Students, parents feel unsafe after school lock-down

WILMINGTON -- NewsChannel 3 had a chance to talk to parents and students who were in school while the lock-down was going on today. All of the students we talked to are sophomores, about 16 years old, and each one of them said they don't feel safe at New Hanover High School. Student Alexis Stallings said, "On the announcement they said there was someone in the school with a gun in their bookbag, but I didn't believe it." Student A.J. Navarro said, "I was in the cafeteria at the time and that's when they came in and said everyone get to your classrooms so I ran back to the classroom." Some New Hanover High School students say the announcement Thursday afternoon of a possible suspect on campus with a gun caught them off-guard, but they were not surprised. Navarro said, "I knew Hanover would have something like this." "I was getting nervous because anyone can get on campus, there's no guards or nothing, anyone can walk on campus," Stallings said. Student Daysha Goodman said, "It's just so un-secure here, I don't feel safe here." Some parents agree and say they the fact they found out their child's school was on lockdown after hearing it on the news scares them. Parent Cheryl Gainey said, "I'm very appalled, I have a child that goes here and I'm worried about her safety and other children's safety." We have heard that there is supposed to be an automated phone system to alert parents if there is a serious problem at their child's school, such as what happened today. We have not confirmed if that system is in place or if it was used in today's incident. Police have also mentioned that the threat of gun violence is possibly gang-related, some students say they wouldn't be surprised because they see evidence of gang activity on campus at New Hanover High School.

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Well they should feel unsafe. We have the 2nd highest violent crime rate in the State per capita here in New Hanover COunty.
It's a shame that things like this happen now. They did not back in my day. The only thing we had to worry about was the occasional fight and that was always hand-to-hand not the free-for-all thug-fest it is now. NHCHS needs to be closed off from the street, period. I would like to see metal detectors put in place as well. Then have the stiffest penalties for kids that bring them to school regardless of the reason. (Banned for life!)Let's face it. NHCHS does not sit in Mayberry, NC. There is way too much crime in the area surrounding it. Safety for the kids attending there needs to be paramount!!