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Students listen as President Obama speaks Tuesday

READ MORE: Students listen as President Obama speaks Tuesday
Despite some controversy over whether or not to show the President's address at local school districts Tuesday, once President Obama started speaking the students were all ears. “You want to be a doctor, or a teacher, or a police officer, you want to be a nurse or an architect, a lawyer, or a member of our military, you're going to need a good education for every single one of those careers,” the President said. About 40 eighth grade students at Cape Fear Center for Inquiry took notes as President Obama stressed the importance of trying your best in school. “It really boosts confidence when you have someone so high up just talk to you instead of talk over your head,” said eighth grader Sebastian Simonsen. The students identified with the President, who offered his own experience to show how a "goof-off" can take advantage of a good education with some training, work, and learning. The President urged struggling students not to give up on their country, their families, and most importantly themselves by setting attainable goals at school. “He said to never give up until you do your school work and talk to your teachers and that kind of stuff you're never really going to know what you're good at,” Joslyn Valente noted. President Obama made it clear that education is the key to opening doors in the future. “I think it will just make me smarter overall, so I have an open field to do a lot of stuff in whatever I want pretty much,” Sebastian added. After the address, teachers led a discussion about the importance of education and some of the main points of the speech. Students seemed focused on the fact that trying their hardest and never giving up on an education is the biggest key to future success. Despite some parents' concern about the content of the speech before it aired, there was no political discussion following Obama’s speech at CFCI.

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Go to &

Go to & see what ACORN is all about. Obama was big in ACORN ----watch it if you have any questions. This is what happened to the US

Obama Speaks About Education

First let me say I am conservative. If you don't believe me look at some of my past posts. It is a disgrace when the President of The Untied States, no matter what party, can not talk to school children about the importance of education, without there being political uproar along party lines. Yes the dems did it to Bush, and now the republicans are doing it to Obama. No I did not like the part about the president wanting to have the children write about how they could help president Obama. The White House staff worded that wrong and they knew it. So at least they took it out. It sounded like something that would be done in the former USSR. Maybe it should have been worded, if you would like (meaning optional), write a paper on how you could better help your country (not the president). Remember J.F. Kennedy said, Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country. That is something liberal democrats have now forgot. They want government in controll of every aspect of your life.

This is just politics as

This is just politics as usual. The Republicans opposed the speech simply because Obama is a Democrat, not because of the content of the speech itself. This is evident because the complaints started even before a draft of the speech was issued. George W. Bush also gave a speech adressed at schoolchildren when he was in office. It got less airplay in the media, but some democrats complained that his speech was politically motivated also. The controversy over Obama's speech is nothing new - just everyday partisan politics. The Republicans are just better at getting their faithful in a tizzy using scare tactics - "What if little Johnny comes home a socialist" becuase he listened to an Obama speech on the importance of education. Too funny.

Reply to: This is just politics as... (by Guest 1636)

No, the republicans didn't oppose the speech because Obama is a democrat....The republicans AND democrats opposed the speech because Obama is trying to suck us dry of our freedoms, one by one, and pump propaganda into the minds of our children. By the way, after the media got wind of the "speech," it was redrafted THREE times. Gee, nothing shady there!

You obviously drank the kool

You obviously drank the kool aid that Rush, Fox News, etc. are selling. You do know that Fox News is considered a joke of a news organization. They are just as nutty (in the opposite direction) as are the PETA loonies. And please realize that the more outrageous and out of touch with reality that Rush is, the more listeners (and ultimately more money) he gets. He's an entertainer, nothing more. Being more controversial makes more people listen. But he is not to be taken seriously.

Most presidents in modern

Most presidents in modern times have given speeches like this. I recall Reagan, GHW Bush, Clinton, and GW Bush all adressed schoolchildren at some point in their presidency. And each time, the opposing party complained. This is nothing new. It's just that the republican party has been defeated soundly in the last two major elections. America has rejected their positions conclusively. The party is reeling and has been reduced to fear mongering rather than healthy debate on issues. They know that a majority of voters don't agree with thier stances, so they're trying to scare people with misinformation, in hope of bringing them back into the fold. Don't for a mintue try to tell me that the party was against this speech because of the message the president was going to deliver. If you do, I'll quote your latest laughingstock and say "you lie!" The republican opposition started even before a draft was released; they had no idea what what in the speech at the time. They opposed it simply because it was an Obama speech, rather than a McCain speech. Sore losers.

Can't believe

I can't beleive most people commenting on here still want to make it a racial issue. Can we not just have an opinion that has nothing to do with that?! I don't care if he was as white as the driven snow, I don't like anything he stands for! If the liberals don't like what anyone else's opinions are, they are going to play the race card rather than talking about it because it makes any conservative look like they are bigots! That and most people that are saying it are ill informed!

President Obama

It is ridiculous that parents would be so outraged over a positive message about education. They seem to be terrified that our President might sneak in a subliminal message about communism. Get a grip. He's not Dr. Evil, he's the president of the United States. Teach your child some respect and patriotism.

what are you talking

what are you talking about! you have no idea what patriotism is!, Its being able to have your rights, and in this case excersice them.

Your Outrage

Good, bad, or indifferent; Pres. Obama, Bush, or Clinton, all things being =EQUAL= where was your OUTRAGE when the media or average citizens were blasting the previous former Presidents Bush & Clinton? Just a ?Question?

The Republicans look stupid

The Republicans who tried to paint this speech by Obama to the school children as something political or dangerous for the children really look silly. That backfired. But just like in the Health Care debate, the Republicans have no good ideas for the country, and are powerless and frustrated; so they use every excuse to raise a ruckus, hoping to derail progress by the opposition party. America is starved for progress after eight years of disasterous results from the Republicans, who failed miserably and were sent packing in droves. But apparently the Republicans never learn. Their proposals for health care are not helpful: H.R. 3400 Cover the Uninsured Act- This ridiculous proposition would *repeal the stimulus* and do nothing but give a tax credit to those who already can afford health insurance. It does nothing to address the fact that insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. It does nothing to help the chronically unemployed, who cannot afford insurance to begin with. HR 2520 Patient's Choice Act-This ridiculous proposition creates an Interagency while establishing a Commission and another Office (larger government), gives a tax credit to those who can already afford Health Insurance, and (lol) REPEALS THE STATE CHILDREN'S HEALTH INSURANCE PROGRAM. This ridiculous proposition also does nothing to help the chronically unemployed, nor those with pre-existing conditions. NOTE: I must also add that nothing in any of these plans addresses the way insurance companies can terminate coverage and deny payment for no good reason when a patient has an expensive valid claim. They do nothing to stop the overcharging Doctors who, for example, charge thousands of dollars per patient, per day, on an entire hospital floor for five minute meetings (especially the psychiatrists). These bills usually go to Medicaid/Medicare. DOCTORS ARE MILKING IT, DRIVING UP COSTS. This legislation also does nothing to address the overcharging and overprescribing of prescription drugs. PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES ARE MILKING IT, DRIVING UP COSTS. Therefore, costs will continue to balloon! So since they don't have any good ideas on issues that matter to us, the Republicans try to make an issue out of (lol) a speech about staying in school.

Perhaps the "chronically unemployed"....

...should start managing their own lives, and not depend upon the Socialists to redistribute other peoples' wealth to them in the form of free health insurance? Wake up call, Karl! The 5 of 6 Americans who **DO** have health insurance are not going to let you screw it up for the sake of the inept, lazy, or those whose spending priorities are out of whack.


While I think you're well meaning, I believe your position is antiquated. Many people are moving away from the old Democrat vs. Republican debate. Most are now seeing that both sides are thoroughly corrupt. You made some good points, but the problem is not the context of the speech, but its precedent. Law is precedent (Obama is a lawyer), & the precedent being set of having our children be directly (or indirectly via ridicule) forced to watch a speech & then write about how they can help him, is grossly unacceptable. I do,however, agree with you in that there are very few intelligent options being presented.




grrr im always not seen...

The President should have

The President should have had a long talk today on racism among the school children. I have heard plenty of talk the past few days about how the opposition to his speech was racism. Let me give you an example of racism in schools that needs to be addressed. My daughter informed me this evening that her school is currently planning their homecoming activities. She has two friends who are of Korean descent and they went to sign up for election to the Queen's Court. They were informed by the young lady who was signing candidates up that they only have categories for black, white, and hispanic. The rules are that only these three races can sign up to run and when the student body votes for their picks, they are given a list where the candidates are divided up by race and you can only vote for one person of each race because they want a white, black, and a hispanic in the court and the girls are required to find escorts of the same race as they are. If this is not teaching our children racial profiling, what is it doing? I went to a racially diverse school in high school and you voted for the people you wanted to win, not by quotas. I have never heard of such a thing. On another note, they held class president elections today, and their teacher told them who to vote for. There was only one person running and the students were actually objecting to having to vote as she was not who they would have liked to have. The teacher asked for a show of hands as to who would actually vote for her and there was no one, however the teacher instructed them to vote for her anyway. What kind of a lesson is this teaching?

What school?

What school is that? If what you say is true, that should be looked into. I would send one of the lists to some sort of news media and let them investigate the issue.

President Obama's Education Speech

I am sadded by the fact that some people in this country are still looking at our President's face instead of his character. The Education Speech was outstanding and why is it wrong for the President of the United States to address the nation's children on issues dealing with staying in school. I do not think that it was the speech per se, I think some people had problems with the deliver of the speech. Very sad indeed


WHY are you guys CONSISTENTLY bringing up race? Is THAT all YOU see? I don't see the color of his skin...what I see is a socialistic moron and his friends going for power grabs. I find it funny that people like YOU keep bringing up race...when it really isn't that at all. Seems like all YOU see is color...that is actually sad.


It's never a race issue. Racism is only a figment of black folks imagination, RIGHT? If it were ever an issue of race, you would admit it, RIGHT? Spare Me!!!!!! Aside from implications of racism or the assumption his speech would be a political fiasco, the reluctance to allow the Commander in Chief to speak to kids about success in school was completely disrespectful. Brunswick County Schools showed the students that its ok to not have respect for authority. Now I understand why teachers aren't respected in the classroom. What can the school board say about respect for authority when you can't allow the Commander in Chief to speak to the children. This country can go to war at this man's command. Troops are ready and willing to risk their lives pursuant to his call, yet he can't speak to kids in the public school system about staying in school and being successful without having a controversy. It is disrespectful hands down. The reasoning is quite obvious. The justification is completely rehearsed.


I don't like SURELY isn't the color of their's how they act and how they treat other individuals...seems like YOU have a problem with race...I don't...not my generation. As far as respect of authority...number ONE that starts in the HOME...number TWO...our ELECTED LEADERSHIP starting from about Bush Episode 1..along with the elected members of Congress...haven't given our young people a REASON to respect authority...and REALLY are THEY the authority...or are WE THE PEOPLE the authority...might want to check up on the Constitution on that one...seems people have forgotten...there is only ONE group of the government I RESPECT WHOLE HEARTILY...THE US MILITARY...our elected leadership can all take a flying leap at a rolling doughnut for all I care...BOTH sides of the isle!


First, I never indicated that you develop feelings about someone based on race. I merely expressed my response to your obvious disgust that blacks always invoke the race card when race is not the issue. In your eyes race would never be the issue. If you could switch sides in order to see what I see, then you'll have a completely different insight and perhaps you'll think twice before you speak on issues of race. Fortunately, you'll never have that luxury. Perhaps you'll understand our reluctance to always quote the Constitution, especially the part that states "all men are created equal". Blacks have lived a different experience. However, I respect your need to point out the parts of the Constitution befitting for you to illustrate your point. Fortunately for me, I was never taught racism, but I speak on it because I know it exist. Secondly, I was taught to respect my elders regardless of their authority. However, I can't understand your concept that respect has to be earned and respect for authority such as with elected officials somehow falls under a different criteria. I may not understand or agree with the authority on my job, but I'm required to offer a certain level of respect for them. How can you justify who should or shouldn't be respected just because their views are different than yours. I don't quite understand.

I don’t think that the

I don’t think that the “republicans” issue so much was the speech. (I am sure that they will not call for an investigation, like the one that was launched by the dem congress when Bush one had his speech like this) Their issue and mine too quite frankly was the whole lesson plan of “how you can help President Obama.” Really shouldn’t the question have been “how can you help YOUR COUNTRY?” or “How can your president help your education?” The cult of personality that surrounds this president boarders on perverse, what else does he have except pretty words?