by an EBT card? And then you see the wad of cash come out to pay for the beer and cigarettes. Really makes me want to try hard to get a little more so I can be taxed higher to pay for their feast.

Re: I'm with you common

Guesty wrote: I'm with you common. Surprise surprise. Actually I agree with your example guesty, people should be able to pull themselves up by their boot straps, there should be a strict time limit on any government aid, but we shouldn't turn our backs on those that just need a helping hand.


I don't have a problem with people that need help but not those that look at it as a way of life. Hard times can hit anybody but those that don't do anything to help themselves don't deserve taxpayer help.