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Substance abuse rises as economy stays bleak

Times of crisis, like being unemployed or having your salary cut, can lead many people to turn to destructive behavior. The more frustrated people get with their financial situation, the more apt they are to lose control of their lives. Substance abuse treatment centers like Coastal Horizons have seen more patients over the past year. Officials can not confirm that this influx is due to the economy, but it is proven that high stress situations can lead many to drink and use drugs. Feeling helpless and depressed are very common when times are tough. Experts say some people turn to drugs or alcohol, because they feel it is something they can control. Coastal Horizon Program Director Pamela Morrison said, "In reality it makes the problem a lot worse. In addition to the financial stress and the unemployment, with everything else that is going on, people are burdened and faced with an addiction." Addiction to alcohol or drugs is considered a mental disorder. Treatment centers like Coastal Horizons can help folks identify where the problem started, and help them overcome their addiction.

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Historically, the sin stocks (alcohol and tobacco) have ALWAYS done well during downturns in the economy. People may not be able to pay their mortgage or car loan but by God, they can always scrape together a few bucks for some booze or beer and forget about their economic situation....until tomorrow morning.... BTW, on a tangential topic, if you want to see someplace that hasn't heard that we're in a recession, go visit Williamsburg, VA. I just returned from a weekend up there and that town is rapidly becoming the Palm Springs of the Middle Atlantic states: Nearly 100% occupancy at every hotel on every weekend and according to two businessmen I spoke with, it just keeps getting better and better. There were long lines at the registera in the Coach Leather and Hugo Boss stores, and even the top-end restaurants had long waiting times if you didn't have a reservation.


Because in October.. It's at Oktoberfest at Busch Gardens Theme park... (MUCH netter than the summer...) Tell us what you see the first weekend in November after Oktoberfest.. The tune will change.... Big Time.. PS.. We don't have a theme park here.. just a convenstion center.. And one not bigh enough to hiold big names or big conferences... By the way...