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Students want to be able to carry concealed weapons on campus

Some UNCW students wore gun holsters on their belts Wednesday, minus the gun. The College Republicans sponsored Empty Holster Day. They are protesting the fact that people with the proper permits are not allowed to carry concealed weapons on college campuses. Supporters argue people who have a concealed carry permit would be an extra line of defense in case of an emergency. "Allowing people with concealed weapons permits to carry on campus, it would not make campus completely safe, but it certainly stacks the deck against incidents like Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois by allowing citizens to a viable means of self defense,” said Tyler Burnett-Millage. This is the second year for Empty Holster Day at UNCW. Organizers say they had mixed reactions last year, but feedback was more positive today.

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Please note that these are

Please note that these are not the views of all UNCW College Republicans. This was just an event to raise awareness. While some members do support the cause, not the entire organization feels in unison.


I will make the same argument as I did last year when this came about. The justification for this is that it would help keep the campuses safe from tragedies like Virgina Tech. I don't think so! Imagine the chaos if something like that happened on the campus and several people are running around with guns. A policeman responds to it and meets a young man or woman in the hallway with a gun. How is the police officer to know if this is the gunman they are looking for or not? Tragedy could happen in an instant, and that is a police has to make a judgement cal. For those of you for this, I wonder how you would feel if you got a call that your son or daughter had accidently been shot by another student or by a police officer who thought they were the criminal? Think about it!


Interesting the mention of the Northern Illinois University shooting considering the shooter in that case was also the holder of a legal gun permit, including a concealed weapons permit. Everyone thought HE was completely stable and competent to have possession of a gun. How many others are in the same situation? How many others like Kazmierczak can pass themselves off as trustworthy citizens until something sets them off? How many others can also obtain weapons without actually having a permit, like Seung-Hui Cho, the VA Tech shooter? Having a permit does not, contrary to popular belief, mean you are a responsible gun owner and competent to react in a situation even vaguely similar to either of these situations. It just means you passed someone's test at a given moment. Andrew

students carrying guns??

Is this truly what students are focusing on. True the second amendment is important but students carrying guns?, come on. Use your brain. You are putting students, faculty and campus cops in danger. Cops are trained to handle situtations, not students who will overact and endanger themselves and others.