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Students at MGMS investigate CSI style

READ MORE: Students at MGMS investigate CSI style
Some Myrtle Grove Middle School students took a page out of CSI Tuesday. When you're investigating a crime scene you never know what you might dig up. Wasim Ismail, a seventh grade CSI investigator explained, “We're learning about the skeletal system and we thought it was really going to be cool to do something like CSI and finding bones and trying to connect everything.” Joseph Harty said, “We're doing something similar to CSI where we look for clues and try and go find a body and get it back.” Seventh grader Montrell Brown told WWAY, “We looked for clues around with our GPS and we wrote down our observations.” After looking for clues, students reported in. Adam Cottle said, “We found a red and white polka dot shirt ripped and a pair of sunglasses.” Brantlee Boone reported, “There was like flip-flops and a gum wrapper, and some other stuff...a dinosaur tail?” Montrell said he found a towel, a cranium, a skull, and a jingle bell earring. Layne Pierce said, “Some other kid said there was a lot of blood, involved so maybe, I'm not trying to get too gory here.” No suspect has been named in the students’ investigation as of yet, but it might be worth to mention that Myrtle Grove is the home of the Gators. Brantlee Boone said, “We got to dig up bones and we are going to see who was murdered and who murdered him. If you're a big CSI fan, you always want to compare the differences and how it's totally different. But if you're not you kind of compare it to be the same.” Students will conclude their investigations Wednesday.

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Look at the positive

They are doing a better job than ol Sid's CSI group!


Why are you all so worried about some kids having fun and learning awesome things that only an experience like this could teach, quit walking around on glass your entire life and let it go

Is it just me?

Or does it bother anyone that these are 7th graders investigating a murder???? Blood??? Comparing to CSI?? No way I let my kids watch that show at that age!! I'm all for problem solving and being outside, but really a murder investigation????

It's just you

This country was far better off when kids grew up watching John Wayne shoot bad guys, the Three Stooges break hammers over each other's head, and Joe Friday and Frank Smith terminate criminal careers than now, with mamby-pamby tripe like Sesame Street, Barney, and all the other feel-good goo that comes across the boob-tube. Is today's TV more graphic? Sure, but let your kid watch CSI or even better, Doctor G Medical Examiner, and you may wind up with a pathologist, forensic technician, or detective in the family. Let them watch most shows that are now deemed appropriate for kids and you'll wind up with a sexually confused, SSRI addicted Socialist who just can't figure out life.

I am on the News!! AWESOME


Woo Hoo!

Glad you had fun, but it's 'experiment', not 'expirement'. Stay in school, kids.

Wait...they were investigating a murder

Maybe is should be EXPIREment.....