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Students get a taste of Wilmington in Black and White

In a couple of weeks, hundreds will fill the Williston School auditorium, for a program on the history and future of race relations in Wilmington. Tuesday, community leaders tried to get students to sign up for the course by giving them a taste. Music, poetry, and history lectures will all be a part of the eight week class called Wilmington in Black and White. District attorney Ben David started the program last year to help calm the community after a shooting created a lot of racial tension in town. "There needs to be a dialogue about what's going on in our community to build trust and form a shared understanding of what it means to have justice in this community,” said David. “This class is a perfect opportunity for everyone regardless of what profession they're in or what color or creed they are to come in and have this shared experience and hopefully form lasting friendships that survive an event." The weekly classes start September 17th. The cost is $50 for adults and $5 for students. Scholarships to attend and more information are available at

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What a waste

of time and money for our schools. The more you talk about "race relations" the worse it gets. If you simply let kids grow up without knowing I think the feeling of normalcy would allow them to simply move forward rather than feel begrudged

I agree

I agree with you 100%.the more people use the race thing. the worse it gets. let kids decide who they want to be friends with. their is no such thing as colour in God's eyes. so why try to make this an issue. CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?? WE ALL ARE RELATED TO EACH OTHER IN THE EYES OF GOD.

Helps if you know the subject...

This program has nothing to do with the public school system. It is a fee-based course organized by the community group Big Picture Talkers. Educate yourself before you judge.