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Study shows mercury not an issue with Carolinas Cement Plant

A new study says mercury emissions from the proposed Carolinas Cement Plant in Castle Hayne would not adversely affect public health. The study by Seattle-based Intertox says a typical resident would encounter less mercury than in one and three-quarter teaspoons of canned tuna a month. Opponents of the plant say pollution, including mercury, would cause harm to people in the area as well as the northeast Cape Fear River. Carolinas Cement paid for the study, but Intertox says the cement company did not receive the results until they were released to the media Monday.

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Mercury study

I would prefer an independent study and more than 1 study. Carolina Cement paid for the study and it may be biased. As we have experienced before from company paid studies that they don't always give the real facts. Yes, tuna has mercury but they are near the top of the food chain which means they've digested mercury from the smaller fish & nurseries that start in our rivers & waterways. I don't always believe what I read cause studies can lie.

Typical. People scream and

Typical. People scream and complain about increased mercury. They want the issue studied. So, the company pays someone to do a study. Then when the results aren't what the environmentalists want to hear, they complain that someone else should do a study. Chances are, if that second study agrees with the first, they'll find some reason that it was flawed too. You just can't give facts and change the opinion of someone who has already made up their mind on something like this. They are basing thier decision on pre-conceived beliefs.

Well there you go anti-Titan cry babies!!

Most of us know you are simply following in the shadow of one of many rants from the big mouth know-it-all pin-headed host of the Morning Beat radio show .

Lucky me

Now I will be able to stop eating tuna,loose weight and still get my monthly dose of murcury.




I have lived on Blue Clay Road near the Holly shelter end for most of my life. Not far from S&W Ready Mix. I have not nor have any of my neighbors been sick becaue of this plant. Get a grip. For those of you out there job less quit whinning and pray Titan does come to Castle Hayne so we can stop paying for you.


I know the area well and many folks that live there. I haven't seen any mass mercury induced illnesses. Isn't it funny that no one cared about you all when S&W started business or the HUGE quarry. Hummm guess the tree huggers didn't get wind of that.

i agree

I bet the people complaining about titan probly live in carolina beach or in southport. Stop being scared of change its not always a negative thing esp. when it brings jobs to your area or your so lazy you want a reason to milk the unemployment esp. when you just got a raise and the working people didnt.